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Olympia LePoint      

Award-Winning Rocket Scientist, Science Entertainer & Self-Help Author

Olympia LePoint is an award-winning rocket scientist, self-help thought author and “Answers Unleashed” podcast host who is launching lives into educational success.

LePoint has been seen by Millions of internet viewers for her TED Talk, CBS News, and Impact Theory appearances.

From poverty, a face stabbing, and #MeToo childhood sexual abuse in her youth, Olympia LePoint overcame failing math scores and graduated The Top 5 from her California State University Northridge class to later help launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle missions into space. Today, LePoint’s Mission Control Room desk is a science exhibit at the California Science Center.

A math professor at Pasadena City College, Olympia LePoint’s highly popular TEDx talk, “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear,” has garnered nearly 1M views worldwide. Now through her podcast and radio show “Answers Unleashed,” she shares her faith, education and wisdom to empower audiences in pursuing a higher education. She ignites brains to invent global solutions. Her award-winning books Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power which exposes her personal story with breakthrough thought science theories, and Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist has positively changed lives around the world. LePoint’s newest book, Answers Unleashed II : The Science of Attracting What You Want helps readers find their life purpose with “The Science of Attraction,” so they are empowered in making 6 important decisions to attract the life that they want. As a science expert who regularly explains SpaceX and NASA rocket technology on CBS2 News, Olympia LePoint has appeared on KTLA Morning News, PBS, NBC, the CW, Oprah.com, in Mashable Magazine, Newspapers across Canada and the U.K., and wrote articles on The Huffington Post. Today she is a contributing science journalist and author to Thrive Global.

Speech Topics

Beat The Odds When Your Mission Appears Impossible

Master The Art of Creative Problem-Solving

Ace Math 1-2-3 & Eliminate Math Phobia

Present Yourself & Ideas with Power

Mission Control Room Stories Exposed

Discover The 5-Prong Approach To Change Our U.S. Economy Using Math & Science

Overcoming #MeToo Experiences and Launching Your Life Into Success

Painful memories from traumatic events - such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse and/or witnessing domestic violence - can result in serious stress and the inability to remain focused in business and personal life experiences. Women (and men) who are survivors of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and violence often feel shame in speaking up about their experiences. And in turn, they shut down their communication skills and creative brainpower in attracting personal success. Viewing situations at work, at home or in social communication becomes warped with a trauma lense and a person struggles with maintaining basic tasks.

In this 1 hour talk, Olympia LePoint shares her own personal story of overcoming sexual abuse and violence to later become an award-winning rocket scientist. Olympia LePoint shares tips from her book Answers Unleashed on how to remove negative thoughts associated with the past, so a woman (or man) can remove shame and replace it with self-worth for success. Renewed mental focus in school, the office, relationships and in entrepreneurship is the thriving result.

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