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Attitude has it all!

Paul Abma got his MA in Great Britain and examined factors that determine whether teams and individuals are successful or not. He discovered that success has more to do with results, and how to get them, than intentions.

Paul Abma is famous for his innovating and transparent presentations. He uses well-chosen metaphors. He brings with him a high level of positive energy, catching enthusiasm and powerful messages. And it's all 'emotion'. "I like to be a speaker for the Speakers Academy, but I don't like to use academic language. My message should be easy to understand." Paul is described by his clients as 'motivational', 'inspiring', 'director of results', and even as 'a crazy guy with contents'.

Paul Abma, who likes to wear striking clothes, hates 'suitcases' full of boring, scientific arguments or exaggerated pep talks. He rather brings his 'old suitcase', with its special contents. Paul does not offend anyone; his 'suitcases' contain reconcilability, client-friendly humour, insight and enthusiasm. He is also known for using flip-overs during his presentations. He might need room for six flip-overs and some extra for dancing and jumping.

The key to Paul's success is the time and effort he puts into examining your business and wishes and those of your clients (... and competitors). Paul only wants to speak at your event when you allow him to combine your message with his. His message? "It must be fun, you must learn from it and it has to be about attitude." Attitude Has It All!, or in Dutch 'Attitude Has It All!' (

Paul Abma says: “Attitudes, negative or positive, do influence the success of your organisation or yourself as an individual. Attitudes are catching and have an impact on the final results." During his dynamic, interactive and challenging motivational performances, Paul Abma offers you many powerful techniques to preserve a successful attitude in an always changing competitive market. "You can't spell ATTITUDE without U!"

Paul and his co-workers recognise that a meeting or conference of any size requires a big investment. They are without exception enthusiastic, dedicated and prepared to help make your next event the best ever.

Paul's favourite topics (yours combined with his!) are:

    Attitude Has It All!

    Working together! Win-Win-blabla or the J.DO-experience (Just Do It)

    Your body language? That is your way to success!

    What to do with a C.L.I.E.N.T.?

    From thinking success to doing success!

    F.O.C.U.S.! Improve all your results with this successful formula!

    Your intention does not mean a thing!

    It is ALL about RESULT!




    Body language




    Cliënt focus



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