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Real Estate Futurist

Nikki Greenberg is a futurist and thought leader in the real estate industry. As Founder of Real Estate of the Future, she directs real estate developers and owners on ways to capitalize on PropTech and disruptive innovations to gain an edge in an ever-changing environment. She is a frequent speaker at leading real estate and technology conferences around the world. Nikki is an Australian national that now resides in New York.

With a focus on innovation, Nikki brings big-picture strategic thinking to the full real estate lifecycle. She entered the property industry through her established career in architecture where she worked on multi-award winning transformative projects with Lendlease, Koichi Takada, Silverstein and others. She is an alumni of the UNSW in Sydney, Australia where she attained Masters of International Business with a focus on China; Masters of Architecture and Bachelors of Architecture with honours.

Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Women in PropTech, the leading global PropTech networking and education organization. She is in her second term as co-chair of the Urban Land Institute’s New York Technology and Innovation Council and has previously held leadership positions with the National Women in Construction and Propelle. Nikki is devoted to charitable endeavors and in 2005 could be found in Thailand where she lent her expertise to rebuilding villages affected by the South East Asian Tsunami. In 2020 she became a Habitat for Humanity Featured Woman in Technology.

Speech Topics


Future of Work

Future of Cities

The No Space Workplace - Is it the End of Office or the Beginning of Something Better?

With office workers around the world having adjusted to working from home in order to curtail the spread of COVID-19, many companies are questioning the need for having dedicated office space in the future. With some employees thriving and others frustrated by the new arrangement, a hybrid technology-enabled work-from-office / work-from-anywhere solution looks to be the new reality for many companies. This begs the question, does this mark the end of the office?

  • Learn about the state of the New York office market and gain insights through how the world's most innovative city has adapted
  • Hear about how technology has been leveraged to adapt to the new reality for realty, and what to expect as Ai, facial recognition and robots become increasingly popular
  • Gain insights on where there are opportunities for increased profitability in this new landscape as global trends and CRE HQ movements are examined

The 15-Minute Livable City

As a result of the global pandemic and many people needing to work from home, the notion of densely populated CBDs that workers commute to is being questioned. In August 2020, leading commercial real estate brokerage CBRE reported that only 4% of offices in New York City had reopened, and the New York Times reported that vacancy rates for residential rentals in New York were at a high. If the world's most vibrant city is losing its vibrancy, what does this mean for the future of cities? In this presentation, Nikki will provide a state-of-the-market for New York commercial, residential and retail assets, and discuss how they have changed as a result of the pandemic. The majority of her presentation will be given-over to discuss the opportunities that have emerged from this new reality for the real estate industry.

  • Receive insights on the state of the New York real estate market and the opportunities that exist for savvy operators
  • Learn how cities can use the global health crisis as a catalyst to fix underlying issues and build back better
  • Examine a return to the concept of walkable neighborhoods and how transport-oriented development should be considered alongside new advancements in mobility, last-mile logistics and transportation

Return to Workplace

As organizations discuss their plans to return to the office following the COVID-19 lockdowns, employee safety, wellbeing and productivity is front of mind. Playbooks have been written and re-written as organizations make plans to bring their teams back to the office while facing challenged of increased cleaning requirements, concerns over contamination, and needing to determine who will return when. Thankfully, through a combination of good design, innovative thinking, and Ai, solutions are at hand to make returning to the office productive, safe and preferable to working from home!

  • Understand the ‘bridge’ between return-to-work and the future of work
  • Learn to think strategically about where you want your organization to go and how you are going to get there during this transition period
  • Understand how your workplace can be a hybrid between in-office and work-from-anywhere
  • Gain insights on the technologies available and how to set up a successful framework that considers high-tech, low-tech and no-tech solutions

The Hybrid Physical-Digital Workplace

The global pandemic has disrupted the way that workplaces operate on account lockdowns and social distancing measures. As companies make decisions around the future of their office environments, the decisions that they make today in response to the immediate need will have lasting ramifications. This presentation examines the purpose of office as hubs for creation, communication and collaboration, while exploring strategies for a safe and productive hybrid work-from office and from-from-office strategy that will serve company culture in the long run.

  • Understand how your workplace can be a hybrid between in-office and work-from-anywhere, and what it means for company culture
  • Learn about the benefits of having a hybrid workplace, and how to optimize performance of teams when they are geographically dispursed
  • Gain insights on how to strategically think about where you want your organization to go, and how you are going to get there during this transition period

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