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Pamela Meyer          

Founder & CEO of Calibrate; Author of "Liespotting;" TED Speaker

Pamela Meyer is founder and CEO of Calibrate, a leading deception detection training company based in Washington DC. Before writing the bestselling book, "Liespotting," she spent years with a team of researchers surveying all of the research findings on deception, and underwent extensive training in facial micro-expression identification, interrogation skills and statement analysis.

Prior to that she was an Internet and media executive, as founder of Simpatico Networks, a New York based social media company. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner, has an MBA from Harvard and a Masters in Public Policy.

At her private consulting firm, Meyer coaches corporate execs to spot and read micro facial expressions and body language, and teaches techniques in advanced interrogation and behavior elicitation.

Her TED talk, "How To Spot A Liar," has since drawn over a million views. Meyer has spent years learning how, and when, people are most likely to lie: up to 200 times a day, and if you're strangers, chances are you'll lie three times in the first 10 minutes of meeting.

Meyer has over 20 years experience managing media businesses, and, after a presentation on the behaviors of deceptive people, Meyer was shocked to discover that very little of the huge body of deception research had reached the business world.

Business Insider named her one of 54 Smart Thinkers Everyone Should Follow On Twitter.

Speech Topics

Finding the Truth, Building Trust That Lasts

Ground truths about lying, detecting lies and the silent intentions of others.

Studies show we are lied to up to 20 times a day. Leaders are lied to more often than that, and often in high stakes situations. In this fascinating workshop and presentation, Pamela Meyer unveils the secret science of lie detection and interrogation that has never before been brought to the business world. Government officials, border control agents, police interrogators and social scientists have been studying and implementing lie detection and deceptive behavior for yearsand Meyer is the first to bring it to the business world on a grand scale. Participants will acquire a new set of face-to-face skills that allow them to quickly and accurately assess deceptive and potentially costly encounters, and transform their support network into a circle of trusted advisors that can guarantee success.

Meyer takes her participants through a thorough training session: she leaves them equipped to read facial micro-expressions (which determine subtle signs of deceptive behavior and underlying emotion), and to spot specific behaviors that liars exhibit while in a negotiation, interview, or meeting, so that her participants might gain the upper hand in the boardroom (or anywhere else). Meyer coaches her audience on undertaking a deception audit for their organization and identifying key contributors to deceptive corporate culture. Audiences learn the nine basic motives for lying and are taught how to build a circle of trusted advisors and associates who offer deep, substantial support that lasts.

Three Patterns to Deception and a Radical Path to Truth

Pamela Meyer provides her audience with detailed scientific findings on which personality types lie, how deception is expressed in e-mail, on the phone, and in person, and how to detect deception through body language. You will also learn about statement analysis, interviewing techniques, and interrogation, and about how negotiators can gain the upper hand and close deals that last, by mastering deception detection techniques. In a multimedia presentation featuring real-life examples, Meyer keeps her audience laughing while they learn, and presents a path toward trust that emphasizes integrity, maturity, and the importance of having difficult conversations during difficult times.

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