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Neil Ihde  

Founder of Life IQ and Type IQ Consulting, Keynote Speaker

Neil Ihde is a speaker, lecturer, consultant and founder of his own company where he motivates groups and individuals to work, play, relate and live intelligently. Neil Ihde has worked with numerous managers, directors, corporate leaders, and teams to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. Neil's experience in the workplace includes small, medium, and large corporate environments as well as government, nonprofit, education, healthcare and entrepreneurial.

In addition to consulting with organizations such as Wal-Mart, Merrill Lynch, BASF, Sun, Girls Scouts and New York's Office of the Attorney General, Neil Ihde has also consulted internationally with clients from a dozen different countries.

Neil Ihde has attained Master Practitioner status as a Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorĀ® Consultant and has worked with many groups using this effective personality tool. Neil Ihde was recently a personality contributor to Woman's World magazine.

Neil's academic background includes a B.A. in Psychology, a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Counseling.

Speech Topics

10 Mistakes New Managers Make...And How to Avoid Them

First impressions are everything. Nowhere is that more true than for the new manager. Not only are you in a new position with new responsibilities, you are learning on the fly while on stage with your employees watching and analyzing your every move. This talk delves into the most common mistakes made by new managers, examining why they happen and how to avoid them. It is critical that new managers understand the common pitfalls and avoid setting precedents that can come back to haunt them down the road. Too many mistakes too soon and your ship is sunk before you've had a chance to set sail.

5 Characteristics of Successful Organizations

Have you ever been guilty of complaining? Of course! Me too. But what I've found is that great organizations don't tolerate complaining unless it is productive...unless there is a commitment to critically examine our complaints, look for solutions, find the facts, and exhibit the courage to question assumptions and have tough conversations. And as I examined successful organizations, it was amazing to see how the presence of a couple characteristics made it that much easier to engage in the others. This topic invites you to examine where your organization is at and offers opportunities for employees to have productive conversations on how they can contribute to a successful culture.

4 Secrets to Becoming a S.T.A.R. - Hot to Attain Success in Your Personal and Professional Life

It's amazing to me how uncomfortable individuals get when asked about their greatest strengths, their passions, their dreams. They are unsure how to answer the question. They may stammer, offer up some modest goals, or begin to list off their less-than-desirable qualities. How would you answer that question? Have you considered it before? One of the secrets to professional success hinges on your ability to identify your weaknesses and strengths. Another secret involves tapping into your dreams and discovering your potential to make it a reality. Take a look at the successful people around you and you'll find these four characteristics in all of them.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Interpreting Your Leadership Personality

International leadership guru, Marcus Buckingham, recently tweeted, "No data shows leaders share the same traits. Data shows only that leaders create the same (few) outcomes in their followers differently." So, what's your leadership style and personality? Here's your chance to explore the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the most utilized personality instrument in the world. You will leave this session with a better understanding of yourself, a better understanding of how to relate and communicate with those around you, and, most importantly, clear insight into your leadership style. We will explore the background and theory of the MBTI. We will look in depth at the four dichotomies that make up your MBTI type (Extraversion-Introversion, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling, Judging-Perceiving). And we will help you understand your natural leadership gifts and preferences. Don't miss this dynamic, interactive, and enriching session!

5 Decisions That Can Make or Break Your Life

How does it feel to make a wrong decision? Well, at the time, it feels a lot like making the right decision. We don't set out to consciously make bad decisions, but when we look back at some of the disastrous decisions we've made, we wonder how we could have been so far off in our appraisal. Each of us make hundreds of decisions a day...hit the snooze, what to wear, what to eat, each and every verbal and nonverbal response, etc. But there are some decisions that are different than others. There are some decisions that carry much different consequences, and yet we seem to treat some major life decisions with the same amount of thought we put into the question, "Paper or plastic?"

Setting the Stage for Healthy Conflict

It is a fact that if you combine people, a common environment, and enough time there will be conflict. It is not a possibility, but an inevitability. We must then learn to plan, prepare, and manage this conflict in a healthy manner. We can start this process by understanding and extolling the benefits of having and mining for conflict.

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