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         born in arizona  keith fox has lead an interesting life. 

at age 11 his adoptive parents divorced, and by age 12, he was put up for adoption again. being told he was going to summer camp he was literally dumped off at an adoption agency by his stepmom.

he stuttered so bad "professionals" began to label him: "retarded"

there was no family for him to placed in on such short notice so he actually had to sleep under the desk in the agencys office that night

that summer would prove to be a difficult one as keith went through several abusive foster homes before finding one that would take an older child.

just like out of a bad movie, his new "family" was even more abusive, (with "creative" abuse - everything from spoonfuls of cayenne pepper, to literal beatings if you ate too much food) - and from there, he was shipped out east where he graduated from high school in 1984.

after high school, keith made his way out west, living in colorado, then utah, and finally, california working in retail management and the entertainment industry.

his challenges kept coming at one point , he spent about 3 nights sleeping on a park bench with no where to go.

as if to prove all the people right that had torn him down all his life, keith continued to struggle, losing his job, his home and his marriage, finally as a single dad living on borrowed time in his foreclosed home, over $500,000 in debt and negative thousands in his bank account then, sleeping in his car -he began to see suicide as a very real option.

experience the power and raw emotion of a father's love for his daughter and the key distinctions he made to help him transform his life and be the father he never had...and slowly dig himself out of the abyss.

keith Fox is NOT a "motivational" speaker - if you're looking for someone to come in, hype everyone up with old, recycled motivational quotes, or hand-clapping/dancing/goal-writing, he's NOT that guy - there are no "30 day programs" to buy, he's not going to teach you how to be a better salesperson, make millions in real estate, or show you how to market and use keywords on the internet. He hasn't climbed any mountains, flown into space, won an olympic gold medal, authored any top-selling books, or done anything too remarkable...but survive

no "customized" presentations, NOTHING is "sugar-coated", just the truth, as it happened - and what he's done with it.

here are the 5 keys principles you will learn:

1. the MYOB principle

2. the 5 lies we've been told, sold and why we believe them

3. the secret behind the secret's secret that really isn't a very secret secret at all - as a matter of fact - it's a load of crap

4. who has the power, and what have they done with it?

5. HOLY CRAP! what do i believe in?

This will change not only your PERSPECTIVE about the challenges we face - but make you better equipped to handle them - thereby - affecting the "bottom line" in life, and on your financial statement.

what makes him different? the "real" factor. his presentation isn't about things that happened "years ago", and how he's all "better living in his mansion by the sea" - it's about very real things he is experiencing NOW. audience members can relate to his life experiences and struggles. he is down-to-earth, approachable and interacts with the audience.

keith currently resides in Northern California, where he is a loving and doting daddy to his daughter and with his blend of humor and personal life experiences is a highly sought after personality, speaker, and mc/dj entertainer.

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