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Phil Scott  

Radio and YouTube Personality on The Advise Show

Phil as his audience knows him is a Texas native graduate with a Bachelors in Theology. Throughout his life, he has amassed a diverse following where he has successfully delivered messages of: inspiration, knowledge, and optimism with a realist point of view. The Advise Show he has created is a weekly radio and YouTube program whose mission is to: inform, inspire, and entertain his listeners with engaging discussions on current events, thought provoking topics, and controversial issues (which have garnered over 180 million YouTube views to date).

His online platform has created a very diverse fan base that varies in age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and loyal international supporters. From his no holds barred approach tackling life issues (relationship, family, and social) he has never shied away from criticism, and will not allow excuses, refusal to take personal responsibility, race or class to become the determining factor for his accomplishments. His undeniable talent, drive, and dedication have opened the window for both opportunity and recognition. He recently spoke to Grambling State University mass communication students and inspiring his audience on and off air. Phillip’s most recent accolade is: being recognized by Blog Talk Radio as a featured host. In order to be recognized one must be chosen by the Blog Talk Radio editorial staff.

This award has granted The Advise Show greater visibility with a highlighted show along with a feature page on their site. He has also be awarded with the YouTube Silver Play Button Award recipient for having over 100k subscribers, and almost 200 million views. The recipe of tenacity and an entrepreneurial spirit has catapulted Phil’s drive to want to syndicate The Advise Show, provide guest commentary on a nationally syndicated morning show, and allow sponsorship/promotional opportunities to expand his brand. Phillip’s company Advise Show Media was created in 2013. The goal of his company is to grow as the premiere source of news and information that the mainstream media refuse to cover.

Speech Topics

The Black Family

• The black family is hurting in America • Welfare, Feminism, War on Drugs, and family law courts destroyed our family • How welfare hurt our family • How feminism hurt our family • How the war on drugs hurt our family • How family law courts hurt our family • The 70% single parenting rate • Emotional black men can’t lead the community • Why the local thug attract more black women • The Alpha male is a leader • Why white supremacy love a beta male • How white supremacy exploit black due to lack of family structure • A high school diploma is never enough • A college degree in a researched career is the option for our kids • Being a successful parent to set up our kids for success • Leading a honorable life in front of our kids • Stop feeding our children horrible diets that will kill them • Teach our kids about economics • Empower our kids through African education • Police brutality and proper way to engage police • Why being a strong black man/woman is great in the proper context • Respecting each other in relationships • Why we should never call a straight man gay or a woman a bitch • Why we need to not take opinions of those outside the family • Why we need to love and unite as a family

Marriage & Divorce

• Choosing the right mate • Have a list as to what you need in a mate • Never settle for less than you want in a mate • Why you must be physically attracted to your mate • The first date should be fun but a time to listen to each other • Why you should never compare your new mate to your ex • Checking a cell phone, email, or social media activity is a sign of mistrust • Insecurity can cause a mate to leave or cheat • Two people should agree with what each other want in life by 90% • Why you shouldn’t waste time with people that won’t commit • Children from previous relationships • Dealing with your mate’s ex • How to succeed at being in a blended family • Meeting you mate’s family • Why you never get involved in your mate’s family drama • Should you live together before marriage • Why it’s important to get a place together instead of moving into his/her place • Career goals and can you support each other • Debt and credit scores • Joint bank accounts • Single friends • Dating never stops in a marriage • Open communication • Can you work out your problems • Why divorce hurt all people like death • Easy divorce vs Nasty divorce • Why you should keep the state out of your kids lives • Visitation • Why being civil is best for all parties • Re-marriage • Why your new spouse must love your kids • Step-children • Introduction of your kids & new mate’s kids • Never say step child or make a difference with the kids

Father’s Rights & Child Support

• Why fathers are very important in the lives of kids • Statistics on the negative effects of kids without fathers • Children are the only ones that lose at a break up • Being civil with your ex • How to deal with the new man in your ex life around your children • Why most dad’s are abused by the child support system • Women using the children as a weapon • Women using child support as a weapon • Why attorney’s are a must when dealing with child support • Knowing the child support law in your state • Why knowing your rights give you an advantage • Never miss a court date • Always respond to child support letters • Child support arrears • Visitation & Extended Visitation rights • Women refusing to honor visitation order • Joint custody and why men should seek it • Child custody battle in courts • Why your kids should know you love them & will do everything to be there • The new woman in your life & a difficult ex • Being patient to listen to the concerns of your new woman • Never get frustrated • Our Family Wizard • No matter the issues never miss a date to pick up your kids

YouTube & Social Media

• What is social media • The importance of the images and post you release to the world • Why you should never post guns,money and drinking photos • How to handle cyberbullies • Internet Trolls • Why you should be mindful of post making threats • Building a YouTube channel • The system of YouTube • Vlogger to brand • Internet work ethic • Why you should never respond to videos inciting you to argue with others • YouTube networks • Google ad sense • YouTube partner program • How to use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to promote your videos and channel • Creating a radio show • Importance of good equipment • Creating a media company for your brand • The Lil Wayne posting schedule • Can you be a success

Racism & White Supremacy

• What is racism? • Why racism is a social construct • Slavery and the trans atlantic slave trade • The changing of Jesus to be white to deceive the slaves • Christianity used as a justification to slavery • The emancipation proclamation • The Ku Klux Klan • Jim Crow south • Programs used to get white families ahead • War on drugs • Prison sentences • Fear of white genetic annihilation by the black man • Black phobia • Media propaganda against black people • The reward and betrayal of the black sell out • Why black empowerment strike fear in racist • Steps to overcome racism

Black Empowerment

• What is Black Empowerment? • Reasons why black empowerment is a must? • What broke down the spirit of the black man/woman • How rape of the black woman during slavery changed our relationship • Black Wall Street • Destruction of black townships • Black businesses during segregation • Destruction of black business after desegregation • How to empower ourselves through family, business and knowledge of self • The enemy of black empowerment • How to overcome the enemy of black empowerment • The freedom of the empowered black man/woman

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