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Actor, Author, Producer & Businesswoman

The legendary Priscilla Presley is a global icon. The actor, producer, author and businesswoman was the wife of Elvis Presley and the mother of the late Lisa Marie-Presley and son Navarone Garibaldi.

She is a successful businesswoman and is the co-founder and former chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). She is credited with turning Graceland into one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. Among her many acting credits, Presley played the role of Jenna Wade on the long-running hit television series, "Dallas," and co-starred with Leslie Nielsen in the three "Naked Gun" films. Presley has also launched a series of best-selling perfumes and is a fierce advocate for animal rights. She has produced numerous films including "Finding Graceland" and "Breakfast with Einstein" and currently serves as the producer of a new adult animation series called "Agent Elvis" for Netflix. She is also the author of "Elvis and Me."

As a global icon, Priscilla Presley is recognized all over the world and has spent her life honoring the legacy of Elvis Presley and his fans.

Speech Topics

My Life with Elvis Presley

What was it like being married to Elvis Presley? That's the question everyone asks. I'll take you through my life with Elvis including all of the wonderful stories that led up to our marriage and the life we had together during his career. From the screaming fans to the birth of our daughter Lisa-Marie and our lives at Graceland, I will give you insight to what it was like living and loving Elvis Presley through those years. It's a very personal story of who Elvis really was and how we both balanced the life on the road with our lives at home. The audience will be given insight into the real stories and the real memories of my life with Elvis Presley, during a time when he was the biggest music star in the world.

Some of her experiences can also be customized for commencements whereby she gives the graduates the insightful knowledge she has gained in forging your own way even if you under the auspices of something that feels bigger than you.

Women Empowered

Women's rights and empowerment have emerged over the past few years especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a global movement breaking new ground every year. The role of women, especially in business, is an ever-changing dynamic in how we operate. From the early days as the wife of Elvis Presley to the many successful business ventures, Priscilla Presley will speak to the power of a woman's viewpoint and business acumen. Most importantly she will speak to how she overcame the typical stereotype of a ""woman's place"" and took charge of Graceland after his death to build it into one of the most successful tourist destinations in the world. Women's empowerment is a fundamental human right that also key to influencing social change and a more harmonious world. Despite all the progress women have made in the last few decades, there is still much work to be done. Presley will talk about her own struggles in a male dominated business world and how she succeeded. From her own personal stories to her keys to success as a woman in a very difficult business, Presley will share her own ideas for success giving women an opportunity to adapt their own personal experience to that path. Priscilla will also spend time celebrating women and the many changes they have made in the world today.

Healthy Eating and Living

It's widely known that Priscilla Presley is a huge advocate for healthy eating and living. The idea behind the subject is for a full and healthy mind, body and soul. Priscilla Presley will talk about the changes she made in her life to accomplish a more balanced and healthy way of life - from eating to finding that time to relieve stress. She will share her favorite recipes, restaurants, foods and tips for maintaining a healthy and mindful presence in your own personal life. Presley has experienced many highs and lows and her practices of healthy living have defined her success in dealing with the challenges and experiencing a more peaceful presence within her life. This can translate to people in the audience and give them an opportunity to start practicing the ways she maintains her lifestyle for a "better you."

Under the Spotlight

Under the Spotlight doesn't necessary just apply to being a celebrity. For anyone who is high powered or highly visible, the daily life of dealing with the spotlight or someone knowing your every move is very stressful. So how do you adapt to that, accept it and define your opportunities through your own "lens" and not that of the public pursuing you. It isn't easy but through healthy exercise, eating and the desire to be true to yourself it can be accomplished. Priscilla Presley will talk about how she has survived through decades of being "under the spotlight" and how she succeeds despite the pressure. It's about believing in you, being truthful and understanding the forces around you so that you can better deal with them in the moment. Under the Spotlight offers the audience a chance to understand the real Priscilla Presley but also will give them tips on how to better navigate the stress of their own personal lives with a more peaceful and successful outcome.

Some of her experiences can also be customized for commencements whereby she gives the graduates the insightful knowledge she has gained in forging your own way even if you under the auspices of something that feels bigger than you.

How To Navigate Grief

Priscila Presley has had her share of grief in her life. From the untimely passing of Elvis, the death of her grandson Benjamin and the more recent unexpected passing of her and Elvis' only child, Lisa Marie Presley. Grief is the natural response to loss and the love behind it. It's an extreme amount of emotional pain from shock, anger, disbelief, guilt or sadness. This grief can disrupt your life, from the physical to the emotional and at many times take over every aspect of your life. In most cases, it is very intense. One of our biggest challenges is dealing with such grief caused by the death of a loved one. Priscilla Presley will talk with an open heart about how she copes with such grief and share her feelings and insight on how you can realize that grief only comes from the greatest place of love. She will open her heart to the highly individual experience and help the audience understand that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. The grief process takes time and Presley will reassure everyone that there is no timetable for dealing with such a loss. She will also share her learnings since each experience and provide her steps for finding peace.


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