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Nikki Greenberg  

Real Estate Futurist, Head of Global Technology Strategy & Digital Management at QIC Global Real Estate

Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and innovation strategist, focussed on preparing organizations for a tech-enabled future. She helps leaders reimagine their businesses to bring them into alignment with the increasingly digitized way that people live, work and communicate today. She has held leadership positions with Fortune 500’s, and most recently served as the Head of Technology Strategy at QIC, an Australian investment manager with a $70 Billion portfolio of assets under management.

She is the founder and global ambassador of Women in PropTech and former three-term co-chair of the Technology & Innovation Council for ULI in New York City. Holding Master degrees in both Architecture and Commerce, Greenberg’s approach brings a balance between pushing possibilities, and practicality. Greenberg is a highly regarded thought-leader, frequent speaker at leading global conferences, commentator in the press, and recipient of numerous international awards.

Speech Topics

The 2050 Opportunity - Shaping Cities of the Future

How will we live in the future? Technology is rapidly shaping the way that people interact with the world. The way that cities are created, operated and expanded is increasingly being influenced by a techno-centric reality. As cities globally grapple with defining strategies for resilience, economic prosperity and future-readiness, the question of how to design technology strategies with people at the center, is paramount. During her light-hearted and entertaining keynote, world-leading futurist and innovation strategist, Nikki Greenberg will talk about how to create strategies for future-ready cities. Here she will talk to themes of generational change, alongside emerging technologies such as robotics and AI. And most importantly, she will speak to how to design places today that will serve generations to come.

What Buildings Will Be Like When AI Takes Over

Since Chat-GPT was launched in late 2022, Generative AI has both enthralled and disturbed people around the world. The timeframe for when AI will overtake human intelligence now seems closer than ever. The impact it will have on jobs, markets, and the way that society functions will never be the same again. It is in this environment that there are new opportunities to be embraced - but first there are significant challenges to be overcome to ensure an AI-lead future is both prosperous and equitable. During her light-hearted and inspiring keynote, world-leading futurist, Nikki Greenberg, will talk about the way that AI technology is changing our world. Here she will identify opportunities for organizations who embrace the technology to gain an edge over their competitors. And most importantly, she will remind the audience that in doing so, the importance of keeping our humanity front of mind.

The Anyplace Workplace

McKinsey reported that 90% of companies expect to include remote and hybrid work, yet the challenge of how to make hybrid-work work successfully eludes many organizations. In this new world of work, it is time to take pause and redesign the way that work takes place in a way that embraces the increasingly digitized way that people interact with the world on our devices. During her high energy, humorous and light-hearted keynote, world-renowned futurist Nikki Greenberg will talk about ways to leverage technology to improve productivity, engagement, wellness and connection at your organization. Amongst tips on digital decluttering, productivity hacks, and designing workplaces to optimize cognition and focus, she will talk about how to create a future-ready organization. Ultimately, she will challenge the audience to consider not what will, but what should be the future of work.

The Productive Office

Shockingly, only 32% of a person’s typical work day is spent doing work, with interruptions costing US businesses $588 Billion annually. Organizations that create ways for employees to feel (and be!) more productive at the office than at home, can elevate the office to be their employees' preferred place to work. When people are more productive during the work day, not only do they stress less and enjoy greater work-life balance, but they also make a more meaningful contribution in the work that they do. It’s a win-win for everyone.During her inspiring and entertaining keynote, world-renowned futurist Nikki Greenberg will talk about the new relationship between office-space, cyber-space, and cognitive-space. Here she will question the status-quo while showcasing workplaces experiments that are occurring around the world that have had measurable successes for workers’ wellbeing, project outcomes, and team cohesiveness.. In navigating the current conditions around the future of work and needs of offices, perhaps the most critical question that leaders can ask themselves is not what ‘will’, but what ‘should’ the future of the office for their organization be.

Gen-Z: The 2030 Opportunity

What must organizations must do today to capture the attention of the world’s largest population group, digital native Gen-Z? During her entertaining and inspiring keynote, world-leading futurist Nikki Greenberg will deliver global insights on the role that emerging technologies play in our digital future. Here she will provide guidance on how to motivate and inspire this tech-savvy generation in ways that appeal to them directly. By understanding what matters to Gen-Z, Nikki translates trend data into actionable tips on how to design products and marketing campaigns that will work. As a millennial, hear from Nikki on what she believes Gen-Z has learnt from the hard lessons of her generation, and understand the actions that you should take today to get into the Gen-Z mindset. This talk is for everyone across organizations looking to build loyalty with Gen-Z, who encompass both their future customer, and future workforce.

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