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Peter Sheahan      

Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group

After decades of standing in the fire with leaders of high-performing organizations, Peter Sheahan has come to believe that an organization will only go commercially where its leaders first go personally.

Having grown his own companies by accelerating the growth and transformation for clients that include: Apple; Chick-fil-A; DeBeers; and AT&T -- Sheahan will provoke you to get bigger, by getting better! When leaders are true to their purpose, they gravitate towards doing work that matters and solving higher-order problems. The journey to get there requires that they have the courage to tell themselves the truth, take intelligent risks, and assume ownership for driving the alignment necessary to build an organization which behaves in ways worthy of its leadership position.

In being true to his own ambitions and relentless pursuit of growth, Sheahan has published seven books, built three global companies and delivered more than 2,500 presentations in 40+ countries. Today he and his team at Karrikins Group are focused exclusively on inspiring leaders to do the hard work required to accelerate growth and transformation.

Speech Topics

Talent [R]evolution: Future-focused strategies for leveraging human capital

Understand the changing expectations of talent and transform your organization into a magnet for smart and engaged people

Explore the changing nature of leadership and employ new models for developing capability in your organization

Get inspired by case-studies of what real companies are doing to leverage their human capital

Drive collaboration inside and outside your 4 walls and harness the discretionary efforts of people on and off your payroll

Get in front of changing demographics and generational trends, separate myth from reality, and learn what real companies are doing to win the war for talent

Moving the Market: Accelerate your impact by influencing how and why buyers make decisions

Is your sales process sophisticated enough for today’s buyer? Are you capitalizing on the science behind the way people think, act and buy?

Position your offer in line with the four basic drives underpinning all human behavior Learn how the world’s most profitable companies avoid competing on price, and how you can too

Activate the most powerful buying triggers consistently ignored by current sales and marketing techniques

Leverage the power of social identity theory to differentiate you and your offer

Market your value in all 3 currencies in which exchanges are made

Making Money in the Cracks: Counter- Intuitive Strategies for Finding and Exploiting New Market Opportunities

Are you looking to unleash innovation in your company? Do you want to know how to find the opportunity in the “white space”?

Inspire leaders to take the risks necessary to make money in the white space

Find creative solutions to business problems by facilitating interdisciplinary thought

Build structures that not only generate, but shine light on the best ideas in your business

Tap into the world’s best and brightest minds – risk free – for the betterment of your organization

Break the cultural norms that squash the innovative new ideas you need to thrive

FL!P: Creative Strategies for Turning Challenge into Opportunity, and Change into Competitive Advantage

Are you looking to give your leaders a more cutting-edge perspective on the world? Are you looking to exploit the opportunity that change brings?

Embrace change and break free from thinking that made you successful in the past, but could undermine your success in the future

Re-think competitive advantage; leverage intangibles to manufacture tangible points of difference in the market

Improve your margins by driving non-sexy innovation, and finding new and better ways to do what you do

Turn chaos into opportunity by leading the market in response to new regulation, customer expectations and technology

Be inspired to take the intelligent risks required to innovate and drive change

Making It Happen: Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit and turning your good ideas into great results...

There is no shortage of ideas in the world. There is a shortage of people with the ability to transform those ideas into reality.

Combining the need for imagination and action, ‘Making it Happen’ will go deep into the secrets of positioning ideas, products and services in a way that makes people not only pay attention, but to part with their time, money and energy.

There is no point having a new idea, developing your new strategy or embarking on a journey of transformation if your people can’t make it happen in the real world.

‘Making it Happen’ will:

Step you through the 5 phases required to transform an aspiration into a good idea, and then a good idea into a great result Reveal the secret to getting a customer buy into your idea by unpacking the 4 human drives Show you how to accelerate your progress and get massive results faster than you ever thought possible


Acclaimed Thought Leader Peter Sheahan Named NACS Show ...
Acclaimed global thought leader Peter Sheahan is kicking off this year��s NACS Show, which takes place October 7 to 10 in Las Vegas.

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