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Women as Leaders in Ancient and Modern Judaism; Four Mothers’ story- an Israeli successful grassroots movement; Use of biblical texts in the political arena; Gender in Israel; Peace organizations in Israel; Israel-Arab conflict from personal vie

Rachel Ben Dor has her Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her dissertation title is \"Women as Leaders in Ancient and Modern times. –A Feminist Review of Biblical and Post Biblical Literature Female Readers as a Basis for a Decision-Making Framework for Preparing Women for Leadership Roles\". On 1997 Rachel founded the “Four Mothers- Leave Lebanon in Peace” grassroots movement and was the organization's chairperson until the movement accomplished its goals on 2000. For her role she got on 2000 The Knnesset (Israeli Parliament) Prize for “Women Who Made a Difference” and on 2001 the Helen Prize for Humanitarian Works.

Rachel looks for the opportunity to discuss with her audience: 1. The option of solving conflicts in democratic societies by nonviolence grassroots movements upon her successful personal story of the Four Mothers organization. 2. Women as power centers for social and political changes based on biblical and post biblical literature. 3. Use of biblical texts in the political arena;

“Four Mothers,” a grassroots women’s peace movement in Israel. The Four Mothers mobilized public opinion to force the government to stop the war in Lebanon and defend Israel from the international border, leading to the return of Israeli soldiers from Lebanon. Their “authentic” mother-oriented nature and nonpartisanship struck an empathetic nerve. Through organized legal protest, morning vigils, participation in primetime televised debates, and meetings with opposing groups and high-level officials, their efforts were successful in 2000. The Four Mothers movement used the nonviolent approach that has marked the broader women’s peace movement. The Jerusalem Post heralded them as \"the most successful grass-roots movement in Israeli history.\" or as the New York Times wrote \"The women took a classic Israeli stereotype -- the silent, suffering soldier's mother -- stood it on its head and dared to challenge the military\" (New York Times, June 3, 2000). Find out more about the Four Mothers at http://capital2.capital.edu/faculty/rbendor/ and at http://nextweb.lib.ohio-state.edu/sites/jdc/fourmothers/


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