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Emmy Award-winning Host of the top rated Peter's Principles; Champion Bodybuilder; Celebrity Spokesperson for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation

Peter N. Nielsen at the early age of 15 was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The challenge of having Crohn’s began his lifelong journey to physical and spiritual health. Overcoming his challenges led him to winning over 50 bodybuilding awards, including: Mr. International Universe and Mr. America titles.

Nielsen is the creator and host of the syndicated TV and Radio show Peter’s Principles, which has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. In 2001, after his second near death experience due to Crohn’s disease, Nielsen vowed to help inspire and empower as many people as he could to become a better version of themselves through his Peter’s Principles lifestyle. These Principles include improved health, importance of eating a clean diet, exercise and overall well-being. Nielsen now offers a worldwide platform with well over 120 million potential viewers and his shows are seen and heard in over 100 countries. He is an author of six published books, including his latest release, Soul Strength.

Nielsen is the national spokesman for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. He is a world-renowned fitness guru who holds an ISSA Master’s Degree Certified in Nutrition and Exercise Science. He has owned, and operated, health and fitness clubs as well as physical therapy clinics. He has been a personal trainer and life coach, with an elite clientele. As a life coach, he speaks all over the world as a keynote speaker. Nielsen was voted trainer of the year by Self Magazine and Muscle & Fitness.

Nielsen's TV series, "Peter Nielsen Life Coaching" launched in 2017 and airs weekly, every Friday from 7am-7:30am EST on the Discovery Life Network.

Nielsen’s biggest accomplishment is being a dad and role model to his 2 daughters."

Speech Topics

Kids Fitness

Since 1985, Peter has had a statewide kids program where he visits schools and encourages kids to write an essay on what they learned from him regarding proper nutrition, exercise and overall health tips. He has the author of the winning essay on his TV show. With childhood diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity on the rampage, Peter explains to educators, kids and parents ways to improve overall health and fitness. Peter discusses how to prevent and manage this ongoing battle through fitness and proper nutrition by developing meal plans and an exercise routine for youths. By incorporating lifestyle changes, this program can help you address the stereotypical messages and behaviors associated with these obstacles through education and implementation.

Health and Nutrition

Peter talks about incorporating the right foods, the right amount of foods, the right time of day to eat, along with exercise programs that work in conjunction with his meal plan. He also discusses the importance of portion control and how many carbs versus protein should be incorporated within your meal plan in order to lose weight or maintain weight for overall health and wellness. Peter educates you on choosing the best foods and exercise program for the best results no matter your fitness level. Peter will teach you how to read food labels and understand the importance of proper nutrition and smart shopping in order to stay healthy and fit.


Peter will walk you through this very powerful topic. Peter will share the tools, secrets, motivating factors and strategies to becoming a leader and positively influencing and impacting peoples lives on every level. By using Peter's tools, he can help you to create positive and immediate impact and become an inspiring leader.

Crisis and Addiction/Transform Your Life

Addiction or substance abuse is a very serious social economic and public health crisis. Many times people do not understand the disease or choices that loved ones make. Learning how to deal with such issues, Peter motivates you to dig deep spiritually and recognize the root causes and triggers that may be associated. Peter shares his personal experiences on how to incorporate mind, body and spirit through personal revelation and learning to cope with crisis and addiction.

Mind Over Matter~Counting Your Macro Nutrients

Peter discusses how counting calories is a thing of the past and not the way one should think about healthy weight loss and adequate nutrition. In this informative seminar, he will explain the importance of key macro nutrients and their role in losing weight and/or maintaining a healthy weight. He will also discuss how the timing of exercise is critical, and it's influence on the body's fat loss.

Find Your Reasons Why

To truly reach higher and your potential, your reasons why need to be greater than any fear, any failure and need to be what truly gets you up in the morning. Your reasons why are truly why you are here. In order to be the person you are supposed to be, you need to figure out your dreams and visualize them, then act upon them. You cannot expect anyone to truly understand your vision and purpose, if in fact, it's not theirs. Often, this will inhibit people from truly seeking their reasons why because they are seeking approval. Peter shares with you his personal experiences and how he found his reasons why. Peter will provoke the audience to look within themselves for their reasons why. Most will ask the how' do I make money, or how can I become successful, or how do I share my story, instead of asking why. Peter inspires and motivates you to look within yourself to realize your passion, dreams and visions and what it means to achieve your true purpose and your reasons why.

Life After Child Abuse and Betrayal and How Believe in Yourself

When Peter was diagnosed with Crohn's, a disease that has no cure, his family didn't fully understand it and began to argue. His dad became an alcoholic and started to mentally and emotionally abuse them. During that abuse, when Peter needed his parents the most, his dad began to physically abuse them. Peter stepped in and went against his own dad in order to save his mother's life. A man who he loved more than the oxygen he breathed, broke his collarbone in three places, and gave him six stitches over his eye. Two days later, Peter went to end his own life, because he thought it was his fault that he had an incurable disease and his family was fighting. But, God had a different plan for Peter. Peter will share with you his experiences and the tools that helped him cope with the long-term collateral damage he endured, not from the physical wounds, but from the devastating betrayal of his own father. He will help you realize why you need to surrender, forgive and trust again in order to fully heal and live a purposeful life.

Facing and Overcoming Adversity

Coming from an abusive home and learning how to live with Crohn's disease at an early age, Peter N. Nielsen will walk you through his step-by-step approach on how to program yourself to succeed and recognize the lessons and blessings you have gained, in spite of the challenges and disastrous moments or events in your life. Peter will help you to discover that when you're in a situation that can't be avoided, but, must be dealt with, it is the attitude you take that separates the survivors from the victims, the champions from the defeated. Peters goal is to light in others, the same spark that has been kindled in him, the spark that saved his life.

Digestive Health and Physical Challenges

Peter N. Nielsen has been The National Spokesperson for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation since 1985. Having Crohn's disease and experiencing two near death experiences, he went on to win over 50 bodybuilding titles in spite of his health and physical challenges. Peter shares what it takes to "get you out of your own way" to accomplish your dreams and goals. Peter's "can-do" attitude will teach, inspire, motivate and lift individuals on how to cope with their digestive health issues and physical limitations and challenges by incorporating a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. You will not only learn the benefits of how to care for your body, you'll learn about your body and most importantly about you.

Soul Strength and Invisible Obstacles

When you look at Peter, he's the picture of health and wellness. However, life has not always been easy. Peter has battled Crohn's disease his entire life, beating the odds with two near death experiences. He grew up in a very physically any emotionally abusive home, going on to win over 50 bodybuilding titles, including Mr. International Universe and Mr. America. Peter also owns and hosts a worldwide syndicated TV and radio show, Peter's Principles. He's an author of 5 books, Soul Strength being his latest and he loves to spread his message of hope. Peter explains Soul Strength as "strength from within" and how to incorporate his seven steps to overcome invisible obstacles in one's life. This is a truly powerful, inspirational, and spiritual journey that defines hope as "Having Optimum Positive Emotions" and how to believe again in order to finish strong.


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