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Former White House Spokesman, Author & Political Commentator

Pete Seat is more than a guy with a rhyming name. The only child of immigrant parents, he is a former White House spokesman, a nationally-recognized political commentator, a Millennial Generation expert and an Atlantic Council Millennium Fellow.

Currently a vice president at Bose Public Affairs Group in Indianapolis, Indiana, Seat was previously executive director of strategic communications and talent development at the Indiana Republican Party; communications director on the historic 106-day gubernatorial campaign of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb; senior project manager at Hathaway Strategies, where he provided messaging development and management strategies to corporate and political clients; communications director for the Indiana Republican Party, where his messaging strategy resulted in over $2.5 million in earned media coverage for campaigns and candidates; communications director for former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats’s victorious 2010 U.S. Senate campaign; and deputy assistant press secretary to President George W. Bush, where Seat worked alongside press secretaries Tony Snow and Dana Perino, logged thousands of miles aboard Air Force One and was among a small handful of staff inside the Oval Office for the first gathering in a generation of all our then-living presidents in The White House. Seat has published columns in outlets around the country including POLITICO,, and the Atlantic Council’s New Atlanticist blog, and appeared as a guest on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Yahoo! News and NewsMax TV programs a combined 100+ times.

He is also the author of the book "The War on Millennials" and a 2018-2019 Atlantic Council Millennium Fellow, a 21 member worldwide cohort selected from an applicant pool of 650 from 100 countries. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a B.A. in theatre arts, bilingual (English and Serbian), has attended fifteen World Series games (including one in each of the past thirteen years), has the autographs of twenty-five U.S. presidents and has traveled to 44 countries on six continents, where he has seen first hand the opulence of Dubai, the slums of India, the Syrian refugee camps of Turkey and the socialism of Cuba.

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Can We All Just Get Along? Generational Harmony in Less Than Harmonial Times

Hybrid Generation: How Millennials are Forming Their Own Political Identity & Redefining the American Dream

The Liberal World Order's Mid-Life Crisis & How NextGen Can Save the Day

Eight Global Challenges That Will Define the Lives of the Now Generation

The Political Power of 'Yes, and...': What Improv Theatre Can Teach Us About Policy Making

The War on Millennials: A Conversation with the Author

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The White House & The Press: A Relationship Made in Functional Dysfunction

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Indiana redistricting isn’t gerrymandered toward Republicans
It’s not gerrymandering that dampens Democrat prospects and keeps Indiana from being politically competitive, but the lack of gerrymandering.
Future of GOP will be written by Republicans, not former Republicans
The future of the Republican Party will be written by Republicans and only Republicans. It won’t be written by former Republicans who are now Democrats or independents. This is a family matter and they chose to run away from home.
This is what healing in Joe Biden's America starts with
Our challenge is not that we are so passionate about our ideology, our party or our candidate that we hate the other side; our challenge is that we are obsessed with ourselves and our perpetual rightness. We have conditioned ourselves to believe we should get whatever we want whenever we want it. So when things go awry, and we don't get it all handed to us on a silver platter, things get messy.
Newsweek: Coronavirus Unmasks the Global War on Millennials
We are seeing in the exploitation of the coronavirus by authoritarians in Asia, Europe and South America, not only similar profiles of nationalistic rhetoric and isolationist tendencies, but something much more nefarious. Each of these individuals – such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jingping, Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, and others – have something in common that transcends their words and actions and sets up a generational contrast with the up-and-coming defenders of democracy on the world stage. What is it? Each one is a baby boomer.

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