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Reggie Love    

Former Special Assistant to President Obama

Reggie Love is a witness to history unlike any other. His introduction to Washington was working in Junior Senator Barack Obama’s mailroom. As “body man” to Obama during his first presidential campaign, Love’s job was to stay one step behind the candidate, but think and act three steps ahead on a typical eighteen-hour workday.

As President Obama’s personal aide during that momentous first term, Love sat yards from the Oval Office and often spent more time, day-in-day-out, with the President than anyone else. But while his experiences were utterly unique, the lessons he learned during his long presidential education are universal. Persistence. Responsibility. Passion for a cause greater than yourself. In short, maturity.

In gaining that maturity, Love has been singularly lucky in his mentors. At Duke University, a walk-on and a team captain of its fabled basketball team, Love learned from Coach Krzyzewksi that sports builds character. But it was President Obama who showed Love that how you conduct your life defines your character.

Accountability and serving with pride and honor were learned during unsought moments: co-coaching with the president Malia Obama’s and Sasha Obama’s basketball team; lending Obama his tie ahead of a presidential debate; managing a personal life when no hour is truly your own. From his first interview with Senator Obama, through his near-decision not to follow the president-elect to the White House, to eventually bringing LeBron, Melo, D-Wade, and Kobe to play with the President on his 49th birthday, Love drew on Coach K’s teachings as he learned to navigate Washington. But it was while owning up to losing (briefly) the President’s briefcase, playing pick up games in New Hampshire to secure votes, babysitting the children of visiting heads of state, and keeping the President company at every major turning point of his historic first campaign and administration, that Love learned how persistence and passion can lead not only to success, but to a broader concept of adulthood.

Reggie Love was the special assistant and personal aide to President Barack Obama from 2007–2011. Before that, he graduated from Duke University, where he was captain of the 2004–05 Duke Blue Devils basketball team, also a member of the 2001 NCAA national championship team. Love graduated from the Wharton School of Business in 2013 and now serves as Partner and Vice President of Transatlantic Holdings.

Speech Topics

Leadership Lessons from My Time at the White House

At the White House, high-pressure decisions are made daily involving staff, other branches of government, the corporate sector, and foreign countries. Love, Obama's one-time "gatekeeper," filters the behind-the-scenes drama and procedure to extract engaging (and customized) takeaways. Serious but self-deprecating, he doesn't just recount his amazing journey with the President; he takes a step back and makes vital connections to your organization.

Voting Is Just the First Step: Getting Excited About Democracy

Reggie Love offers a rousing call to students to shape both their future and the shared future of our nation -- by actively participating in our democracy. Being informed and casting a vote are just the beginning. Drawing on his time at The White House, where he witnessed the power of the democratic process firsthand, Love debunks misconceptions about government and public life to help spur social change. With unbounded enthusiasm, he is sure to spark a non-partisan campus-wide discussion during this important election year.

Many Roles, One Identity: Reggie Love's Journey to the White House and Beyond

Reggie Love has packed a tremendous amount of life into his 30 years. In this soaring yet humble talk, he shares the lessons that have grounded and guided him. Like most of us, Love is many things to many people. To President Obama, he was a tireless personal aide. To sports fans, he's the former captain of the Duke Basketball team. To others, he's the quiet guy working toward his MBA. Love sees himself as someone who has been graced with good luck. More important than having good luck, though, is being self-aware enough to recognize and harness it. Imploring us to make the most of opportunities, Love gently updates a classic inspirational talk about preparation and success.

How to Lead When No One Wants to Follow: The Five P’s of Leadership

Reggie Love is no stranger to leadership. From the competitive world of college sports to a front row seat at the White House, as President Obama’s former personal aide, Love has learned through trial, tribulation, and tumble that a great leader is someone who can lead even when others don't want to follow -- especially when others don’t want to follow. Leadership, he explains in this keynote, is more truly measured during tough times. After all, anyone can lead when the going is good, or great! Love draws on his collegiate sports career and distills his years as Obama’s “body man” -- where he spent more time with the President than perhaps anyone else -- and offers his five P's of leadership: perspective, preparation, persistence, passion, and patience. Each point is a hallmark of a great leader, and each is backed by Love with vivid examples that he experienced firsthand, and which will make anyone a better leader.

Leadership in the Modern World

Leadership in modern in the modern world. With imperfect people (leaders, team members, media and news). Reggie Love is one of the longest serving aides to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Reggie worked alongside Mr. Obama and had a front row seat. He was able to be apart of the Obama inner circle that recruited, organized, lead and inspired one the most effective, diverse (race, gender, sexuality and age) group of individuals to work selflessly, tirelessly and unified for one common goal on one team.

Reggie’s personal experiences as a Captain and National Champion for Duke’s Coach K and his time next to one of the Transformative leaders of the free world in modern history, he can help you and your team understand what it takes to build and maintain an organization that can change and shape the world.

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