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Paul G. Stoltz    

Creator of the Adversity Quotient, Expert Speaker on Human and Organizational Performance

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz is considered the world’s leading authority on the integration and application of grit and resilience. He is author of five international bestselling books on the subject—printed in 17 languages— including the top selling business book in China, and was voted by HR Magazine as “One of the Top 10 most influential global thinkers,” and by Executive Excellence as “One of the 100 Most Influential Thinkers of Our Time.” In his newest book, “GRIT—The New Science of What it Takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed,” he pioneers the first validated construct and method in existence for growing both the quantity and quality of one’s GRIT.

Dr. Stoltz has served as faculty for MIT’s acclaimed entrepreneurship program and for Carnegie Mellon’s distinguished Global Leaders Program, where his AQ and GRIT-related methods and assessments have been used to equip tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs. He also serves on various boards, including advisory board for DocuSign, and several companies focused on earth rejuvenating technologies.

Harvard Business Review selected Dr. Stoltz to be a member of their prestigious Board of Business Mentors. Harvard Business School has selected and incorporated Dr. Stoltz’s Adversity Quotient® tools and methods into its top-rated MBA and Executive Education programs and is featuring Dr. Stoltz’s newest work on GRIT in a new video series for Harvard Business Review. Dr. Stoltz has also been a member of Stanford University’s Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series, was selected as the Millennial Thinker for Singapore, “Thought Leader of the Year” in Hong Kong, and is a top-rated international faculty member for the Young Presidents’ Organization. He has guest lectured for Princeton, INSEAD, and Cornell, and has been a featured blogger and author for both the Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today.

Dr. Stoltz has been the founder and CEO of PEAK Learning, Inc., a global research and consulting firm, since 1987, through which he coaches, consults, teaches, and collaborates with top leaders, thinkers, and influencers within a broad range of organizations from start-ups and NGO’s to the Fortune 500 on six continents. He is also the founder and managing director of the GRIT Institute and Global Resilience Institute, both worldwide research collaboratives for exploring and advancing the frontiers of human endeavor.

Today, GRIT and AQ are the most widely adopted methods of their kind in the world for measurably enhancing one’s resilience, agility, and GRIT— currently in use by industry-leading companies, top institutions, and many governments in 137 countries across six continents. Dr. Stoltz is frequently featured in the world’s top media. Examples include the major news shows CNN, CNBC, ABC, Sky News, Business News Network, NBC Nightly News, Public Broadcast Service (PBS), as well as the biggest daytime shows such as the Today Show, and multiple appearances on Oprah. You will also find Dr. Stoltz quoted in the major press, worldwide, including Wall Street Journal, Harvard Management Update, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo! Finance, Asia 21, Inc., Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Singapore Straits Times, The Australian Financial Review, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Boss Magazine, The Drucker Foundation’s prestigious Leader to Leader and other publications. Dr. Stoltz coaches the U.S. Olympic Team, has served as faculty for MIT’s acclaimed entrepreneurship program and for Carnegie Mellon’s distinguished Global Leaders Program, where his AQ and GRIT-related methods and assessments have been used to equip tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Stoltz received his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and Economics from the University of California, as well as his business, leadership, and social sciences interdisciplinary master’s and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. PEAK Learning’s international headquarters is situated in the coastal mountains of San Luis Obispo, California, where Dr. Stoltz resides with his family, who were honored by USA Today as “America’s Most Creative Family.”

Speech Topics

The Science and Practice of Harnessing Adversity.

Imagine if you could truly master the ability to consistently respond even more optimally to anything and everything. What could be more essential, especially in these adversity-rich times?

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, member of the prestigious Harvard Board of Business Mentors, is considered “One of the Top 10 Most Influential Thinkers of Our Time.” Through his signature high-energy, provocative, and engaging session, Dr. Stoltz will introduce the groundbreaking science, tools, and principles of AQ—Adversity Quotient—the most widely proven, adopted method in existence for measuring and growing your next-level resilience, agility, adaptability, and resolve. Join the 1.5million leaders and professionals from 137 countries who have measured and grown their AQs for unprecedented gains.

Sales Grit.

If your sales force had measurably greater Grit, how would it affect their results? Discover why Grit is the power ball for superior sales performance, especially in complex, competitive environments. Unearth how the grittiest sales forces and individuals deliver the numbers, time and time again, in spite of all the ways the world may conspire against them. Learn how to Gauge and Grow Sales Grit, for true competitive immunity.

Leadership Grit.

Why do 91 percent of top employers worldwide value Grit in their leaders, over anything else? If your leaders' were measurably more "gritty" how would that affect your organization's results and success? Your group will feast on this scintillating, revelation-loaded session, presenting the newest, groundbreaking research on the role Grit plays in performance, promotion, problem-solving, innovation, agility, resilience, health, and success.

From Good to Grit.

Setting ambitious goals, taking on tough projects, and pursuing a competitive agenda are both essential and good. But they are no longer enough to win. It takes exceptional Grit. Groundbreaking research reveals tenaciously and relentlessly persevering long after others would give up is what separates the best from the rest. Learn from the world's leading authority on the subject. Discover how you can Gauge and Grow Grit, individually and collectively to fuel your success.

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