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President Vincente Fox Quesada  

President of Mexico

Vicente Fox Quesada (born July 2, 1942) is the current President of Mexico. He was elected in the 2000 presidential election, a historically significant election that made him the first president elected from an opposition party since Francisco Madero in 1910. His current term ends on December 1, 2006.

According to Enrique Andrade, a Mexico City-based attorney and business consultant, during Fox's presidency annual inflation was consistently under 10%, the peso's devaluation to the United States Dollar was unsubstantial, and central bank reserves were significant.

Andrade also credited the Fox administration with increasing respect for freedom of speech, as well as access to public information.

Vicente Fox was born in Mexico City on July 2, 1942, the second of nine children in his family. His father was Jose Luis Fox Pont and his mother was Mercedes Quesada. His paternal grandfather, Jose Luis Fox Flach, was born Joseph Louis Fuchs in Cincinnati, Ohio, son of German Catholic immigrants Louis Fuchs and Catherina Elisabetha Flach.

Some have claimed that Vicente Fox's grandfather was of Irish descent, but the Cincinnati Federal Census records (1850, 1860) show that he was of German descent. The Fuchs (Fox in German) family changed the spelling of their last name to Fox after 1870. In 1890, Joseph L Fox worked as a shipping clerk for Emerson & Fisher, the carriage makers. Given the company's failure, and Cincinnati's economic stagnation, Joseph emigrated in 1898 to the nearest region that welcomed Catholic immigrants, Mexico, and changed the spelling of his name to Jose Luis Fox Flach.

In 1915 he purchased a ranch in San Francisco del Rincon in Guanajuato, since then the Fox family seat. Vicente was born in Mexico City, but spent his childhood and his adolescence on the ranch. He moved back to Mexico City to attend the Universidad Iberoamericana where he pursued a business degree until 1964. He completed his bachelor's degree in 1999. In 1964, he went to work for The Coca-Cola Company where he started as a route supervisor and drove a delivery truck. He rose in the company to become supervisor of Coca-Cola's operations in Mexico, and then in all of Latin America. After this work experience, he returned to Guanajuato to participate in social and political activities. Inspired by Manuel Clouthier, he decided to join the PAN in the 80s. He was a deputy representing Guanajuato in 1988, and he later ran for Governor of Guanajuato twice. The first time was in 1991, where he failed, and in 1995 he won by a sizable majority. In 2000 he ran for President of Mexico as candidate of the Alliance for Change.

Vicente Fox married a receptionist at Coca-Cola, Liliana de la Concha, whose mother had discouraged the relationship with the man she described as "that Apache." They adopted four children, and in 1990, after 20 years of marriage, Liliana left Vicente for another man.

Vicente married for the second time while in office. On July 2, 2001, he married Martha Sahagún, who had been his Public Relations advisor. For both, this was their second marriage, and the subject of a divorcee remarrying, particularly in the case of Martha Sahagún, stirred the mainly Catholic population of Mexico.

In his last annual state of the union address in 2006, President Fox was prevented by leftist lawmakers from delivering his speech. He gave a televised address to the nation.

Vicente Fox had several controversies with Latin American countries such as with president of Argentina, Néstor Kirchner related to the FTAA during the 2005 Mar del Plata Summit of the Americas, with the president of Chile regarding the new OAS Secretary General election, 2005 details and president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, about his presumed support for the U.S. president George W. Bush.

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