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Chief AI Officer, Serial Artificial Intelligence Inventor, LinkedIn Top Artificial Intelligence Voice, Forbes Technology Council on Artificial Intelligence & Adjunct Professor

Richie Etwaru is a luminary in the constellation of global keynote speakers, a maestro of the stage whose electrifying presence and piercing insights into the digital and AI landscape have captivated audiences worldwide. With a career spanning over two decades, Etwaru's reputation as an executive, entrepreneur, and inventor precedes him, marked by an illustrious track record of steering companies through the maelstrom of technological change with unrivaled expertise and foresight.

Etwaru's narrative on stage is not merely spoken; it is an experience, a crescendo of knowledge, insight, and passion that transforms complex technological concepts into captivating stories of human endeavor and future possibilities. He is the embodiment of a thought leader who does not just predict the future but actively shapes it through his vision of integrating strategy, leadership, and frontier technologies to drive disproportionate growth and societal welfare.

His groundbreaking contributions to spatial computing and data privacy have set new paradigms in the AR/VR and XR marketplaces, while his pioneering work on the "31st Human Right" has redefined data ethics. Etwaru's ability to distill the essence of complex AI processes into clear, understandable narratives is unmatched. His proposed "HAICO score" for AI models echoes his continuous strive for ethical tech use, emphasizing a future where AI serves humanity's greater good.

As an adjunct professor at Syracuse University and a revered author, Etwaru's influence transcends industries, shaping the minds of future leaders and decision-makers. With over 100 keynote speeches, including three TED talks, his dynamic oratory skills have been honed to near perfection, leaving audiences not only enlightened but inspired to action.

Etwaru's insights have been recognized across major media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and FastCompany, reflecting his status as a sought-after commentator at the intersection of technology, business, and societal change. A member of the Forbes Technology Council and the Business Transformation 150, Etwaru has been honored with multiple awards, testament to his profound impact on the technology sector.

His academic credentials, which include a Bachelor of Science from York College CUNY, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and candidacy for a Doctorate of Leadership, provide a firm foundation for his authoritative voice on technology and leadership. Yet, it is Etwaru's innate ability to connect with his audience on a human level that truly sets him apart. His advocacy for Universal Basic Intelligence (UBIq) signals not only his expertise but also his commitment to a future where technology uplifts every individual.

Etwaru is not just a speaker; he is an orchestrator of ideas, a catalyst for change, and a beacon for innovation. His keynotes are not just presentations; they are performances that weave data, strategy, and humanity into a compelling narrative that resonates with every listener. Engaging Etwaru for your event means securing a speaker whose words will echo in the minds of attendees long after the curtains close, compelling them to be part of the transformational change he so vividly portrays.

When Etwaru takes the stage, it's not just an event; it's a milestone. His unparalleled stage presence and ability to engage with every audience member make him a standout in the realm of public speaking. Book Etwaru, and witness a keynote performance that will be remembered as the highlight of your event, inspiring your audience to envision and create a future where technology and humanity progress in harmony.

Speech Topics

Governance in the Age of AI: Steering the Future

Uncover the roadmap to ethically integrating AI into public policy, ensuring a future of equitable, transparent governance.

Join Richie Etwaru for a visionary journey that blends the ancient wisdom of Cicero with the innovative foresight of Da Vinci. In a detailed 30-minute presentation, Richie unveils the strategic integration of AI into governance, ensuring policies evolve with technological advancements. His talk, accentuated by Churchill’s oratory grandeur, will demystify AI’s complexities, addressing ethical considerations and transparent governance. The subsequent 15-minute Q&A session invites attendees to delve deeper into the discourse, ensuring actionable insights. This session is not just a keynote; it's a clarion call for principled leadership in the age of AI.

Example of quotes you can expect:

  • "Richie's speech redefined my perspective on AI governance; it's a masterclass in public policy evolution." - Jordan Maxwell, Policy Analyst
  • "A riveting narrative that weaves technological sophistication with ethical stewardship." - Alexia Stratton, Civic Technologist
  • "Etwaru's keynote is the compass by which the future of governance should be steered." - Elliot Grant, Government Innovation Leader

AI and the Boardroom: Pioneering Corporate Futures

Discover strategic AI integration for enduring corporate success and stakeholder value, tailored for today’s visionary board members.

Richie Etwaru takes the stage with the inventiveness of Edison and the strategic acumen of Sun Tzu to redefine corporate innovation in the AI era. His 30-minute keynote, enriched with Fuller's visionary wisdom, will empower board members to strategically embrace AI, enhancing stakeholder value and shaping enduring success. The following 15-minute Q&A will engage the boardroom in a dynamic discussion on leveraging AI as a growth catalyst. This is a transformative session designed to elevate corporate strategy to unparalleled heights.

Example of quotes you can expect:

  • "Etwaru's speech is a definitive guide for board members navigating the AI landscape." - Miranda Hughes, Corporate Strategist
  • "Each word Richie spoke was like a seed for corporate growth—truly inspirational." - Thomas Keller, Executive Board Advisor
  • "A seismic shift in thinking—Richie Etwaru's keynote is a boardroom game-changer." - Lydia Reynolds, Tech Governance Expert

Leading with AI: The C-Suite's New Frontier

Equip C-level executives with the acumen to lead and innovate in the AI-empowered era of business.

Richie Etwaru steps up, channeling the revolutionary ethos of Marie Curie and the leadership prowess of Mandela, to deliver a keynote that will redefine C-suite innovation. Over 30 minutes, Richie will articulate a narrative that fuses Disraeli's statesmanship with cutting-edge AI insights, equipping leaders to navigate the AI revolution. The session, promising a visual feast, culminates in a 15-minute Q&A, solidifying Richie’s status as a beacon for executive innovation in the digital age.

Example of quotes you can expect:

  • "Etwaru's insights have become the North Star for AI leadership—indispensable for any executive." - Charlotte Dumont, CEO
  • "A compelling synthesis of historical leadership and futuristic technology." - Raj Singh, Chief Innovation Officer
  • "The keynote was a riveting call to action for all of us in the C-suite." - Isabella Torres, Chief Strategy Officer

Innovation Unleashed: AI's Role in Cutting-Edge Creation

Fuel the fire of innovation with AI, guiding tech leaders to create transformative solutions and trailblazing technologies.

Richie Etwaru emerges as a modern-day Archimedes, infusing Goethe's creativity into a session that will ignite the spark of innovation among tech leaders. His 30-minute address, punctuated by the inquisitive genius of Galileo and the motivational might of Aristotle, will dissect AI's potential to revolutionize technology. The talk is a visual and intellectual masterpiece, leading to a vibrant 15-minute Q&A, inspiring attendees to be the pioneers of tomorrow's tech marvels.

Example of quotes you can expect:

  • "Richie has the rare ability to turn complex AI concepts into a springboard for innovation." - Felix Mendel, Tech Entrepreneur
  • "An unmissable experience that pushes the boundaries of what we thought possible with AI." - Nora Q. Atkins, Software Architect
  • "Etwaru's keynote was a catalyst, propelling us towards a future of boundless technological creation." - Lee Xiang, Product Innovator

AI: Your Future, Your Impact

Ignite the potential of the next generation with AI, crafting a future where technology and humanity converge.

Richie Etwaru delivers a session infused with the transformative wisdom of Hypatia and the philosophical depth of Plato, tailored to ignite student potential. His 30-minute talk, resonating with Socrates' engaging storytelling, will inspire students to become architects of a future harmonized with AI. The presentation, coupled with a lively 15-minute Q&A, promises to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the insights needed to harness the power of AI for societal advancement.

Example of quotes you can expect:

  • "Richie Etwaru's speech was a turning point, inspiring us to dream bigger and reach further with AI." - Emma Clarkson, Student Leader
  • "A transformative experience that bridged the gap between academic theory and real-world AI application." - Jacob Lee, Graduate Student
  • "Richie doesn't just speak about the future; he empowers us to build it." - Ayesha Khan, Aspiring Data Scientist

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