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Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison    

Bestselling Health & Wellness Authors, Recording Artists, Owners of Welby Street Press

Two sisters, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, are self –published and owners of their own publishing company, Welby Street Press. They launched their book Trim Healthy Mama at the end of 2013 and to date it has sold over 100, 000 copies. It is ranked the number one Amazon title for the 2013/2014 Health and Wellness Category, has been a top 10 online bestseller for Barnes&Noble and on The New York Times bestseller list.

The sisters sidestepped the traditional industry models and templates and dominated the health industry purely with organic growth. The message of the book caught on like wild fire with NO advertising or marketing. Its success has been driven only by word of mouth and a strong Facebook presence. Trim Healthy Mama is a faith-based lifestyle and brand with over a 145,000 likes on its Facebook fan page and growing fast with an average of 17,000-30,000 community members talking about it at any given time. Currently there are over 100,000 members in official, private Trim Healthy Mama Facebook groups. The Trim Healthy Mama brand also released a line of natural sweeteners that sold approximately 50,000 units in the first 90 days.

After years of seeking the optimum way to eat and after much trial and error on other diet plans, the sisters arrived at the place they call “done”. That place is where they connect with readers and audiences who are diet weary and have lost hope for renewed health and a trim figure. It was crawling out of that place called “done” where the sisters formed a new healthy way to eat and to live life to the fullest potential. The reason this food freedom movement has caught on is because it releases people into a new way of looking at food and health. No more binge and purge but rather daily celebration of food and life. Serene and Pearl have created a beautifully simple way to ensure that you eat the right proportions of the three macronutrients-fat, protein and carbs- for satisfaction, energy and weight loss.

The down to earth and relaxed approach to teaching these life transforming health principles comes across both in the authors’ written words and in their inspiring live sessions.

The unique and courageous sisters have found success as: songwriters, recording artists and speakers and now as authors, publishers and entrepreneurs.

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The binge then purge mentality is entrenched deeply within us women but it only leads to crash and burn. Diet headlines continue to scream ridiculous promises, “Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Days! The reality of those promise’s, none of the tangents are sustainable long term- we seek comfort over misery, especially when the stressors of life hit us hard. Who really has the time to spend a daily hour in the gym or who has the self-control to cut out calories, fats or carbs? It goes against our innate design to punish our bodies by food restriction and over exercising. In the end, those sorts of boot camp approaches fail us… We give up and the pounds pile back on giving rise to the rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, inflammation and a host of other diseases.

Is there a way out of the binge then purge trap? Let’s all give a big welcome to Food Freedom!


The stumbling blocks that prevent women from better health and trimmer waistlines often begin with, “too”.

Too Busy Too Expensive Too Tired Too “Been There Done That” Too Stressed Too In Pain Too Alone Too Hopeless Too Addicted Too Scared

Each of these are real and feel like daunting challenges to overcome. We’ll tackle these roadblocks one by one. We’ll move them out of the way so a healthy journey can form, then continue on to your personal goals.


God’s food truth versus man’s food wisdom comes into conflict, whom do we believe? There is a vast ocean of pounding waves out there called “health advice”- it is extremely confusing, so conflicting that it threatens to drown us with fear. One day meat is perceived good for you, the next day it’s dangerous, and only plant based diet is healthy. The same goes for gains, one day they’re good, the next day…not so much! Coffee and butter are a big NO on one Monday…hold up, now its Wednesday, they’re OK. Tomorrow that may change again, so stay tuned. Man’s wisdom is not stable, it changes with the wind; however, God’s truth never changes and he generously gave us a blueprint to follow with regards to what is good or not good for our bodies. In this session we share the story of how the Food Freedom movement was birthed. We jumped into the deep end and trusted God rather than in Man’s wisdom, once we did that our health turned around and weight issues vanished.

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