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Pedro Solbes    

European Politician & Finance Expert

A highly respected and pivotal figure in Europe’s political arena, Pedro Solbes served as the European Commissioner of Economic and Monetary Affairs-overseeing the Euro’s integration across the European Union. A respected political and financial voice, Solbes delivers keynote speeches on integration, change management, and the global economy with a unique and experienced perspective.

Solbes began his career in the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Spain in 1968. In 1973, he became Commercial Counselor at the Spanish Mission to the European Community, and between 1978 and 1979, he served as Special Advisor to the Minister for Relations with the European Community. Subsequently, in 1979 Solbes was appointed General Director of Commercial Policy at the Ministry of Economics and Trade from 1982 through 1985. During this time he was appointed the General Secretary at the Ministry and helped negotiate Spain’s inclusion in the European Community.

In September 1999 Solbes became the European Commissioner of Economic and Monetary Affairs, a challenging post given the imminent entry of the new Member States into the European Union. During his time at the European Commission, Solbes oversaw the creation of the rules that underpin the Euro, Europe’s single currency.

Prior to his appointment as European Commissioner, Solbes held several ministerial posts in Spain and was a member of the Spanish Parliament. In 1985, he was appointed Secretary of State for European Community Relations and chaired the Internal Market Council during the first Spanish Presidency of the European Community. From 1991 to 1993, Solbes was Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries and later became Minister of Economics and Finance, a position under which he led reforms to end Spain’s economic crisis by establishing the foundations for the adoption of the euro, and achieving three consecutive years of public surplus. In 2004, Solbes was appointed Second Vice President of the Government of Spain until his resignation in 2009.

Today, Solbes chairs the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group, created to assist the European Commission in the endorsement of International Financial Reporting Standards.

Speech Topics

The Euro & Its Integration

The European model of economic integration has turned into an unavoidable reference for any integration process. In this keynote presentation, Solbes uses his experience overseeing the integration of the Euro as an example for other world regions to use as a mirror when enacting economic or political change.

The European Union: Facing the Future

The future of the European Union depends on the cohabitation of 25 very different states in a Union that is constantly becoming more heterogeneous. Although being a democratic regime and accepting the financial rules are the main conditions to acceptance into the EU, the question is whether there is a future beyond this economic union. Which bonds will bring these countries together to create a greater Union that must face the challenges of the future?

Economy & Energy: A Double Challenge

The productivity and competition of any economy depends on energy. Europe is the world’s second largest energy consumer, yet there are no unifying principles for energy use and creation among member of the EU. In this keynote presentation, Solbes raises many questions and provides plausible solutions. How should the Spanish green model be defined compared to other European nations? How will the entrance of large countries like India and Brazil into the world economies affect the consumption and production of fossil fuels?

The role of the renewable energies is essential in the energy mix of the future but, is it possible to maintain the challenge of the economic growth and the sustainable energy development?

The Rules of Business in the EU

In this informative keynote speech, Solbes outlines some basic rules for non-European countries wishing to do business in the European Union.

Economic Outlook After the Crisis

This keynote speech provides an experienced and informative analysis of the global economy. He discusses current global economic trends, their impact on Europe, the United States, and Asia, and the benefits that can be obtained in this dramatic economic landscape.

A New Common Financial Regulation

The European Union has undertaken a new process of accountant harmonization that culminates with the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards for the State Members. In this keynote speech, Solbes discusses how companies are contributing and adapting to the adoption of these new regulations.

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