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Paul Robinson      

Author to 14 works in Human potential growth & Management, Motivational Speaker, Serial entrepreneur & Business strategist.

Leader in Transformational Education

For the last three years Paul Robinson has been developing innovative tools for human potential growth along with a team of researchers , positive psychologists , metaphysicians around the world. As an outcome he has created some of the popular personal growth programs in individual and organizational breakthrough.

Paul is a breakthrough expert on the growing field of humanology (study about humanpotential growth),psychology of leadership , negotiations ,organizational turnaround ,and peak performance. In a short span of time he has impacted more than 100,000 people around the world through his audio coaching programs ,workshops and live seminars.

India’s first audio coach. Paul Robinson revolutionized the motivation industry in India when he launched India’s first motivational audio “The Law of Attraction’ , in the year 2008. It became an instant hit in India and around the world. What began as a young person’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into Paul Robinson’s lifetime mission to turnaround individuals and organizations by helping them breakthrough their obstacles.

Best selling author

Paul Robinson is a best selling author to several personal growth titles like THE LAW OF ATTRACTION , MONEY MAGNETISM , A DATE WITH YOUR DESTINY , THE PSYCHOLOGY OF A WINNER and business breakthrough titles like MASTERY IN NEGOTIATION TACTICS , HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP and SUPER SELLING.

   He has authored and created more than a dozen of training programs for specific industry needs that are currently conducted by several international trainers and coaches worldwide.

Motivational Speaker

  Paul Robinson has conducted 22 live open workshops in a span of three months in India which makes him a record holder in the Indian training industry. He is versatile speaker who largely explain the latest information gathered from Positive Revolution Research and lucidly explain to the learner as he speaks. He is a motivational teacher who can impact an audience that is small and large. He has trained more than hundred trainers ,life and executive coaches and professional speakers in India and abroad. He is also a member of the International Coach Federation.

Business Strategist

   Robinson brings fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur in the fields of Media, marketing , Internet and Education. His clients often come from rapid growth or demanding career , life , or business paths. They’re seeking clarity on how to move from being “overworked , stressed and under-balanced people” to “motivated , high performance entrepreneurs and corporate executives”. His workshops and seminars are designed in a manner that the participants will be able to design their own blue prints for success and fulfillment in the areas they choose to excel.

A successful entrepreneur   Paul Robinson serves the board of five companies in India. He has served as a consultant to several companies and individuals for breakthrough performance and as a business strategist to several foreign companies. He has trained several business leaders hailing from the fields of hedge funds , banking , MLM and internet technologies

India’s authority on peak performance

   Paul Robinson’s work on ‘The psychology of a winner’ is a revolutionary product that helps individuals and leaders to stretch their life for peak experiences and outstanding achievements. He is a life strategist who outlines several princi ples in his work and teaching that can revolutionize a person’s way of thinking and behavior. His peak strategies are applied by champions , athletes , leaders , actors and people from various walks of life.

Co-Founder of Positive Revolution   Positive Revolution is India’s first and the largest motivational audio company to produce and distribute the audio books of world renowned motivational speakers and authors like BRIAN TRACY , DENNIS WAITLEY , JIM ROHN , LES BROWN etc. exclusively for the Asian region. Today Positive Revolution has a community of fourteen international authors and speakers and they are headed by Paul Robinson. The vision of Paul Robinson is to create an organization like Nightingale Connant Corporation in the Asian region by 2015. Positive Revolution is also the pioneer in audio coaching CDs , with programs that are recorded in a workshop or training format. The series of audio coaching programs comprises of genre like – personal development , hypnotherapy , motivational music , business and management series.



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