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Best-Selling Author, Futurist & Expert on Healthcare, Business Trends, Innovation & Customer Experience; Holder of over 40 US Patents

Nick Webb began his career as a successful technologist creating award-winning innovations in healthcare, consumer and industrial technologies. He has been awarded over 40 Patents by the US Patent Office for various landmark technologies and is also a prolific bestselling author that has been published by the top publishers.

Webb has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and Adjunct Professor at an esteemed medical school. He is currently the CEO of LeaderLogic, LLC, a Management Consulting Firm that services many popular brands and helps them drive growth through innovation, happy customers and employees.

One of Webb’s goals was to create a healthcare documentary, and his film, entitled The Healthcare Cure, was released in 2021 and recently won the Sedona International Film Festival’s, “Audience Choice Award.” As a Keynote Speaker with a humanistic, smart, and fun presentation style, Webb has also been listed as one of the Top Keynote Speakers in the world.

Speech Topics

Healthcare Futurism

In order to drive scalable growth and quality patient care, healthcare organizations need to become disruptive innovators. Nick is one of the top Healthcare Futurists and Experts in Healthcare Disruption. All of Nick’s talks are customized to meet the needs of your audience.

Talk Takeaways

  • The Innovation Mandate – What every leader needs to know about the future of healthcare
  • The Three Big Shifts – The impact of Consumerism, Technology and New Economic Models
  • Healthcare Technology Trends – Emerging technologies, what you need to know
  • Patients as Consumers - Going beyond Patient Experience Design to drive growth and patient satisfaction

Innovation & Disruption

The marketplace is the subject of massive disruption. This disruption is mandating that organizations build Innovation as a Core Competency. All of Nick’s talks are customized to meet the needs of your audience.

We are living in a time of massive disruption, this disruption lives across three key areas that include, the impact of Consumerization, Enabling Technologies and New Economic/Value Models. Despite the rapid changes, many organizations are holding onto a “legacy mindset” with a death grip. In a time of change, the best organizations in the world are developing Innovation as a Core Competency. Innovation Guru Nick Webb will provide actionable insights on how to drive sustainable growth, and future readiness through the power of Innovation Leadership.

Talk Takeaways

  • The Innovation Mandate – How the best organizations are driving growth
  • Innovation Leadership – Top leaders are building Innovation as a Core Competency
  • The C-19 Economy – How the new economy is rewarding the most innovative organizations
  • How to make innovation REAL – Go beyond the innovation “bumper sticker” and learn the real principles of enterprise innovation

Customer Experience

Studies have shown that while 80% of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service, only 8% of people think these same companies actually do deliver “superior” customer service.

Let’s face it, today most customer service programs are a disaster. Most organizations have been sold the promise that if they just use the right software, analytics tools, and processes they will be able to manage their customer relationships and deliver what the customer wants every time.

However, times have changed. The democratization of information through social and digital media has made it possible for hackers and disruptive innovators to identify new ways to engage customers and deliver not just exceptional experiences, but more importantly, relevant experiences. This is the key difference between those companies that are excelling and those that are dying.

Talk Takeaways

  • Learn how to blend the human experience in both digital and non-digital customer engagements.
  • Business leaders are looking for a practical and most importantly sustainable program to deliver the best human experiences in their industry. Nicholas has the science.
  • Executives know that customer experience is the new innovation medium of the future. Nicholas speaks to the processes to drive world-class customer centric innovations in your enterprise.
  • Audiences are tired of fairy tales. Nicholas makes customer experience mastery actionable.
  • Your audience wants actionable takeaways that they can apply in their business immediately, they also want a return on their time investment. Nicholas delivers!


We are living in a time of massive workforce disruption. It is said that the new pending epidemic is that of the “Great Talent Drought.” Our workforce is seeking a friction free, relevant, respectful and collaborative career experience. Most importantly, today’s stakeholders want to be involved in a Mission that Matters, that is an intercultural part of their own personal evolution, in a way that conspicuously serves others. Correspondingly, the best leaders in the world have become innovation superstars, that collaborate with their teams in a way that co-creates enterprise and customer value. In this powerful presentation, your audience will receive actionable insights that they can apply immediately to their leadership roles. In this powerful presentation, world-renowned enterprise thought leader Nick Webb, will WOW your audience. Your audience will love this presentation, and will leave with actionable takeaways!

Talk Takeaways

  • Why the best leaders in the world, have become Disruptive Innovators
  • How Disruptive Leaders are attracting and retaining the best talent in the world
  • Why you need to make “Happiness a Strategic Priority”
  • The Three BIG Future Shifts and what to do about them
  • How to avoid becoming an outdated and irrelevant leader
  • The new “Triangular Model” of leadership success


In Nick’s recent two best-selling books, "The Innovation Mandate" and "The Healthcare Mandate" he discovered something interesting. He found that organizations that were delivering the best patient/customer experience were organizations that made happiness a priority. He also discovered the important linkage between happiness and stakeholder collaboration that drives enterprise innovation. With these discoveries in mind, Nick is excited about announcing his happiness keynote topic. Nick has also just completed a breakthrough book entitled, Heyday -"how to make every day the best day of your life".

Talk Takeaways

Happiness as a Strategy™

When it comes to happiness Nick is far more than one of the top speakers on the subject. As a certified management consultant, he works with some of the top brands in the world to help them make enterprise happiness a reality. In this powerful talk Nick provides a fresh perspective on how organizations can actually make happiness an integral part of their organizational strategy. The benefits that are accrued to an organization that makes happiness a priority is significant, and that’s why he delivers real-world practical insights to audiences that want to make happiness part of their organizational DNA.

Building great teams

There is much discussion about the importance of building high performing teams. The problem is, most organizations think only about how they are going to achieve a better return on their employees. Great organizations, know that in order to build a great team you need to begin with the principles of enterprise happiness. Performance comes from individual team members that believe in your mission, and are thriving by virtue of working with your organization. The simple truth is this, happiness is the fueling force of the best teams in the world.

Happiness in the new workforce

The new workforce sees their job and career as a consumer product. They want the experience to be friction free, fair, valuable and part of their own personal evolutionary journey. The old-fashioned authoritarian approach towards managing a team is gone, and it’s gone for good. The new workforce also has options in a time of “talent drought.” In fact, nearly 90% of all potential employees will check your reputation on how you treat employees on websites like Glassdoor. Organizations that have poor ratings will deflect talent away from their organization. This results in significant costs that include recruitment, attrition, and organizational efficiency and growth. This powerful talk Nick provides a plan of action on how to address the changing employee landscape.

You… the Chief Happiness Officer

The best leaders in the world are now serving two job functions which include Chief Happiness Officer. CEOs and other leaders are ultimately responsible for the scalable success of an enterprise, and today that includes happiness. When you think about it, virtually everything that we seek to achieve within our organization is driven by talented and motivated employees. Without happiness, we are unable to attract, inspire and keep the talent that we need to serve our organization’s mission. This powerful talk provides a playbook for CEOs, managers and leaders on how to serve their organization’s mission through the institutionalization of employee happiness.


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