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Renée Mauborgne  

Co-Author of "Blue Ocean Strategy," INSEAD Fellow of Strategy & International Management

Renée Mauborgne is The INSEAD Distinguished Fellow and a professor of strategy at INSEAD, one of the world’s top business schools. She is also Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. Prior to her position at INSEAD, she had an influential tenure at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Mauborgne also served on President Barack Obama’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for the President’s two terms. She is also a Fellow of the World Economic Forum.

Mauborgne has published numerous articles on strategy and management which can be found in The Academy of Management Journal, Management Science, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of International Business Studies, Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and others. She also has published numerous articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The New York Times and The Financial Times, among others. Her substantial body of work includes two books and several articles focused on the strategic management of multinational corporations.

Mauborgne is the co-author of the global bestseller "Blue Ocean Strategy" and the subsequent indispensable title, "Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing – Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth." "Blue Ocean Shift" is a New York Times Bestseller and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller. It is also an USA Today Bestseller, Los Angeles Times Bestseller, and an International Bestseller. Amazon selected "Blue Ocean Shift" as the Best Business and Leadership Book of 2017. Her book "Blue Ocean Strategy" has sold over 3.6 million copies and is recognized as one of the most iconic and impactful strategy books ever written. It is being published in a record-breaking 46 languages and is a bestseller across five continents. "Blue Ocean Strategy" has won numerous awards, including The Best Business Book of 2005 Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was also selected as a Top Ten Business Book of 2005 by Amazon and as one of the 40 most influential books in the History of the People’s Republic of China (1949-2009).

Mauborgne is ranked in the top 5 management gurus in the world in the Thinkers50 listing of the World’s Top Management Gurus. She is the highest placed woman ever on Thinkers50. In 2014, Mauborgne, along with her colleague W. Chan Kim, received the Carl S. Sloane Award for Excellence from the Association of Management Consulting Firms due to the impact their management research has made on the global consulting industry. She also won the 2011 Thinkers50 Strategy Award. Mauborgne was selected for the 2011 Leadership Hall of Fame by Fast Company magazine and as one of the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors in 2012 by She was also named among the world’s top five best business school professors in 2013 by MBA Rankings.

Speech Topics

From Blue Ocean to Beyond Disruption

Disrupt this, disrupt that. Disrupt or die. That has been a popular mantra. But is disruption the only way to create new markets? And is it the best way? Renee Mauborgne says, no.

In this talk she talks about why a focus on disruption is limiting and leaves half the opportunities to create new markets and new growth off the table. That other half is what she and her co-author Chan Kim call nondisruptive innovation, whereby new markets are created without disrupting an existing one.

In her talk, Renee Mauborgne talks how Beyond Disruption redefines and expands the existing view of innovation by introducing a new approach, nondisruptive innovation, that is free from the destructive displacement that happens when innovators set out to disrupt.

Mauborgne reveals the distinct advantages of nondisruptive innovation to business and society, showing how this new approach to innovation allows companies to grow while also being a force for good. With examples that reach across all sectors of the economy and a practical framework for guiding innovation efforts, Renee Mauborgne shares:

  • Why nondisruptive creation matters to all of us and why it is likely to become even more important in the future

  • How it complements disruption and how you can identify and execute on nondisruptive opportunities

  • How companies can more thoughtfully pursue their growth and innovation strategies in a way that better balances business and society

Mauborgne shares real-life cases of how leaders in diverse industries and sectors created growth through nondisruptive innovation.

BLUE OCEAN SHIFT - Move Beyond Competing

Traditional competition-based strategies aren't enough to sustain high performance. Companies must tap into the blue ocean of opportunities that will take them beyond competition. That's what this talk is all about: how to shift perspective, challenge boundaries and inspire people’s confidence so your organization will shift from competing to creating, from cutthroat markets to wide open ones, from red oceans to clear blue ones.

In this talk, Renee Mauborgne lays out a systematic five-step process anyone can use to make the shift. She shares real-life cases of how leaders in diverse industries and sectors moved from red to blue oceans using this process and how you can do it too. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid pitfalls along the way so you can succeed on your own blue ocean journey. If you're ready to seize new growth, inspire confidence and build a compelling future for your company, you need to hear Renée talk about making a Blue Ocean Shift.

You’ll learn first-hand how to:

  • MOVE beyond competition and seize new growth opportunities

  • GROW through nondisruptive creation

  • BUILD people’s confidence to seize new opportunities & change

  • SHAPE industry boundaries in your favor

BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY - Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

Prospects in most established market spaces—red oceans—are shrinking steadily. Technological advances have substantially improved industrial productivity, permitting suppliers to produce an unprecedented array of products and services. The result is that in more and more industries, supply is overtaking demand where companies try to outperform their rivals to grab a greater share of existing demand.

In this talk, Renée Mauborgne addresses one of the most important issues facing companies, nonprofits and governments today: how to break out of bloody competition, seize new growth, and create uncontested market space. She shows you how to shift your perspective to see opportunities where others only see constraints, and offers practical tools and a proven process that anyone can apply to create explosive growth.


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