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Peter Fisk      

Global Thought Leader, Futurist & Author

Peter Fisk is a global thought leader – author, futurist, speaker – whose career was forged in a superconductivity lab, accelerated by managing supersonic brands, shaped by working with some of the world’s best companies in Europe, North America and Asia, evolved by leading a digital start-up, and formalised as CEO of the world’s largest marketing network.

He works with business leaders to reimagine their markets and strategies for a better future. He brings together the best in strategy and innovation, brand and customer thinking to drive smarter, sustainable growth.

Fisk leads GeniusWorks, an innovative business accelerator, based in London, and is professor of leadership, strategy and innovation at IE Business School in Madrid, where he is responsible for executive programs. He also works independently and with other business schools. He was Thinkers50 Global Director, founded and hosts the annual European Business Forum, and publishes the monthly ”Fast Leader” magazine.

He has over 30 years of practical business experience, working with over 300 companies and 55 countries … from Adidas’ growth into new markets to Asahi’s consumer-centric innovation, Cartier’s redefined luxury and Coca Cola’s growth strategy, McKinsey’s leadership development to Microsoft’s new approach to strategic innovation, P&G’s direct to consumer strategy and Pfizer’s future scanning, Santander’s future bank vision and Sompo’s digitally-minded leaders, Takeda’s patient-centric healthcare and Tata’s growth as a global business.

Fisk’s first book “Marketing Genius” fused the brains of Einstein and Picasso to ask how would they do business today, and was translated into 35 languages. His next 8 books explore the renaissance creativity of Leonardo da Vinci, in “Creative Genius”, how to innovate with purpose for positive impact, in “People Planet Profit”, and learning from the world’s most innovative companies, in “Gamechangers”.

His book “Business Recoded” challenges leaders to have the courage to create a better future, harnessing the opportunities of a post-pandemic world, through 7 shifts built on deep dives with 49 of the world’s most inspiring business leaders today. It is shortlisted for CMI Business Book of the Year 2021, and was reviewed by the Financial Times with “Wow. The book you have to read now”.

Speech Topics

Markets, Metaverses and Megatrends: How Will You Shape the Future?

  • Every market is shaken up, the big shifts, challenges and opportunities
  • AI to Web 3, GenZ and gene-editing, carbon and wellbeing, and the super-apps
  • Disruptive technologies, society and environment, disrupt or be disrupted
  • The 6 megatrends shaping futures, and what they mean for me.
  • From NotPla to PingAn, Rappi and RTFKT, Shein and Liquid Death.

Creating Purposeful Futures: How Can Your Business Be a Force for Good?

  • Exploring the biggest challenges, and how business can be a force for good
  • Inspired by Adidas and Danone, Patagonia and Schneider, Unilever and Vestas
  • Creating an inspiring purpose and direction for your business
  • Linking purpose to vision, mission, strategies, goals and operations
  • Framing your business to look beyond industry boundaries
  • Aligning business and personal purpose, aspiration and action

Pioneers and Transformers: How Will You Drive Innovative & Profitable growth?

  • What is a pioneer? What does it take to win in today's markets of relentless change?
  • Airbus to Amazon, Biontech and Blackrock, Canva and Chobani, DeepMind and DSM
  • Imagine: Developing strategies and plans from the future back, and then now forward
  • Immerse: Understanding customers and consumers, new agendas and behaviours
  • Innovate: Gamechanging strategies for driving and accelerating smarter growth
  • Transform: Building dual portfolios to exploit today, and explore tomorrow

The Future Makers: How to Turn Strategic Innovation Into Radical Impact

  • Driving strategic innovation, connecting insights and ideas, and moonshots
  • Inspired by Aerofarms and Aircar, Icon and Impossible, Xiaomi and X Company
  • Building innovation portfolios to exploit the present, and explore the future
  • Sustainable innovation to embrace social and environmental issues
  • Exploring new business models, their diversity and implications
  • Innovating in more entrepreneurial ways, experimental and venture ways

Transformational Leadership: Do You Have the Courage to Create a Better Future?

  • What is 21st century leadership? How can you lead bolder and better?
  • Anne Wójcicki and Jessica Tan, Satya Nadella and Hamdi Ulukaya, and many more
  • What does it take to lead in markets of relentless change and uncertainty?
  • How do leaders find authenticity, to be themselves, to build empathy and trust?
  • Developing a transformational approach to your business and leadership
  • Being curious, creative and courageous to create a better future.

  • Futures … exploring your future market, developing more innovative strategies
  • Leadership … leading the future, smarter and faster, curious and courageous
  • Innovation … transforming your future business through strategic innovation
  • Customers … defining new customer agendas, delivering exceptional experiences
  • Brands … building trusted and engaging brands and marketing strategies
  • Sustainability … business as a platform for good, sustainability as innovation
  • Transformation … driving sustained, profitable change, making strategy happen

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