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Peter Merrill  

Innovation Thought Leader; Author of "Innovation Generation" & "Do it right the Second Time"; Innovation columnist in 'Quality World'

Peter Merrill has spoken on innovation to conferences from 200 to 2000 people across North America, Europe and Asia. He runs innovation workshops and facilitates innovation projects. He was previously Chief Executive of a leading European design brand and led innovation in one of the most demanding of markets. He is a thought leader in the growing Innovation Movement. Peter's latest book, 'Innovation Generation' shows how to develop a company's innovation culture and innovation process, he is author of 'Do it right the Second Time' and is the Innovation columnist in 'Quality World'.

Peter Merrill is President of Quest Management Systems and helps organizations develop Innovation as a core competency. He has developed innovation and Quality Management Systems with clients such as IBM, RIM (Blackberry), ASQ, and AIG. Peter is a dynamic business leader and has helped take these organizations to new levels.

Peter projects an energy level which captivates and entertains your audience. He delivers a presentation with real content and with high energy. He will leave the audience motivated, enthusiastic and ready to create an innovative future!

The Book "Innovation Generation" is about creating the future and making sure your organization is part of it.

Speech Topics

Innovation Strategy: Taking The Right Risks: Guiding leaders and managers into making innovation part of their organization

The most profitable companies invest twice as much in innovation as do their competition. Radical Innovations generate ten times more share holder value in 'IPO's'. Companies who commercialize patents fast outperform their competition tenfold. An organization must have a process and a strategy for Innovation. You will see how to find market opportunities, how to create solutions and select solutions based on risk. You will see how to take the 'Right Risks'

Innovation Generation: Showing how an organization achieves innovation success

Innovators know that new ideas come fastest and most frequently when they work in groups. An innovative organization is a learning organization, gaining new knowledge. Innovative organizations are networked and they are agile, able to 'let go' and encourage diversity. An innovative culture encourages exploration, collaboration and experimentation. It is not afraid of failure. You will see the way to the vision and the culture of Innovation.

Re-Innovate Yourself: Motivating people into making innovation part of their life

Many myths surround the world of Innovation among them are the myths that 'ideas come from a single genius'. Often people develop the personal myth that they are not creative and they don't have a role in the innovation process. We all have a role and networking is the best way to get new ideas. You are far more creative than you think. You will find how to develop your knowledge network and you will become excited at the reality of becoming an Innovator.

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