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Priscilla Loomis  

Track & Field Olympian, Entrepreneur & Founder of the Priscilla E. Frederick Foundation

Priscilla Loomis is a Track and Field Olympian, specializing in the High Jump, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Founder of the “Priscilla E. Frederick Foundation”, supporting single parent households & Motivational Speaker. She is a 3X Hall of Fame inductee, 2 X Female Athlete of the Year recipient, National Record Holder, National Champion and World Class Medalist!

Using her Olympic Journey & overcoming racism, sexism and colorism, she tells a compelling story of unbreakable spirit, writing a positive narrative for oneself and finding purpose in every chapter of life. Priscilla Loomis LLC, is a motivational and empowerment speaking service, focused on the Olympic Mindset, leading an intentional and powerful life through uncertainty & high achieving routines that supercharge careers. Priscilla Loomis LLC educates, enlightens, uplifts and empowers while speaking life into goals, health & wellness and ones purpose! With features in the New York Times, CNN, BBC, ESPN, National Geographic, & most recently Disney +, Loomis is a public figure with 10 years of experience in athletics and public speaking. Loomis is a failure & fighter, leader and ally, promoting positive energy, gratitude, love of self and being the rising tide that lifts all ships!

Speech Topics

I came to conquer!

Unsigned, Irrelevant, Undervalued; Those are the labels others put on Olympian, Priscilla Loomis, but nowhere was it notarized by her. Dealing with sexism, racism and colorism are just a few of the intentional roadblocks put on her path to success but when Priscilla was made to win and realized those roadblocks only made her stronger and wiser. In this uplifting and powerful talk, Priscilla focuses on raising the mindset of women; allowing them to ""raise the bar"" on their sense of self worth, authenticity & their right to be in positions of power.

From the classroom to the boardroom, Women should always feel supported and valued. What will attendees gain from this session:

  • -The importance of building a network
  • -Setting their blueprint and accessing resources
  • -Getting comfortable out of their comfort zone
  • -Finding the power from their voice & the impact they leave behind
  • -Seeing themselves as positive social influencers

The Olympic Mindset!

The same way professional athletes train, is the way you need to be training your mindset on success! Dedication, resilience, and self care are just a few of the foundational building blocks that make up an elite athletes life. Find out how to create that same foundation, tap into that mindset and rise to a new and powerful level!

This session will help you focus on:

  • Upgrading your mindset to one of an elite athlete
  • Creating high achieving routines that supercharge careers
  • Changing personal habits to help find purpose
  • Speaking life into goals
  • Turning obstacles into opportunities

Using her Olympic Journey, Priscilla tells a compelling story of unbreakable spirit, writing a positive narrative for oneself and finding purpose in every chapter of life.

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