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Futurist & Innovation Thought Leader, Award Winning Inventor, Best-Selling Author & Adjunct Professor on Healthcare Policy

Nick Webb is a successful entrepreneur and inventor, working on the front lines and competing against many of the biggest companies – and winning. He is also one of the most in-demand futurist speakers.

Despite a calendar packed with global speaking and media engagements, he’s still very much involved in business. “You cannot give advice to others,” he says, “unless you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the trenches!”

As the founder and CEO of LeaderLogic®, Webb works with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world to help them lead their industries in innovation, strategy, and customer experience (CX) design.

As an inventor, Webb has been awarded over 40 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for breakthrough technologies in a wide range of industrial and consumer products, including one of the world’s smallest medical implants.

A prolific writer and number one bestselling author, his book, What Customers Crave, is used by top brands to design their customer experience and innovation strategies. What Customers Crave was featured as Mashable’s “Top 50 Marketing Books to Read” in 2017 and LinkedIn’s “Top Summer Read” for 2017. His other groundbreaking books include The Innovation Playbook and The Digital Innovation Playbook.

In recognition of his contributions to healthcare innovation and policy, Webb was awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) from Western University of Health Sciences, where he serves as an adjunct professor and the director of the Chief Innovation Officer.

Webb is also the founder of the WebbLogic®, a research and development project that is reinventing the way in which consumers access and engage healthcare and other consumer products and services, and is dedicated to creating the next generation of wearable technologies.

Speech Topics


Organizations are scrambling to leverage the power of innovation in order to achieve significantly better returns on enterprise strategy. Innovation theorists propagate most of the concepts around innovation. Correspondingly, innovation has become a unicorn. In Nicholas J. Webb's powerful innovation keynote, he provides a crisp, clear and most importantly an actionable definition of enterprise innovation. Unlike the myriads of theorists, Nicholas J. Webb provides a detailed innovation roadmap that your audience can immediately apply in their enterprise.


  • Develop a crisp and clear definition of innovation for your enterprise
  • Build a detailed Innovation Roadmap that guarantees success
  • Learn the most important equation of the century E2.0 + W2.0 = Market Mastery
  • The colossal role of social and digital insights
  • How innovation is fueling the best organizations in the world
  • The power of workforce collaboration to drive innovation and quality of work life
  • The anatomy of the Business of the Future

Building a Better Business

There is a powerful new trend called post-authoritarianism. This trend changes everything about the future of your organization. Organizations that will thrive in a post authoritative world will be organizations that leverage the best of both Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0. Additionally, these organizations will go from Macromarketing to Micromarketing and they will leverage the power of digital innovation.


  • How to become an Innovation Superstar
  • How to overcome the negative impact of organizational anti-bodies
  • How to lead your market with customer relevant product and service innovations
  • The Three Success Pillars of a winning strategy
  • How to drive a culture of innovation
  • How to outsmart the competition
  • The five stupid things companies do to destroy their business and how to avoid them

The Future and What to Do About It.

In this powerful keynote presentation, Nicholas explains how everything is free in the new “Post Authoritative Economy” and how consumer digitizers and 3-D printer appliances will make it possible for consumers to print products for pennies on the dollar. How the hacker community is hacking every industry and how you can benefit from this powerful trend. How hyper–consumerization will drive new levels of competition. How you will leverage Netnography to gain improved consumer insights to drive world-class innovations. How to develop integrated future planning that makes your organization relevant in the years to come.

The Future of Healthcare.

Detailed look into the future of healthcare in America Over the next 36 months there will be massive changes across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Everyone will be affected, but most organizations are unclear what to do about these changes. In this powerful presentation, Nicholas lays out the trajectory of change and how organizations can plan to manage the future risks and how to leverage the opportunities.

Success Strategies.

Everyone is talking about innovation and for a good reason. Studies show that innovation methods can increase return on strategic initiatives by as much as 70%. The problem is most organizations don’t understand the big picture of innovation and how they can apply it to grow and prosper in a disruptive marketplace. This powerful keynote leaves the audience with actionable takeaways that they can apply in their business immediately.

Nicholas Webb's most popular topics for 2016-2017 are around Future Trends, Healthcare and Innovation:

  • The Future of Healthcare
  • General Future Trends and Innovation
  • The Future of Technology
  • The Future of Business Growth
  • Disruptive Innovation


What Customers Crave

An ideation hackathon led by keynote speaker Nicholas Webb was just one of the educational sessions offered to attendees at the recent HealthTAC 2016 at Trump National Doral Miami...

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