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Quentin Hardy      

Head of Editorial, Google Cloud; Former Deputy Technology Editor, The New York Times and Technology and Business Expert

Quentin Hardy is the Head of Editorial for Google Cloud, writing about business, behavior and technology, with a general focus on cloud computing.

He was formerly the deputy technology editor for The New York Times and an executive editor for Forbes Media.

Hardy began his career at The Wall Street Journal, and has written cover stories on such diverse topics as the Internet, Africa, Finance, Enterprise Hardware and Software, Management, Satellites, Energy and even the Marijuana Industry.

A frequent guest on CNBC's Kudlow & Company, Hardy speaks at over twenty events a year, ranging from CEO conferences and technology seminars, to Webcasts, luxury cruises and panels on national and international issues. Recent work includes running a full-day event at Google, moderating a nationally-broadcast panel on doing business in China and addressing 300 corporate leaders about the changes technology will bring to their companies and markets.

Hardy began his career as an international publisher, and has lived and worked in a dozen countries, including Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom. A recipient of a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Business Journalism and an Overseas Press Club award, he lectures on technology and social change at the Information School of the University of California, Berkeley, and works with their Executive Education program.

Speech Topics

Managing that Matters: Lessons from Planet Google

Management guru Peter Drucker called the creation of the computer the birth of a new basic civilization in which managers would take on entirely new roles and work would be organized in unforeseen ways. His predictions are coming true as the organization and management of companies such as Google, Cisco and Yahoo! retool their structures aimed at achieving a new level of efficacy. After covering all the major technology players in globally and Silicon Valley, Quentin Hardy provides insights on:

What efforts have worked and what has been a dead end

Pointers on how communications technologies are used to market internally and externally, winning loyalty and inspiring people

A look ahead to what management approaches to expect next from the technology leaders

Community, Contagion and Capitalism: Technology and the Future of Society

The communications revolution has not just sped up our lives; it has changed the way we think about politics, companies and even national power. If you are under the impression that this type of revolution is a new experience for humanity, think again. Comparisons with the distant past are important as we try to make sense of the ever-evolving role of technology in our lives and use communication tools and resources from Twitter, Facebook and Skype. Quentin Hardy shares:

A comparative look at todays revolution with those of our past

His take on what is happening today, drawn from his university lectures to late-night conversations with CEOs

He readies audiences for the coming Concierge World where custom business relationships, consumer goods and entertainment dominate

The Way Ahead: Rebuilding Three Circles of Trust

In todays business climate every business, institution and household faces the same problem: Whom should I trust and how do I get people to trust me? In the age of Bernie Madoff and the derivatives debacle, it seems like everyone on Wall Street is suspect. Meanwhile, good businesses cannot get loansthanks to the credit crunchwhile a culture of cynicism is fed by gotcha journalists and quick-hit bloggers. This should, can and will end. Quentin Hardy has reported on Japanese financial collapses, the dotcom bubble and todays financial woes. He shares:

His perspective on the technological roots of the problem

Insights on the universal practices of trust that must be re-invented

How to build better management and business structures that avoid historical repetition

A Skilled Moderator or Host

In addition to keynoting, Quentin Hardy often serves as discussion leader, moderator and/or emcee for senior executive events. He has covered topics as far-ranging as corporate reform; the global economy; catastrophe preparedness and lessons from Hurricane Katrina; innovation and the impact of social media. Versatile and skilled, Hardy has interviewed rising entrepreneurs, top CEOs and political leaders alike. He possesses the rare ability to ask the right questions and turn high-level ideas into critical information audiences can readily use.

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