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Pearce Cucchissi    

Special Operations Veteran for the US Army: Mental Freedom Engineer

Pearce Cucchissi Is a former US Army Ranger. Who after a return from combat deployments overseas has been on a mission to help others perform better and live more content lives through the power of human resilience. Cucchissi currently lives in Manhattan Beach where he operates an executive coaching program called Built To Evolve, that advises company leadership and teams on how to optimize the mind, body, and business.

Cucchissi's approach to resilience is based on experience utilizing a combination of combat stress reduction techniques, neuroscience, psychology, and physiology. He believes that all of us are operators in our own right, and that resilience is the ultimate measure of toughness, strength, and health.

Through his work with enterprise companies, Cucchissi runs a program called "Operation Evolve" that helps bring society together by helping veterans heal through natural treatments such as psychedelics and coaching. His goal is to help companies build a more resilient workforce, and in turn sponsor 1,000 veterans so that they too can continue to live a better life.

Speech Topics

The Burnout Biomarker Matrix

This session discusses how we study burnout from a neurophysiological level, as well as the practical tools and practices to lower the negative effects of burnout.

Learn how to implement these tools within our minds, bodies, relationships, and workplace interactions to reduce the issues that are causing companies millions, and employees their jobs and their health.

Optimizing Our Experience & Impact Through Resilience

Humans are designed for continuous growth, where we feel progress is where we feel and perform our best. So how do we create resilience from a physical and mental level? How do we remove the cloud of negative emotion from our decision making? How do we build these principles into leadership and team dynamics so that our human system can handle a certain rate of growth?

Learn simple tools to optimize the mind and body towards performance and internal reward.

This session digs deep into lessons that have been tested and refined within the most stressful of human environments and how they relate to our modern workforce. A key for any leader, team, or team member in order to endure the stress of a career.

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