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NPR's Multimedia Team on the Global Economy

“Planet Money,” hosted by primary correspondents Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg, has been growing steadily in popularity on NPR. The team has exhibited the unique ability to present and explain even the most complex economic issues so that listeners gain a complete understanding of not only what happened and why, but also the importance of these news stories in their lives.

Adam Davidson is co-founder, host and senior correspondent for NPR’s “Planet Money,” the award-winning economic explanation team. Davidson has won most of broadcast journalism’s highest honors, including the Peabody, DuPont-Columbia, and Polk Awards. His work is heard regularly on “Morning Edition”, “All Things Considered” and “This American Life”. He has been a featured guest on Meet The Press, Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America, and many other television programs. Since 2004, Davidson has covered the global economy for NPR. He has reported from dozens of countries around the world with stories that help Americans understand how a rapidly-changing global economy impacts every aspect of our lives. He has also covered major breaking news stories, including reports from Banda Aceh, Indonesia, shortly after the tsunami, New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina, and Paris during the youth riots. Prior to 2004, he was Middle East correspondent for radio program, “Marketplace.” He arrived in Baghdad, Iraq; shortly after US troops took the city and remained there for a year. He also reported from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, and Kuwait.

Alex Blumberg is a producer for the public radio program “This American Life”, and a co-founder, host, and editor for the award-winning collaboration between “This American Life” and NPR called “Planet Money”. Blumberg’s radio work has won most of journalism’s highest honors including the Polk, the DuPont-Columbia, and the Peabody awards, most recently for the documentary he co-produced with NPR’s Adam Davidson on the housing crisis called “The Giant Pool of Money.” Blumberg was also an executive producer on the television version of “This American Life”, which aired on the Showtime network, and received four Emmy awards, including one for best non-fiction series. Blumberg teaches radio journalism at Columbia University.


Planet Money Live!

How Screwed Are You: An Economic Outlook for Graduating Students

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How Screwed Are You: An Economic Outlook for Graduating Students

Planet Money Live!

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