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Prince S. Giadolor    

Leadership, Political & Diversity Speaker; Youngest State Senate Nominee in Texas History; Top Under 30 Politician

Prince S. Giadolor is a premier speaker that can engage audiences of any size on the topics of politics and leadership. Giadolor is an excellent communicator. In fact, his communication expertise is in large part what enabled him to become a globally certified project management professional, PMP, as communication is a large part of project management.

Giadolor is a confident speaker with a passionate yet captivating delivery. He is humorous with a great and historic story to tell. First sitting on the Texas senate floor at age 23, Giadolor has made a monumental impact on the State of Texas by working with Texas State Senator, Royce West. Giadolor worked with Senator West on the Senate Finance Committee to restructure the State of Texas budget, after a $6 billion dollar shortfall in 2020 during the global coronavirus pandemic. In 2023, Texas would experience a $33 billion dollar surplus. Working with Senator West as his senior legislative aide, Giadolor led the stakeholder engagement to bring nearly $300 million dollars to Dallas to build the first state funded psychiatric hospital in the 182-year history of Dallas.

During the 2022 election cycle, Giadolor would be nominated on Election Day at 26 years old and become the youngest Texas senate nominee in Texas history. Giadolor is one of the Top Under 30 politicians in America. Giadolor has exceptional experience in public speaking and public speaking engagements. He also was a headline speaker at the Texas Democratic Convention in 2022.

Speech Topics

Leadership: The Pursuit of Greatness in the Midst of Failure

How Leaders and Historic Figures use Failure to Fuel their Greatnesses:A Story about Prince

In life, there is failure. Failure is inevitable. When you think about the great leaders and figures of all time they all failed and came up short. LeBron James has lost six NBA Finals Championships. President Barrack Obama lost his first congressional race. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Early on in Oprah Winfrey’s career she was demoted. These great figures all failed, but they used failure to fuel their next great achievements. Through courage, perseverance, self reflection, and determination, these leaders used failure as a machine to reach greater heights. LeBron would win a championship in 2020, become the first active billionaire NBA player, and become the NBA’s all time leading scorer. President Barrack Obama would go on to become a United States Senator then ultimately the President of the United States. After dropping out of Harvard, Bill Gates would become the world’s richest man. Oprah Winfrey, after being demoted she became the queen of her own media empire, hosting a talk show that dominated daytime TV for 25 years. The story is no different for Prince S. Giadolor, the youngest state senate nominee in Texas history and arguably the most prominent under 30 politician in Texas. In this talk, you will learn how Prince navigated failure to become a historic politician, and one of the elite young leaders in the world.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn how to use failure as a tool to achieve greatness.
  • Learn and understand the traits of iconic and historical figures that allowed them to overcome failure and achieve greatness.
  • Receive a proprietary Leadership methodology tool kit.

Politics & the future of America, An update on American Politics and Societal Affairs:

A bipartisan conversation on how Americans can work together towards a better future. Our political system in America is more divided then it has ever been. The insurrection, and assault on the Washington DC Capitol in 2020 had not happened since America was young as a country. Murmurs and Rumors of a civil war has not occurred since 1860. We are in an unprecedented time in our country’s existence. We have to begin to ask ourselves; How do we see America moving forward? What is our legislative priorities? Will we as a country stay united? These are pertinent questions that Prince S. Giadolor will moderate and work with the audience to have a discussion and get a general census on the issues at hand while providing bipartisan solutions.

Attendee Results:

  • Gain a sense of comfort and optimism of the direction of our country, America.
  • Learn about modern political issues, and gain knowledge of solutions and, how these solutions can be implemented in an expedited fashion.
  • Lean about how Prince has began making an impact and collaborate with Prince to generate innovative legislation ideas.

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