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Pattie Gonia        

Queer Environmentalist, Drag Queen Building Community for Queer People, Allies & the Planet

Pattie Gonia is an environmentalist, drag queen, and professional homosexual that uses their theatrical ensembles and clever videos on social media to promote environmental activism.

Gonia posted their first TikTok in December 2020, and each TikTok they’ve posted since has been a bold statement about respecting the planet we live on (their videos have garnered over 1 million likes and 127,000 followers.) Among other moments, they’ve turned eliminating waste into a fashion moment: “If you can hold onto your trash boyfriend for two whole years, then you can hold onto this piece of trash for 5 more minutes,” Pattie Gonia will say while picking up discarded trash on the ground, while wearing an elaborate gown made of—what else?—recycled trash.

Speech Topics

  • Intersectional environmentalism: how individuals can tap into their identity, talent, culture and humanity to make an impact for our planet and be a part of the climate solution. Pattie is a council member for Intersectional Environmentalist.

  • Allyship: A truthful, honest, and in-progress presentation on the importance of allyship (allying yourself, each other, and our planet) and how to make allyship a daily practice

  • The story of Pattie Gonia: overcoming adversity, queerness as an expanding concept, struggles and discoveries in identity, the art form of drag and how we all participate in our own forms of drag

  • Diversity equity and inclusion: as it pertains to the queer community: on campus, in the workplace, and in the outdoors, what does this look like, what you can do.

  • Advocacy: a how-to discussion on modern day advocacy. How Pattie/Wyn learned to champion and advocate causes that are important to them and how you can do it to

  • Community: How to create the community you need that doesnt currently exist (queer, BIPOC, outdoors, etc.).

  • Coming out of the closet and putting on your boots no matter who you are (a life passion talk).

  • 1% Better: the power of small changes in your daily life to impact you & the planet for the better

  • 10 Lessons everyone can learn from a Drag Queen. A look at resilience, resourcefulness, courage, originality, etc.

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