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Motivational Speaker & Two-Time Former Heavy Weight World Boxing and International Boxing Champion

Let’s get ready to rumble!!! These words are synonymous with any well-known boxing event. When a warrior enters the ring and hears these words ring throughout the arena, and he knows without a doubt that his preparation—all the training all the sweat and all the pain—is about to reveal just how ready he really is. In the next few moments he will come face to face with a competitor who is just as determined to win the battle as he is. Now is the time to prove just how prepared he is to meet that challenge. And so it was for Pinklon Thomas; the former World Boxing Council (WBC) and International Boxing Organization (IBO) Heavyweight Champion, who waged his battles on opponents inside the ring.

In 1978, Pinklon “Pink” Thomas began his trek into the world of modern day gladiators. A native of Pontiac, Michigan, Thomas made his amateur debut in Seattle, Washington. After three successful fights as a Golden gloves participant and fifteen professional undefeated fights, and to win the Pacific North West Golden Glove championships. After making his professional debut and becoming fifteen and 0, remaining undefeated he relocated to Philadelphia. Under Lou Duva and Main Events Productions he successfully battled nine other professional opponents leading to the WBC Heavyweight World Title in 1984. Under Don King Productions, Pinklon would successfully defend his Title against former WBA Champion Mike Weaver with an eight round knockout. Pinklon’s other battles included matches with world class fighters such as Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe. As a result, this ultimately led to the early onset of dementia. During a brief retirement of less than a year, Pinklon moved to Orlando, Florida where he established The Project P.I.N.K. The Foundation focuses on drug abuse prevention and boxing as a viable sports alternative for disadvantaged youth.

Pinklon’s desire to continue to fight led to his coming out of retirement in 1992, and establishing a record of thirteen wins, including eleven by knockout and a twelve round split decision for the International Boxing Organization Championship in 1992. In January 1993, Pinklon fought for the vacant Heavyweight Title of the World Boxing Federation in which he suffered a career ending injury. He retired from the ring with a final boxing record of 43-7-1. For 15 years, Pinklon fought ferociously in the ring, yet, some of his toughest battles were out of the ring. From 1984-1986 Pinklon held the WBC title which indicates his success at overcoming and winning what he now calls “his little battles”. During this phase of his life, he was succumbing to a major war outside the ring. In 1989, at 33 years of age, Pinklon entered a Michigan rehabilitation clinic. It was during this period of detoxing that the words “let’s get ready to rumble” took on a new meaning. Unbeknownst to Pinklon, through previous drug use he contracted Hepatitis C in his youth. The virus laid dormant for years and years, as a result, escalating his liver count into the millions! However, having to take interferon injections, it is now in remission.

Boxing teaches concentration and focus. The rewards encourage one to keep sight of personal goals. In boxing, the price for failing to prepare inside the ring can be excruciating. In life, the price for failing to prepare inside the ring can be excruciating. In life, the price for failing to prepare can be just as devastating. The two must go hand and hand, for in a world full of distractions, a lack of total preparedness in all dimensions (physical, mental, social and spiritual) causes an imbalance and life in the long run is impossible without all four dimensions operating harmoniously.

Pinklon declares that he is lucky to be alive today and it is from his hard fought battles in life that Pinklon has developed a way to give something back to disadvantaged and high risk youth. Pinklon Thomas now takes his ‘rumble” to the streets telling his story to kids as well as adults at churches, sporting events, celebrity golfing tournaments, schools and juvenile facilities. Pinklon makes special guest appearances and he encourages neighborhood associations, civic groups and local government agencies to think P.I.N.K.

Project P.I.N.K (Pride in Neighborhood Kids) is a program designed by Pinklon to meet the four dimensions of life head-on. It offers activities and opportunities designed to teach skills, give guidance and assist in balancing the lives of young people striving for long, healthy and positive lifestyles. He loves the opportunity to give back to the community through his foundation and through his testimony of survival and redemption. His philosophy is “invest” in the future of our young people today for a better community tomorrow.”

Today, Pinklon is a true success story. As he reflects on his life, he realizes that in spite of his victories in the ring, what tragedy it could have become had it not been for God’s mercy. Pinklon credits the Lord for his recovery from substance abuse and change of lifestyle. Now celebrating 25 years of sobriety. Pinklon gives all the glory and the honor to God. The trade of his boxing gloves for service to youth is his new victory. For the past eighteen years, he has been a mentor of adolescent behavioral and substance abuse counseling. He is a dynamic lecturer and motivational speaker. His powerful testimony changes lives.


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