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Nicole C. Mullen        

Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter and Choreographer; Women of Faith Speaker and Performer

Wife and mother of three, Nicole C. Mullen just happens to be one of the most inspirational communicators of our time. Her ability to captivate an audience by telling a story, sharing from the scriptures or singing a song, has earned her many awards as well as bringing her into the company of greatness. Nicole’s gifts have allowed her to travel all over the world, and they have brought her many accolades. She has won multiple Dove Awards, for Song of the Year (Redeemer, and On My Knees), Female Vocalist, Contemporary Song of the Year (Call on Jesus), and the first African American to win Songwriter of the Year. She has also been nominated for two Grammy awards.

Nicole has traveled with the Billy Graham Crusades, Franklin Graham, Will Graham, Luis Palau, and Women of Faith to name a few. She has shared the stage with Ambassadors, Heads of State, Dignitaries, and the President of the United States. She has sung in the Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Mega churches and small storefronts. Her travels have lead her throughout the United States as well as overseas to places like Uganda, Australia, Rwanda, Sweden, England, Kenya, and South Africa. Still Ironically enough, Nicole declares that her favorite people of all times are “everyday, ordinary people, because that’s who I am, and that’s who Jesus came to redeem”

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nicole was brought up in a family that was not only Christian, but also musical. Her grandfathers on both sides of the family were Pentecostal Preachers. She began singing at the early age of two with her Mother, Father (who sings like Nat King Cole), and her two sisters. At the age of twelve she wrote her first song. It was one of worship that declared: “as long as I live, I’ll Praise your Holy Name!” Although Nicole was raised in a home full of love and support, she is no stranger to heartache and pain. She often speaks of growing up being teased and taunted by other children on the bus. They called her ‘homemade’ because of the way she looked and the clothes she wore. Even then she clung to stories of Esther, the orphan girl who became Queen, and David, the shepherd boy who became King. They became her encouragement. She is quoted as saying; “the not so good old days can make you weak or make you brave.” She has chosen the latter, “to be made brave”.

Her choice has led her to start two mentorship programs, which she is very involved in during the week. Baby Girls Club, which is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Organization, mentors girls between the ages of 5-18, and teaches them the love of Christ through the arts. The second is Team NCM, which trains young guys and girls (ages 9-17) who are gifted in the arts, and provides them with outlets to showcase their talents while growing as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Prior to being married to her husband David Mullen, she was a victim of domestic violence. For three years, Nicole endured both physical and mental abuse, at the hand of her former husband. Overcoming obstacles of shame, hurt, and embarrassment, the Lord has truly empowered Nicole to be able to minister to those who are broken in spirit. She also enjoys sharing the freedom that comes through the act of forgiveness.

Living on a farm, Nicole chuckles when she mentions that her parents live next door, and her in-laws live across the street. They all have different shades of skin, but the Blood of Christ unites them. They celebrate their variety of hues as one would the beauty of the rainbow. Nicole is often heard saying; “our color was never meant to become our definition, it was only intended to be a part of our description.”

Nicole has penned two children’s books, “Black, White, and Tan,” and “Baby Love”, and is currently working on a book of her life’s story.


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Speech Topics

Building Muscle

Muscle is not built without resistance; strength is not measured with out weights. Over and over in scripture, we are encouraged and commanded to be strong and courageous. It is in the tough times that our true character is being formed; When God is taking us through a metamorphosis of beauty, forming us into the image of His Son. Nicole shares from her own life’s experiences, some funny and some heart wrenching. She compels us all to yield to the Ultimate Fitness Trainer, and allow Him to build and renew our strength.

The Harmony of Life

God has not called us to a life of unison only (Everyone doing the same thing), but to a life of harmony as well (many people, doing different things for a common goal, in a perfect formation). Life is a variety of colorful moments, hard times and ease; but the beauty is watching Him take it all and work it together for our good. Nicole shares about her diverse family, living on a farm, under the same roof, and as next door neighbors. With laughter and insight, she disarms the myths, and sheds light on the Real Truth of community because of Christ; The Master Conductor, who is able to take even the notes of untuned discord and rework them into a masterpiece of harmony.


One of the biggest weapons to freedom is never revenge, but it always starts with forgiveness. Nicole speaks of the days when she was teased and taunted as a child for being akin to what some would call “an ugly duckling”, and the choices she has made as a result. She retells of being beaten physically and emotionally and of her temptations for revenge. She proudly proclaims that the freedom and strength she has found to experience the blessings of God, began with forgiveness. Not a one-time act, but on some occasions, a daily humbling and surrender, not to man, but to God.

In every situation Nicole shares of the many ways the Lord has shown Himself Faithful, But the title she proclaims most, is His title of Redeemer; She explores what it means in the scriptures as well as, what it means in her life. Whether in song or in the stories she tells, her life will sing the melody “He lives to take away my shame, He lives forever I’ll proclaim…I know that my Redeemer Lives!”

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