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The Youngest Recognized Voice and Face of Suicide and Bullying awareness has been received on mainstream level and slowly changing the world by sharing his story of over 30 planned suicidal attempts from age 10 to age 21. If you thought that was the icing

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Vibe Magazine October/November 2010 exposes Phillip Hudson as someone who was determined to speak out and change lives after he speaks about the constant physical and verbal abuse from his father who is a Jamaican Pastor. At the age of 13 he is sent away to a top notch Christian educated Boarding school in Ft. Lauderdale Florida where for the first time in life he is drugged by another house member and sexually assaulted waking up to anal blood and facial seamen remains. To escape the pain, Phillip develops a character that will take over the human form of his mental state to shield Phillip from the abuse, bullying and now aftershock of rape. At the age of 16, Phillip is once again drugged and sexually assaulted by 5 members of his high school class at a former girlfriends birthday party. To make matters worse the 5 individuals who are male video tape the rape as it occurs, sends it to Phillip to watch, and distributes numerous copies of the rape to members of his high school student body population. Phillip turns to his family for guidance and help, but sticking to strong cultural (Jamaican) beliefs, his father calls him a Faggot and says that he is no longer welcomed in this house hold. Phillip packs up every item he has, and strategically moves to New York where a few months later he is forced to live on the streets of New York hiding all issues and not coming forth with the issues he is faced with. Phillips cousins offer him a place to stay, and pushes him into a vague lifestyle of prostitution where he decides that this is not the life intended to live. A year and a half later Phillip receives acceptance into Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia, where from the 1st day he was recognized as someone who clearly didnt know how to follow A Morehouse Mans proceedings. Where does that leave Phillip now? Phillip has always been able to deliver a positive message of overcoming obstacles, but still struggles to deliver a positive message to him about the situations endured in his lifetime. Phillip has tried committing suicide over 30 times, and after each unsuccessful attempt the anger and the rage begins to prompt him for other ways of committing suicide. The only therapy that works for Phillip is by sharing his story with other individuals who are faced with the same and similar situations as Phillip. Since the stories have been released, Phillip finds himself receiving numerous private emails and letters of hope from many parents, bullied teens and adults, and corporations who have recognized him as The Youngest Face of Suicide and Bullying Awareness across the country. So what happens next? Does this story go untold allowing the suicidal rates in the country to reach an all time high, or Is Phillip the next best solution for traveling the world and saving lives one state at a time.

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