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Management & Organizational Consultant; Author of

Peg Neuhauser is a management and organizational consultant, specializing in the areas of conflict management, organizational culture, avoiding burnout. In 1984, she established her own company and works with clients in many industries including health care, high tech, finance, and publishing.

As a speaker and consultant, Neuhauser offers practical tips for action to create a more innovative and adaptive organization. Her focus is on increasing collaboration in cross-functional teams, improving relationships among work colleagues, avoiding burnout, and strengthening the organization’s culture to focus on its goals more effectively. Her stories, case examples, and humor illustrate each idea in a way that is both entertaining and easy to remember. In addition to speaking and consulting, Neuhauser facilitates meetings and retreats for both board and management groups.

Neuhauser completed studies in the United States and England with an M.A. in psychology and undergraduate work in sociology. Prior to starting her business, she worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and as an internal consultant for Hospital Corporation of America developing services and programs for both corporate and hospital clients. In addition to working as a designer, trainer and consultant, Neuhauser also managed financial systems conversions that involved training and consultation in the technical and accounting divisions.

Neuhauser has worked with both for-profit and not-for-profit clients including AARP, Oracle, ASAE, Eli Lilly, Notre Dame, Texas Instruments, General Mills, American Heart Assn, IBM, Abbott Labs, and Hewlett-Packard. She is the author of four books: "Tribal Warfare in Organizations," "Corporate Legends & Lore," " Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace," and "I Should Be Burnt Out by Now, So How Come I’m Not?"

Speech Topics

The New Normal . . .Rethinking the Way You Lead (for managers); Moving On . . .Healing from the Turmoil and Adapting to the New Realities (for employees).

Uncertainty is the word that best captures the thinking of most individuals and organizations these days. People say it's like working in a fog. Is the recession really over? Will things return to normal? If so, when? If not, what will the new normal be, and how do we succeed in that world? What do 90% of top execs rank as the critical organizational skill needed today--agility. Here are some practical definitions of what they mean by organizational agility:

Capacity to identify and capture opportunities more quickly than a rival does
Combining patience and boldness
Being ready to move the moment the fog lifts just enough so the choice is more than a crap shoot, but before things are clear to everyone including competitors

Help your leaders and employees understand the new normal in your organization and adapt as leaders and employees to these new realities.

Rethinking the Way You Lead topics:

Resist the temptation to spread the pain evenly through the organization. Consolidate your resources.
Beware of being too confident of your old leadership habits--challenge your own and each others logic, plans, assumptions, and behaviors.
Rigid calendar-based budgeting or planning processes are not agile.
Consider rewarding adequate performance with a generous severance package.  Adequate performances don't produce agile organizations.
Cross-functional teamwork needs to be fast and fluid.  Turf battles or endless meetings do not produce agility.
Reward people for feeding the collective IQ--sharing knowledge and advice that help other teams succeed.
Get honest about the "total cost of jerks" to your organization.  You can't afford them anymore.
Clone your "speed & agility" successes from one area of the organization to another.
If you're a control freak, get over it.  Control freaks are not agile leaders.  Control wisely, not constantly.

Corporate Legends and Lore . . .The Power of Story as a Management Tool

This presentation examines the power of storytelling in organizations, and its capacity to strengthen or damage the culture and spirit of the work place. The stories people tell can be positive and inspiring or negative and destructive to the future of the organization and the people who work there. In any case, the stories are a driving force that helps to shape the organization's destiny. Storytelling has always been the single most powerful form of human communication. This presentation is based on Peg Neuhauser's book,Corporate Legends and Lore (McGraw Hill), and is designed to give the leadership of your organization an opportunity to examine the stories that are told in your organization. New ways to use stories skillfully to reinforce important values and lead the way to your organization's future are presented and practiced.

Avoiding Burnout in Uncertain Times

Everyone’s work life has been affected by this era of uncertainty. The world we are living in today operates at a much faster pace than a decade ago. In addition to the increased speed, there is great uncertainty triggered by economic and world events. In this presentation, Peg C. Neuhauser, author of Building a Corporate Culture for the Connected Workplace, provides dozens of practical tips for coping with one of the most serious dangers of the high speed, uncertain world of work—burnout. In this interactive and entertaining presentation, Neuhauser will discuss ideas with the audience and help people sort out which tips they can put to use.

Working Successfully in a Downsized Organization

You survived the cut backs and restructuring in your company. Now you have to figure out how to survive in a downsized organization. You still have a job and in some cases you may have even ended up with an unexpected promotion. . You have more work, new responsibilities, and many of the experts who you could have turned to for advice and coaching are gone. In this presentation, Neuhauser focuses on the mind set and skills needed to succeed in a downsized company. In addition to the individual skills needed, she also explains how to rebuild a team rapidly and create a culture that will retain your best employees and keeps everyone focused on three important issues. . . take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and take care of this place.

Coping with Culture Clashes in Your Organization

With all the mergers, partnerships, and restructuring going on in organizations these days, clashes between the cultures are inevitable. People do not give up their old ways or blend two groups with different customs and histories without a struggle. Ordering people to change rarely works. The conflicts do not go away; they just go underground. To change or blend cultures requires negotiation to develop new ground rules and common agreements about how the groups will work together in the future.

This presentation guides participants through their own current cultures and to help them identify specific changes and common agreements that are needed.

Tribal Warfare in Organizations

This presentation is based on Peg Neuhauser's book Tribal Warfare in Organizations. It takes a humorous and entertaining look at turf battles between departmental and professional groups in organizations. Neuhauser offers practical tips on the do’s and don’ts of tribal communication. The goal is to produce more effective collaboration and problem solving that makes life easier for everyone and provides service to customers.

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Corporate Culture for Uncertain Times

We are living in an uncertain world. Every organization is struggling to navigate a course through a fog of uncertainty . . . economic downturn, post dot com era, security issues, influx of younger generations of workers with vastly different views of work, and changing technologies. In addition to the risks, there are also great opportunities for the companies who can find these opportunities and take action.

A strong corporate culture can help you survive in an era of upheaval and uncertainty. Peg Neuhauser looks at how to build and maintain your corporate culture to succeed in today’s world. This presentation is based on continuing research on how companies are coping with the current challenges of economic and world events. This research builds on her previous body of research for her three books, Tribal Warfare in Organizations, Corporate Legends and Lore, and

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Business Mediator and Author Brings Her Experience to the Howell Foundation.
Many have heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”. But could it be that curiosity is responsible for personal and professional growth? It might well be that it played a crucial role for individuals and corporations when they needed to re-invent themselves. Maybe we should ask Peg Neuhauser, published author, speaker, and Board Member of the Doris A. Howell Foundation.
NIH to host Howell Board Member Peg Neuhauser in Seminar Series focused on Supporting Management Excellence.
Author and Howell Board Member Peg Neuhauser has been invited to address the National Institutes of Health this upcoming April 17th at the Institutes’ Seminar Series “Management and Science: Partnering for Excellence.”

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