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Richard van Hooijdonk      

Futurist, International Trendwatcher, Authority on Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technologies

Richard van Hooijdonk is a futurist, keynote speaker, trendwatcher, and CEO of future-focused intelligence agency Trendforce One. He is a global authority on new and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, augmented & virtual reality, and the metaverse. He is a regular guest on radio and television programs, and his inspiration sessions have been attended by over 600,000 people.

His international research team, Trendforce One, researches many trends in the field of robotics, drones, self-driving systems, 3D & 4D printing, sensors, blockchain, quantum computing, neurotech, biotech, and AR & VR platforms. Combined with artificial intelligence, these technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities, but also lead to challenges and threats for people, organizations, and governments.

Through his online blog, van Hooijdonk shares his research findings on the trends and developments of our time. He has published more than 2,500 articles and 60 whitepapers, books, and e-books. One of his books, "The World of Tomorrow", became a bestseller. It is van Hooijdonk's passion to inject a fresh new mindset that helps individuals and organizations understand, embrace, and explore the world of tomorrow. A powerful mindset determines our own health and success, but also happiness and a flourishing economy.

Van Hooijdonk has been a speaker at many prestigious institutions and global corporations, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Gartner, PWC, Deloitte,, Heineken, Unilever, Huawei, and NIKE. He also regularly works with national and international governments and defense organizations such as NATO, the European Commission, and Interpol.

Speech Topics

The AI Revolution: Generative AI Models & Implementations

The developments around AI are happening at breakneck speed. The next step, generative AI, is going through organizations like a shockwave, with major consequences for jobs, departments, organizations, and even entire sectors. It all started with ChatGPT and Copilot, but what will be the next step and how do you prepare for it?

What to Expect from this Session This inspiring session provides explanations and offers many appealing examples of AI and generative AI, the next big step. Generative AI models not only provide text, images and videos. They can also optimize finance, sales, HRM, facility, operations, marketing, and management business processes. Based on learned patterns, smart and fast algorithms will be able to change specific activities in just about every sector.

This session offers you the right knowledge, inspiration, and mindset to understand the next steps in AI. The lecture will be tailor-made for your organization or event, and can be customized based on the needs of departments within your organization or sectors that are relevant.

Industries requesting this session range from Agriculture to Retail, Manufacturing, Security, and Education, with departments as varied as Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Production, and Facilities benefitting from the takeaways.

Overview of Topics Covered

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Generative AI
  • Generative AI: Boundless Possibilities
  • Generative AI in Different Sectors: Changing the Game
  • Consequences of AI for our (Future) Jobs
  • AI in Economy & Politics
  • Ethics & Safety: "The Wow and the Oops Aspects of AI"
  • The Autonomous Future of Generative AI Algorithms

  • How do we prepare for and benefit from AI? What are the best ways to deploy generative AI so that we can benefit from it? And how can leaders encourage their teams to embrace change and fresh ideas? And which skills do we need to keep up with the rapid developments of generative AI? What does the AI organization of the future look like?

Trends 2040. Are you ready?

Tomorrow’s world is just around the corner, with robots performing repetitive and predictable tasks, and sensors and cameras representing the digital feelers of our world. Self-learning algorithms will intervene on time and offer the best solutions at astonishing speeds.

But will we be safe? Will we not be outsmarted by cybercriminals? The acceleration of ‘smartification’ has begun. Are you prepared?

Overview of Topics Covered

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 2040
  • Robotics: Production, Elderly Care, Security, Healthcare
  • Autonomous Transport Systems + AI in Supply Chain
  • What Roles will Humans Fulfill?
  • Sensors & Cameras: Digital Feelers of our New World
  • 3D & 4D Printing Technology
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Biotech: DNA Engineering
  • Quantum Computing in Pharmaceutics, Space, Medicine & Cybersecurity
  • The Internet of Things
  • Cybercrime: Ransomware, DDoS attacks, Botnets & Intellectual Property Theft
  • Ethics: the Moral Side of Technology & Its Implications for Tomorrow

AI For Managers

AI — artificial intelligence — is hot. But what exactly does it entail and how can organizations benefit from these promising developments? Experience the world of artificial intelligence in our immersive masterclass.

What to Expect from this Session Throughout this session, you’ll be introduced to bold predictions, gain clarity from detailed explanations, and benefit from hands-on examples and methodical plans, all curated for the unique needs of your organization or sector. After this masterclass you will be fully up to speed with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of AI, and well prepared to guide your organization into the future.

Overview of Topics Covered

  • What exactly does AI entail?
  • The Impact of AI on Various Sectors
  • How is AI Implemented within Organizations?
  • How do different departments benefit from AI? Learn from current applications in product development, marketing, sales, customer service, finance, legal, HRM, and more.
  • How can you Deploy AI within YOUR Organization?
  • The Importance of Human-AI Collaboration
  • Ethical Considerations when Using AI
  • The Roadmap for a Successful Implementation of AI
  • Q&A Sessions to Determine Specific Company Concerns & Conditions

This session has an optional follow-up workshop. The workshop offers an excellent opportunity to collectively analyze the information and establish a consensus on the plan of action. With the information still fresh in mind and through dialogue, we can promptly craft concrete plans, establish mindsets, gain support, and devise solutions. The group effect of a workshop positively contributes to the change process that needs to start afterwards, and provides a good starting point. During the workshop, our Trendforce One team will be eager to inspire, mentor, and guide you towards a future where AI is tailored to your needs.

The Company of the Future

Dominated by exponential technology and disruption, the world around us is changing rapidly. As an organization, how do you deal with these changes? How do you successfully maneuver towards the future? Which steps can you take? And what are the characteristics of a future leader?

What to Expect from this Session This keynote takes you on an inspiring journey and explains how to prepare an organization for a future of exponential change. What skills do you need? How do you develop an ecosystem? What does inspiring leadership look like? How can you use the ‘new world’ to navigate your organization to the next phase? How do you build the organization of the future? This keynote lecture offers insights, case studies, many examples and a clear step-by-step plan.

Overview of Topics Covered:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Organizations
  • New Mindset, New Culture: Freedom, Independence & Servant Management
  • New Skills: AI in Construction, Increase Safety, Prevent Injuries
  • Collaboration is Key to Success
  • Experimentation is a Prerequisite for Continuity
  • Strategy: Be Prepared for an ‘Imperfect’ Future
  • Ethics: Moral Side of Technology & Its Implications for Tomorrow
  • The Future of Leadership: Listen, Ask Questions, Be Vulnerable

The Future of Leadership

The lightning-fast technological and social developments have a major impact on business models and organizations — and therefore on leadership. We need new leaders who can transform emerging uncertainty into success.

What to Expect from this Session Leaders of the future steer organizations fluidly into the world of tomorrow. They understand that major changes require an inspiring culture and a diverse workforce with the right skills and mindset. Tomorrow’s leaders feel very comfortable with new technology and navigate the organization using data. They also experiment a lot and encourage collaboration with global ecosystems. They are visionary, have guts, take risks, and ensure a safe yet dynamic working environment.

The acceleration of change has begun, and new leaders are ready to provide direction, gather support, and make swift change happen. They skillfully utilize the right skills.

In this inspiring keynote, we will present interesting examples, case studies, and predictions. We will also offer great insights that you can use to immediately put the future of leadership into practice.

Overview of the Topics Covered:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for Leadership
  • Creating a Future-Proof Team that can Adapt to Change
  • Dealing with Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • Develop & Recruit the Right Skills & Mindset
  • Ecosystems that provide Knowledge, Speed, Efficiency
  • Inspirational Leadership that Anticipates the Future
  • Predicting Future Scenarios: Master Foresight Today

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