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Top Consultant in ERP and IT-Driven Change Management

Prem Kamble is a Management and IT Consultant, and author of an ebook titled “God in Two Minutes”. He is an expert in People, Processes and Technology. Last he was Vice President and Head of Global Software Infrastructure at Sutherland, a multinational BPO. He has been a CIO for over 20 years in manufacturing and service companies like Essar, Pidilite, etc. in Mumbai. He has also worked as Software Delivery Head in software companies, where he created a unique record of delivering all projects on time. He has done pioneering work in a field of study which he calls “Behavioral IT™”, a phrase he has coined. Behavioral IT is a special IT Soft skill essential for all CXOs, Department Heads and Top Managers to succeed in managing IT-Driven Change in this IT-Driven corporate world.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT, Bombay and post-graduate degree in Management from IIM, Calcutta. He has passed Advanced Management course called "Energo Cybernetic Strategy” (EKS) with flying colours from a German Institute. He has also attended self-development programs like Est, Forum, Advanced Course, SELP (Self Expression & Leadership Program), etc. organised by Landmark Education Foundation, USA which have helped him to develop a broader outlook and a different way of thinking.

As Software Delivery Head in DSQ Software, a SEI CMM Level 5 company, he had a record breaking performance of delivering all projects on time, to-spec and to the utmost delight of the customer. His other achievements in the same company were highest repeat orders and highest resource utilisation. As Head of IT in companies, he has been extremely successful in developing and implementing computerized systems in the toughest of situations. He attributes these successes to his close understanding of the IT users’ expectations and fears, and an equally good 'finger-on-the-pulse' of the folks to motivate them to give their best.

Apart from a very strong technology background from IIT, he is a very practical, people oriented and process oriented manager with eyes firmly on business benefits. He has been a student throughout his career and has been taking notes on all aspects of the work that he did. These notes have been the basis of his analysis, thinking and writings in his articles and blogs. His writings on diverse topics like technology, management, psychology and spirituality show very deep, intuitive and original thinking. He brings the same originality to his seminars and workshops, which bring new insights straight based on deep analysis of experiences on ground zero, not based on books and journals.

He has published articles on InfoTech management in the country's leading magazines. Most of the articles display an 'out-of-the-box' thinking and a knack to see what is not so obvious. He has also written on psychology and spirituality. He has authored a book titled “God in Two Minutes”, which is a “Scientific” analysis of God and Religion. Though these areas of IT Management, Psychology and Spirituality may seem to be poles apart, they all have a common goal – they try to bridge divides between people. Prem believes that his book will one day change the world. It will help explain the concept of religion and God and unite our world which is divided by religion. He believes that it will help usher in the next big revolution – the spiritual Revolution. You can find most of his articles on the net and also reach him by simply searching on “Prem Kamble” in Google or on “Mentomatics”, (a word he has coined - a Google search on mentomatics throws out references only to Prem’s work) to reach his website.


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Speech Topics

Overcome Your Subconscious Fear of Technology


IT is providing us an opportunity to improve effectiveness and grow. But we are missing out on this opportunity. If there is someone to blame for this, it is our own self. All of us suffer from subconscious fear of new technology and a psychological phenomenon that I call "Living-in-the-Past Syndrome"

Top Manager's Success Kit for an Ever Changing World


Seminar for Top Leaders – simple tips to learn to manage IT–Driven Change without knowing IT..

Getting Top Managers to Contribute to a Smoother ERP Implementation


Companies are struggling to manage ERP Implementation projects, which is obvious from the 70-80% failure rates in ERP projects. It is the top leadership and top managers who can make the difference. And the good news is that they do not need to learn technology.

CEO's! You can create an Agile Organization


It is well known that companies who succeed are those which have agility to change. What do you as a CEO need to do to create an Agile Organization?

HR! Discover your New Role in an IT Driven World


If you are a senior HR Professional, this is your chance to discover a new role in a progressive world. Did you know that the new age has opened new opportunity for you - a new important role you are best cut out to perform?

Empathise With Your Employees


Knowing thyself helps you know others and to empathize with others. To know others, you need to understand your inner self.

Knowing Your Inner Self


What is subconscious mind and how does it impact our behaviour and our relationships, both personal and professional.

God in Two Minutes: Free talk on Religious Harmony


A Free talk on my book which promotes religious harmony and tries to bridge the great religious divide. It looks at God and Religion as has never been done before. Cutting across religions, it challenges some of our staunchest beliefs. Ideal for social clubs like Rotary club, Lions club, etc

Behavioral IT™ - IT Soft Skill for CXOs, Department Heads and Top Managers

Behavioral IT™ is a new term coined by Prem Kamble which defines a skill required by all IT and non-IT managers to succeed in this IT Driven corporate world. A unique and must-learn skill for today's top managers! Managers do not need to know IT, they only need to know Behavioral IT, which is much simpler to learn! Learn More..


God in Two Minutes

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