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Pete Peterkin  

Musical Entertainer/Impressionist "Extraordinaire" - Semi Finalist on "America's Got Talent" Fall 2009

Pete Peterkin introduced his critically acclaimed one man show to corporate America in 2004 at the National Speakers Association's Western Conference. Four standing ovations later the event planners, talent buyers and speakers in attendance that night were calling him "the most exciting and versatile corporate entertainer in the business!"

An accomplished and inspiring vocalist as well as a master of over 100 celebrity impressions 20 musical instruments and an amazing variety of dance styles every Pete Peterkin performance is nothing short of an incredible entertainment tour de force.

His philosophy which simply states that " if you strive to make the impossible  the norm, you can achieve just about anything you set you mind to"... is a philosophy that Pete has lived by most of his life. Watching the ease at which Pete performs his shows one might feel that he has achieved his "impossible" goals. However few could imagine that several years ago Pete's goals were much more basic. And that behind the "Jack Of All Trades" persona was a story of sheer determination and the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Born in Brooklyn New York, Pete lost both of his parents at a very young age and turned to music as a source of inspiration and comfort. During those early years he had to overcome not only a severe stuttering problem, but also the fact that he was born with a crippling birth defect called "congenital talipes" or "clubfoot". This would result in his left leg remaining several inches shorter than his right and virtually paralyzed from the knee down to this day. The disease and the many side effects he encountered from it also made it necessary for him to actually live in a hospital for practically his entire childhood.

As time passed and Pete tackled the outside world as a young adult it was a struggle for him to fit in and he began to work extremely hard at things he had a knack for.

Never seeing himself initially as a "front man" he found work as a back-up guitarist. Eventually devising his own theories that enabled him to teach himself (and conducting workshops and classes to teach others) jazz and classical guitar as well as voice.

Around that same time Pete began to find success as a songwriter. As a writer he was able to place songs with such legends as The Four Tops, The Temptations, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway and many others. He eventually wrote 2 musicals and spent 8 years writing and performing comedy scripts and song parodies as well as commercial jingles for radio. (Pete currently uses this skill for corporate shows, writing hilarious sing-a-long parodies that lyrically and musically coincide with each event.)

During this period he found that doing impressions not only helped him overcome his stuttering problem but like his idol Sammy Davis Jr. they also helped him develop his own amazing and unique singing style. (Pete has recorded several CDs as an inspirational-gospel vocalist and as a contemporary blues singer.)In the late 90's Pete began to feel the need to "re-invent" himself. He saw a video of the great corporate/Las Vegas singing impressionist Danny Gans and got the idea to put all of the singing impressions he had learned doing radio (as well as "Legends in Concert" styled shows) into one live show! Eventually he would incorporate additional elements into his shows  such as his uncanny ability to play just about any musical instrument that he had access to.

Today Pete has added comedian, actor, screenwriter and author to his growing list of skills. He's currently writing a book entitled "The Breakdown Principles" which basically teaches  people to remove the "awe" factor from their "impossible" goals, while systematically breaking them down through his 5 step program that includes;

   1. Separating the puzzle into several "easy to understand" components.

   2. Learning and mastering each piece of the puzzle.

   3. Putting the puzzle back together so that you now can comprehend it as a whole.

   4. Moving towards making the "impossible" the "possible".

   5. Moving towards making the "impossible" the norm!


Musical entertainer/comedy impressionist

with musical selections from Motown, R&B, Rock & Roll, 50's & 60's, and more.Some of his 300 celebrity impersonations: Bill Cosby, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, James Brown, Jay Leno, Jim Carey, Jimmy Hendrix, Johnny Mathis, Lionel Ritchie, Little Richard, Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, Prince, Ray Charles, Ricky Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, Willie Nelson ... and many more.

"I heard Pete do Ray Charles on his LA radio program and I actually thought it was Ray! Unbelievable! "  - Quincy Jones

"Pete Peterkin is a truly great entertainer with a powerhouse voice!" - Suze Orman

"A truly gifted entertainer. Everytime I see him he grows in leaps and bounds!" - Ben Vereen


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