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Award-Winning Television News Anchor, Author, Tech Executive & USA Gymnast

Nina Sossamon Pogue is a former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, successful Corporate Leader, and Best-Selling Author, known for adapting to adversity and achieving success. She is on a mission to ‘helps hardworking humans thrive through tough times’.

Sossamon-Pogue’s unforgettable story of resilience combined with her research into why some people thrive and others crumble under adversity, is helping companies retain and energize their best and brightest during challenging times. An expert storyteller, she transforms audiences who feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and burned out, with an inspirational message of resilience and her innovative framework for success.

Sossamon-Pogue’s presentations and workshops take audiences on a motivational journey into their own strengths, uncovering their ‘Reverse Resume’. Her Science backed, Data driven, Stoic Philosophy infused framework empowers audiences to handle everything life throws at them.

Sossamon-Pogue is authentic and intelligent with an energy that’s contagious. Her 15+ years on TV combined with her 10+ years on the leadership team at a high growth technology company make her uniquely qualified to connect with a corporate audience. She simplifies the complex and shares actionable insights.

Sossamon-Pogue’s story celebrates hard work, achievement and the transformative power of failure and change. "My message is one of empowerment, hope, and confidence to move toward success, even when life gets tough," she says.

Speech Topics

THIS is Resilience, Do You Have This Superpower?

What exactly is resilience? How do you handle adversity? Change and challenges are constantly part of life, so let’s get consistent at handling them like a pro. Nina gets audiences to reframe their thinking around success and failure and shares an elegant repeatable framework to handle anything life throws at you. With adversity of all sizes sidetracking todays’ workforce, causing stress, anxiety, and burnout, we need to help our people (which in turn helps productivity and profits). This presentation is an aha lesson in success and a journey to the intersection of personal and professional resilience. Audiences learn: their own style for handling adversity, their ‘Reverse Resume’, and a framework to tap into the next time something doesn’t go as planned, no matter how big that something is. You can handle ‘THIS’.

You’re Wired for THIS, Resilience for the High Achievers

A session for all the smart humans doing the hard work! The folks working to hit goals, KPI’s or that quarterly number. The folks who didn’t take the easy path and continue with persistence and grit to push forward. Using her own very public successes and failures as a backdrop, Nina shares an Aha! lesson in being a high achiever and gives audiences a framework to handle adversity of all sizes. She expertly takes audiences from feeling they’re ‘stuck in the spin’ of this technologically advancing, FOMO, machine learning era, to feeling ‘excited to be on the ride’ and harnessing the momentum. This powerful session is packed with actionable insights to increase productivity and improve culture. Audiences learn: The High Achiever Success Cycle, Their Reverse Resume, Why time seems to be moving faster, and the Resilience Reboot strategy for all the challenges ahead.

Resilience 101: Because life won’t always go as planned

*For High School and College Audiences

The one constant in life is change, so learning to handle it like a pro is a key to your success. Unless you plan to just sit on the sidelines and watch someone else succeed, you’re in the game and knowing what to do when things don’t go as planned, is like having a cheat code!

Nina gets young audiences to think in new ways about the highs and lows that will come with trying to succeed in today’s technology infused, FOMO world. Using her own stories as a successful athlete in high school and college, her years being ‘popular’ on TV, and decade as a ‘successful’ Tech executive, Nina shares the failures that accompanied her success and takes young audiences into their own possible futures full of successes and failures. A parent of three recent college grads, this presentation is current and hits home. Nina taps into today’s digital overload, constant connectivity, machine learning, FOMO culture. Young people living the stress of being a human in this era of hyper-advancing technology become empowered to take control of their cognitive load, be themselves in a comparative culture and get excited about all the different ways their futures could play out. Audiences learn: Why Resilience is a buzz word, How adapting during change creates mental strength, Why time seems to be moving faster as they get older, and the Resilience Reboot strategy, so when things don’t go their way in the future, they know, they can handle THIS!

THE NEXT CHAPTER: Creating your success

For Organizations dealing with Change, Uncertainty, Adversity Examples: reorg, acquisition, new leadership, new product

An expert on Resilience, Nina uses her story as a backdrop to show how the highs and lows in each person’s story create a lifetime of learning and new strength. With a focus on handling change, she takes audiences on a journey into the book of their own life and gives them tools to create success in their chapters ahead. Nina explains resilience in a new way and shares a framework to create future success. This presentation is an aha journey to the intersection of personal and professional resilience.

Audiences learn: their own style for handling adversity, their ‘Reverse Resume’, and more. Nina gives them tools for the future, so the next time something changes or doesn’t go as planned, which it will, they handle it like a pro.

YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY: Who’s going to write it?

For organizations focus on employee Mental Health Examples: Anxiety, Career Success, Engagement, Comparison Culture

This multi-media presentation hits home for today’s audience dealing with uncertainty and anxiety in their careers and at home. Nina dives into today’s mental health battle with how we compare ourselves to others, define success and find balance. An engaging storyteller, Nina shares her journey of success in the highest levels of sport, television and corporate America and opens up about her painful public failures along the way. Using her own story as a backdrop, she inspires audiences to see that their own strength comes from the ups and downs! Through stories, analogies, big data, psychology, and stoic philosophy, Nina transforms audiences so they are ready to take on the world and create their own future success.

LEADERSHIP, THE CHARACTER YOU PLAY: Sometimes leaders become the villain

For Leaders dealing with Change Examples: reorg, security issue, leadership team alignment, acquisition, product failure, missed quarter

As a leader, you’re writing your own success story, you’re integral to your company’s success story, AND you’re a character in the stories of the people around you. When you are a leader, you must make decisions that affects others. Sometimes that means you become the villain in someone’s story. Nina takes leaders and leadership teams on a journey of self-discovery into the role they play in other people’s stories and how they show up when things don’t go as planned. Tapping into her own failures, 10+ years on a leadership team, and crisis management best practices, she shares her Four C’s, to ensure “the character you portray is aligned with your character”.

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SUPERHERO WORKSHOP: Creating a team for intergalactic domination!

For Teams needing to click into a new gear Examples: new team, bad culture, unwanted attrition, or teams that just want to get even better

When teams don’t work well together or skillsets are lopsided, productivity drops, and it can be a culture crusher. The key to getting teams to work at the highest level is getting each person engaged, feeling seen, and valued. What better way to do that than with a little fun that uncovers meaningful insights along the way. Using superhero analogies and psychology, Nina and her team tap into each person’s personality traits and strengths. This interactive session uncovers how each person shows up when things go well and when things go wrong. Even on the best teams, things don’t always go as planned.

Collaboration is more than just being on the same page; it is about recognizing each person’s strengths and how they play a role in the whole team’s success. When you are part of a team and things change or don’t goes planned, what character do you play? Are you the hero, the sidekick, the witness, or maybe the villain? How do your strengths and skills fit in? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? teammates learn:

  • How they handle adversity
  • How their ‘adversity style’ fits into the team
  • Which superhero they align with (for you purists - WARNING: we mix Marvel and DC!)
  • Top traits of a good teammate

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