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Nicholas Pratley    

Creator of Energetic Intelligence, Wellness Advocate & Holistic Lifestyle Expert, Licensed NLP Therapist, Motivational, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Nicholas Pratley is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Therapist (SNLP) and Breathwork Expert (Inspired Breathwork) with over 20 years’ experience as a dynamic leader in the field of wellness and transformation. His mission is to impact the world by profoundly shifting culture through his body of work, Energetic Intelligence, which reconnects us to our energy and true personal power. Heart-centered and loving, Nicholas approaches his life and work with intention and presence. He also serves as the Chief Cultural Officer of KINRGY by Julianne Hough. Nicholas lives in Los Angeles with his amazing partner, Jeff, and their magical daughter, Ava.

Speech Topics

Wellness & Transformation

True wellness is a dynamic experience that emerges when we release the power of our bodies by taking a holistic approach to healthcare, placing the focus on the necessity of self-care guided by the inherent wisdom of nature. Wellness is not a fad. It is a way of life that can lead us to the immense joy and vibrance we are all looking for. This pathway requires transformation. It demands that we show up for ourselves, each other, and the planet. When wellness meets transformation, a profound shift occurs, thereby empowering us to impact an entire generation.

Energetic Intelligence

Consciously, or unconsciously, we are reacting to energy countless times a day. This feels good, that does not. I sense I should do that now, not later. I'm choosing to drive down this street, not that one. The fabric of life calls us to listen, to sense, to react, and yes, to play with the energy of the human experience and all that is. When we learn how to understand this, as well as navigate through life energetically, we activate our Energetic Intelligence and a whole new way of being is realized.

The Integrated Human

From the moment we are born we get plugged into programs that dictate what we should do or say, what work we should pursue, what's acceptable and appropriate, what looks good – the list goes on. Before we have even had a chance to decide who we are, we are told who we are going to be. Being brave enough to dive into the emotional, generational, and energetic archaeology of our lives can redefine what it means to be a fully integrated human being - one that serves the world on purpose.

Mindfulness & Resilience

The practice of mindfulness is deeply enriching and incredibly powerful. Ancient wisdom meets a modern perspective when we understand our warrior nature has programmed us to be empowered. We are greatness by design. The practice is an artform that activates our true resilience leading us to the clarity waiting within.

Mental & Emotional Health, Intelligence & Stability

We are living in an age where the onslaught of consumerism, capitalism, and validation disconnect us from our natural state, the ultimate truth, and the limitless possibility of who we really are. Our mental and emotional health is more compromised than ever, with astounding statistics asserting our lack of well-being across the board. As we learn how to nurture these aspects of our health, we can then discover how to cultivate our intelligence and stabilize individually, collectively and globally.

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