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Prof. Erik Van Vooren  

A multi-lingual, charismatic enterTRainer.

Prof. Erik van Vooren can contaminate your colleagues or customers with his enthusiasm about self management, stress control, teamwork and effective (marketing) communications. After 19 years of experience and thousands of talks to close to 150.000 people all around the globe, he can promise you an excited audience because they will get a message that goes straight to their hearts and their minds.

The major turning point in his career was 1985. He was managing director of BBDO Direct (advertising agency) and he gave my first talk to an international audience at the Montreux Direct Marketing Symposium. The topic was “Senior citizens: a sleeping giant.” The objective was to illustrate the growing importance of the senior consumers. He used the Beatles (When he is 64) and Tina Turner (who was then over 50 herself) to liven up the talk. Afterwards He got so many requests to give this speech at other conferences that he decided to give up his job as an advertising man and build a career as a full time professional speaker.

Erik van Vooren earned his degree in Business Economics, University of Ghent and post-graduated his degree “Master in Marketing Management”, Vlerick Management School, Ghent, Belgium.

Van Vooren has lots of professional Experience. He was a lecturer and researcher in consumer psychology & marketing communication, State University of Ghent. He was an Account Officer at the Chase Manhattan Bank where he worked as Marketing Manager, Test-Achats (consumer association). He was Managing director BBDO Direct, direct marketing agency and CEO of the International Montreux Direct Marketing Symposium, Switzerland. His is full time professional speaker since 1988.

Erik van Vooren taught as a guest-professor at the Vlerick Management School, Universities of Ghent & Louvain. He alsow is a former guest professor at the BAW (Bayerische Akademie der Werbung), Münich and at the Instituto de Marketing Directo, Barcelona, Spain.

He positions himself as a true enterTrainer and presents in 4 languages: Dutch (native language) French, English and German. He is always strong interaction with the audience - Charismatic (walks his talk) & fun and uses powerpoint in a unique way, as a truely multi-media support tool (image, video, sound).

His major subjects are:

  • Motivational psychology

  • Stress management

  • Team building

  • Marketing communication

  • Direct marketing

  • Customer loyalty.

Examples of talks:

  • 'We can work it out: what can high performance teams learn from the Beatles?'

  • 'The Magic power of Your Enthusiasm'

  • 'Unchain their brain: how to give an impactfull presentation'

  • 'Customer bonding: golden tips for customer loyalty'

  • 'Roads to relaxation and positive stress management'


  • Unchain their brain: how to give an impactfull presentation

  • The Magic power of Your Enthusiasm

  • Customer loyalty

  • We can work it out: what can high performance teams learn from the Beatles?

  • Direct marketing

  • Marketing communication

  • Motivational psychology

  • Stress management

  • Team building

  • Customer bonding: golden tips for customer loyalty

  • Road s to relaxation and positive stress management


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