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Ralph Nader          

Former Presidential Candidate for the Green Party, Consumer Advocate & Independent

For a self-described "public citizen," Ralph Nader has achieved a phenomenal level of national prominence. Honored by Time magazine as "One of the 100 Most Influential Americans of the 20th Century," he has spearheaded sweeping change in protecting the health, safety, and democracy of everyday citizens.

First and foremost an advocate, Nader began his extraordinary legacy with his battle against the auto industry in Unsafe at Any Speed, which resulted in life-saving motor vehicle safety legislation. Once firmly established at the forefront of the consumer movement, he continued to fight the good fight in government and in public opinion.

Nader helped create the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Due to Nader's zeal, we now have safer drinking water, cleaner air, and freedom of information. His citizen groups such as the Public Interest Research Groups flourish on campus and the national stage, striving to protect the public and advance social justice.

Many of Nader's most significant triumphs: consumer rights, open government, and more humane business practices are fully integrated into our lives. Among his victories are the ideas we now take for granted: seatbelts, air bags, crash-worthy cars, better labeling on food, lower levels of lead in the environment, smoking awareness, and healthier eating habits.

Nader organized the Green Party's first presidential campaign and helped perpetuate a robust progressive political movement of a network of activists and leaders. With a simple yet profound credo, Nader strongly articulates: "There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship." Nader is also a four-time candidate for President of the U.S.

Speech Topics

Everybody's Problem: Overcoming Your Own Internal Bureaucratic Rigidity

Fixing Our Broken Economy

Going Green: Getting It to the Bottom Line

The Corporatization of America: What It Means for Your Dreams

Democracy & Its Erosions: Big Business & the American Duopoly

Turning Tides: How Business Can Turn Societal Change into Competitive Advantage

The world is changing, and it's changing every day. With each new breaking technology, with each new law, with each new product or service, we experience a shift in society - in how individuals act, interact, and react. Over the past fifty years, Ralph Nader has witnessed and observed these societal shifts, and noticed how they have created gaps in the marketplace.

Any organization with foresight can take advantage of these gaps. Though pursuing them can be risky, Nader - the world's most renowned advocate for mitigating risk - can provide a unique view into the huge opportunities they create, if executed correctly. According to Nader, organizations can ignore, fight, or embrace these gap issues, either at the benefit or detriment of the company, their industry and, ultimately, their consumers (and their bottom line). In an enlightening presentation, he uses his unique lens on business, government, and society - and the intersections of each - to offer a customized view of potential societal issues and marketplace gaps that, if addressed and pursued, will have a large impact on the future of business and society at large.


Exclusive interview with Ralph Nader on his new book ‘Breaking Through Power
“Before there was Occupy Wall Street, before there was Bernie Sanders, there was Ralph Nader,” Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard said this past Sunday when he introduced political and consumer activist Ralph Nader at the Brooklyn Book Festival.

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