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Peggy Grall  

Peggy Grall, The Change Coach, specializes in transitioning people through organization change.

Peggy’s believes that the best way to ensure the success of a change is to strategically equip and fiercely support the leaders of the change. Her approach to Change Leadership begins with a comprehensive review and assessment of key stakeholders, and the organization as a whole, to determine change readiness. This step is followed by facilitating the development of an organizational Change Map and skill building with those responsible for the change. Peggy mentors and coaches change leaders through every step of implementing the change.

Peggy Grall is a Certified Executive coach and former psychotherapist with 19 years experience in the areas of helping individuals and organizations make significant change. Peggy has demonstrated her ability to assist individuals and organizations to explore and resolve complex personal and group issues, through working with organizations like: Staples, Bell, Magna and Johnson & Johnson and more, that are navigating mergers, moving facilities and/or initiating culture changes.

She is the past-Editor of Psychologica, the trade magazine of the Association of Mental Health Professionals and the creator and author of: Just Change It, Professionally Speaking, Change Bytes, 19 Hopeful Hints for Managing the Big Fat Changes at Work and numerous other articles and CD’s as well as the creator of the popular training game Transition Poker™ that teaches change leadership skills in a fast-paced, high-stakes gaming atmosphere.

She is past-President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Toronto) and in 2004 was nominated for Business Person of the Year and nominated again in 2005 for the coveted Athena Award (Women in Business)

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Fast Facts:

    * CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

    * 12 years as a Psychotherapist in private practice

    * Certified in Human Resource (Queens University)

    * Certified in Critical Incident Response (organizational trauma)

    * Certified in administering the DISC Personal Profile tool (workplace attributes)

    * Certified Executive business coach (International Coaching Federation)

    * Creator of the Change Style Index (self assessment for change leadership style)

    * JCI People Change Process – a solid foundation as to how people move through change and how leaders can motivate, model and monitor change success

    * The 6 Success Factors for making significant change – an understanding of the importance of each factor and how to compensate for missing elements

    * The experiential, real-play of the Transition Poker™ game engages players to create the best options, bet on their success and defend their choices to colleagues

    * The Change Style Index - understanding your Personal Change Style can help you decide what you need to be successful during a time of transition.

    * A Change Map – creating the action steps necessary for a group to bring change success into their organization.

Transition Poker™ Players:

    * Experience the push-pull of competition during a change

    * Understand how to negotiate and persuade change partners

    * Appreciate how important communication and leadership style are in helping people change

    * Learn how to consider and choose strategies that will mediate negativity and resistance and invite success!

Whether players bluff, bet or are bold enough to go all in, Transition Poker™ tests their knowledge and skill at leading change when the stakes are high!

Managing The Big Fat Changes At Work

Peggy believes that the inability to change is the new illiteracy. Has your organization decided to make a change? Are you learning new processes or working with new people? Are your customers changing what they want from you? When the leadership of an organization can't change - the people STRUGGLE and leaders have a unique opportunity to model change-skills during times of transition. Whether you are choosing to change, or being forced to make changes ...Hang on! The Change Coach has good news for you!

In Peggy’s presentation she invites participants to:

    * Learn how to leverage the psychological factors that influence people transitions

    * Recognize and leverage their Change Style, and the style of others

    * Learn Tips & Techniques that Change Leaders use to motivate their employees

    * Anticipate and respond to individual & organizational Resistance

Now What Do We Do? - Crisis Leadership for our Changing World

Crisis happens! When terrorist threats, environmental disasters or pandemics slam an organization, employees get nervous and the leadership often beats a retreat to the safety of their offices. And, when the adversary is a loss of integrity among the leadership, corporate mal-practice or customer abandonment, the whole organization rumbles.

What’s a leader to do when calamity and crisis loom? The first order of crisis preparedness is proactive preparation. Building resilience and a capacity to stay focused on business continuity and remaining steady in the boardroom are the first order of the leadership team.

In this presentation Peggy reveals:

    * Psychological, social and practical keys to ‘crisis-proofing’ your workforce

    * Personal and professional steps leaders need to take to ensure they are ready for whatever comes

Now What Do I Say? - Crisis Communication for Associations

What do you do when crisis hits, employees and stakeholders get nervous and the media begins to circle? The only way to survive an intense event is to prepare for it, and communicating effectively during a crisis is the true test of an association’s clarity of mission.

Association leaders and board members can be a point of stability and hope to their staff and clientele, and the community at large, if they can create and deliver transparent, timely and topical communications. This session will allow participants to explore the Content, Clarity and Commitment of great crisis communication plans.

In this presentation Peggy shares techniques for:

    * Knowing what people hear and don’t hear during a crisis

    * Speaking so staff, clients, the board and the media will listen

    * Creating and capitalizing on ‘War Room’ techniques

Who Are These People And Why Are They Driving Me Crazy?

Difficult employees make everyone’s work-life miserable. So, how do you deal with conflict at work in a way that solves the issue and maintains your sanity and the dignity of others at the same time? In this playful look at the serious subject of problem employees you will learn to:

    * Debunk the Myths and Misconceptions about workplace conflict and answer the question – what’s really going on here?

    * Stand up for yourself and engage a difficult employee in solving the issue

    * Use proven Tips & Techniques for handling anger and conflict in any situation

The Coaching Clinic™- Strategic Corporate Coaching Skills for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

The COACHING CLINIC® has been designed for professionals: executives, managers and team leaders who want to fully develop their ability to motivate, monitor and support their staff to capitalize on change and achieve excellence. The COACHING CLINIC® has been successfully presented to corporations in a variety of industries worldwide. Developed by Corporate Coach University, the originator and now world-leader in coach training, the program and has earned a reputation as a comprehensive training program in core coaching skills for leaders.

Through the COACHING CLINIC, organizations and individuals can:

    * Discover coaching as today’s model for leadership and management

    * Position their organization for rapid change, growth and development

    * Experience and practice state-of-the-art coaching tools

    * Learn ways to integrate a ‘coach approach’ into the organization

    * Immediately apply the learning within the workplace

The COACHING CLINIC® effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary to have power, meaningful conversations within an organization. It embodies a fully-developed coaching model and methodology which participants can implement immediately in their organization to:

    * Ignite innovation and creativity

    * Develop and retain top talent

    * Improve communication between individuals, teams and divisions

    * Intensify commitment to personal, professional and organizational goals


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