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Healthcare Futurist, Emmy Award-Winning Health & Science Correspondent & Author of "The Heart of the Matter"

Peter Salgo is an Emmy Award-winning medical journalist, practicing physician, and respected healthcare futurist. Known for providing insights into medical trends, Salgo predicts that progress in fighting heart disease will have a tremendous impact on America's healthcare delivery system and on the future of medicine itself. Salgo also discusses his experience directing the intensive care unit of a New York City hospital during the tragedy of 9/11 and the importance of communication and responsiveness in dealing with crises and emergencies.

Dr. Salgo is also known for his written work, having published numerous articles on drug pricing, chronic fatigue, and Retin-A, AIDS, and fetal surgery. He is the author of "The Heart of the Matter: A Revolutionary Program for Preventing Coronary Heart Disease", which is a groundbreaking book, offering readers the ability to self-test and prevent heart problems and combat heart disease on their own.

Currently, Dr. Salgo is hosting "Second Opinion: Taking Charge of Your Healthcare", for American Public Television. Using intriguing, real-life medical cases, Dr. Salgo and his guests grapple with diagnosis and treatment options to give viewers the most up-to-date, accurate medical information. Dr. Salgo believes with a better understanding of complex health issues, patients can navigate the medical system for better health outcomes.

Speech Topics

Changing Medicine to Make it Safer - Lessons Learned from Aviation

Navigating the Affordable Healthcare Act

Keeping people healthy, rather than treating them once they become ill, has become a topic of great interest; implementing “wellness” means reaching out beyond the established norms of traditional practices.

A health care industry that consumes about a fifth of our gross national product is an enormous entity. And for some, the Affordable Healthcare Act has sown the seeds of uncertainty. As tempting as it is to examine the fine structure of this legislation, it is far more critical to take a look at the larger healthcare landscape of which the act is now a part.

While attempting to reorganize healthcare finance, the Affordable Healthcare Act doesn’t truly change the focus of the healthcare enterprise. What is it about modern medicine that is truly remarkable and essential? Not billing practice or new ICD codes, but the application of science, technology and grace to patients in need; basic simple humanity at the heart of medical practice has been lost.

A great deal of the healthcare discussion in the US has centered on money, since it’s a simple metric to measure. However, healthcare has been traditionally focused on delaying death and prolonging a high quality of living. Doctors, nurses, hospitals and group practices work hard to make the lives of their patients better, longer and more productive. Audiences attending this presentation will discover what’s in store for the Affordable Healthcare Act, and how we might be able to repair the future of the American healthcare system.

Wherefore Your Hospital in Changing Times

Clearly healthcare is changing. Healthcare delivery models are changing. Wellness has become the new touchstone for healthcare. Disease prevention is replacing the disease model of healthcare delivery. Dr. Peter Salgo shows hospitals and healthcare providers how to ride the wave of the wellness revolution.

The Future of Healthcare

The future is bright for professionals. They will see the reorganization of health care delivery in this country into a form that will give them more control over both their incomes, and the care they deliver. In this presentation, Peter Salgo teaches that the key to achieving this bright future is to act now to implement a few substantive changes. The millennium will not drift in the right direction. Professionals must guide the future by their direct action and behavior to craft it into the model they desire.

America's Vital Signs

In his presentation, healthcare speaker Peter Salgo predicts that the progress in fighting heart disease will have a tremendous impact on our nation's healthcare delivery system and the future of medicine itself. While explaining how current medical breakthroughs will allow today's Americans to live longer than any other generation, he also explores the future of healthcare and how the industry must prepare to serve.

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