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Thorough preparation & tailored programs deliver a powerful high-energy session with rapid results.

America's #1 Sales Coach for Introverts, Shy and Reluctant Since 1990 Pat's coaching has been transforming the lives of introverts who sell reluctantly or lead with less than stellar personal power, and helped them become people who are a beacon of success for others in their organizations. Pat Weber is an award winning - top selling salesperson and sales manager and America's #1 Coach for Introverts (and even extroverts who may be reluctant to sell). She assists her clients in sales, leadership and learning to speak with more confidence, deliver effective presentations, and increase sales by 100+%. Think again if you assume that extroverts hold a higher value in your workplace or that their path to success is paved! The truth is, you benefit from a working knowledge of how to leverage your natural tendency to either introversion or extroversion, play up your strengths and minimize those not-too-flattering characteristics which tend to give each type moments of embarrassment. You can work with this trail-blazer to take a quantum leap in making your work and workplace more productive, profitable and fun. Her coaching, teleclasses and workshops for organizations and associations bring massive results for the participants. If you are tired of struggling by playing with the often uncomfortable extrovert business rules Pat's method will inspire you into action. You can get help in sales, or leadership, from anyone. But, until you work with an introvert as you may be, an introvert with undeniable success, you won't have authentic, practical knowledge that you will find easy and in a comfort level to change your life.


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Speech Topics

Introverts and Extroverts in the workplace: The Introvert's Unfair Advantage that Even the Extrove

There are many misconceptions about the quiet time in the workplace, usually more of an introvert preference. Now you can turn your loud, busy work place Into a quieter, focused productivity haven with creating an environment and communication strategy that takes the best of both preferences.

Storm Social Media Without Storming Your Brain

Depending how you approach social media a "pass" danger could be a reality for you, although there are actions to take to make it easier. You could find yourself feeling overwhelmed and lack clarity on either where to start or how to start. Whether the people you want to meet are on Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn or blog followers, you will leave this presentation knowing the best 15 steps to act on for the results you want.

Delivering Memorable Presentations with Results: Top Tips to Become a Better Communicator

When you leave this hour long presentation you’ll have the top techniques used by professionally paid speakers that engage their audiences to take action. Whether it’s your next sales or board meeting presentation, from the preparation and content, to the delivery and control, you’ll be setting yourself up for the best success.

5 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make When It Comes to Networking and Sales

You may love or dread networking, but do you know how you might be costing yourself more than bringing in? More than that do you know how much money you might be leaving in the hands for your competitors? Maybe you have call reluctance, presentation jitters, or fear to ask for a decision? Or maybe you are confusing networking with selling and then totally avoid the follow-up? It could be you just don’t know what mistakes you are making. You will leave knowing the top 5 networking and sales mistakes that are highly likely stalling your revenue results.

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