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Radio Host, Motivation Expert, Author, PPM Guru

Rick A. Morris, PMP, is an ITIL Practitioner, consultant, author, mentor, and evangelist for project management. Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him an internationally sought after speaker delivering keynote presentations for large conferences and PMI events around the world. He holds the PMP (Project Management Professional), MPM (Masters of Project Management), OPM3, Six Sigma Green Belt, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, TQM, ATM-S, ITIL, and ISO certifications. Rick is the Owner of R2 Consulting, LLC and has worked for organizations such as GE, Xerox, and CA and has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including financial services, entertainment, construction, non-profit, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing. Rick has over 80 implementations of Project and Portfolio Management systems including Clarity, Project Server, Planview, Primavera, Daptiv, and @task. Rick has two previous books ("The Everything Project Management Book", 2nd Edition published by Adams Media and "Project Management That Works!" published by AMACOM) that were released in 2008. His latest book is "Stop Playing Games!" published by RMC Publications. An active member of the Project Management Institute and recent graduate of the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class, Rick is no stranger to being center stage in front of large groups of people. At the early age of 11, Rick was a Walt Disney World Performer in their seasonal shows. In high school, he worked at MGM Studios on various projects including the New Mickey Mouse Club. Taking the experience of his youth and blending it with the knowledge he attained throughout his career, Rick has been able to inspire and mentor many project managers. His blend of real world experience and down to earth delivery style makes his passion for the profession contagious.


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Speech Topics

Making Emotional Conversations Unemotional

Project managers are routinely faced with dilemmas. Dilemmas such as sponsors mandating unreachable dates, teams unable to give reliable estimates, changing priorities and scope, and a myriad of other issues. The reactions to these issues generally range from utter frustration to apathy. The reactions then lead to emotional conversations such as “We can’t possibly do this by then!” or “The Sponsor doesn’t understand!” Rick will teach from his personal experience how to take these emotionally charged situations and turn them into unemotional conversations. This will not be the latest fad or psychology, but a simple, time-tested, experience based method to communicate with the entire project team from stakeholders to team members. Rick will share techniques on how to deal with mandated dates to the extremely tense post negotiation of a project gone very wrong. The techniques will be applicable for internal project managers to consultants, and everywhere in between. How to turn emotional conversations into unemotional conversations has been what Rick feels as his personal key to his success.

Stop Playing Games!:A Project Manager’s Guide to Successfully Navigating Organizational Politics

Rick identifies and discusses the day to day world of a Project Manager. PM's have the unique ability to find shortcuts or work arounds in dealing with projects, sponsors, etc… Rick, in his humorous way, will try to help PM's avoid the playing of games through his years of experience and help them with getting stronger, more process oriented, and more respect for the work they do. Rick will offer real world advice, you’ll gain proper techniques that you can immediately use to impact your projects, learn how to influence without authority, stop end rounding projects and get back to the basics that will help create a Project Manager that will do the right things the right way.

The Value of Project Management

It seems that one of the toughest questions to answer is what is the value of project management? There have been several studies and findings, yet many people still find it hard to articulate the value that project management can bring. In this session, Rick will discuss findings from the latest research and discuss the challenges that the industry of project management faces. As with all of his presentations, this session will challenge your existing theories, provide new ways to view current project management practices, and immediately be able to put suggestions to work. All of this will be delivered with the humor and passion that is making Rick a household name in the field of project management.

Metrics 2.0: Data Rules All!

Technology, business, society, and the world continues to change at a blistering pace. Our knowledge is growing exponentially on a daily basis. However, many of the things we do as project managers seems to be rooted in the past. We must change with the times and expand what we are doing as project managers to continue our growth into strategic resources. “Metrics 2.0: Data Rules All!” is a fresh new look at the process of project management and is a direct result of the development of new project management metrics for a new project management era. Rick will lead a conversation that challenges the conventional metrics of cost, schedule, and quality and develops new techniques to tell the real story of the challenges we as project managers face. This new and exciting approach continues the legacy of Rick’s innovative thinking, challenge of the status quo, and passion that invigorates and establishes the value of the project management profession.

What Do You Stand For?

For many people, there is a large distance between what he or she wants to be and where he or she is today. In this brief seminar, Rick will help you define your goals and direction while keeping you entertained. Rick, in his touching and humorous way will show you how to apply project management skills and techniques to enable your own hopes and dreams. “What Do You Stand For?” will ask you probing questions to help you identify and define the next steps in understanding who you are and who you want to become. This workshop will cover:

• A quick personality profile • Understanding how to communicate and interact with different personality profiles • Defining your dream • Create a Personal Breakdown Structure • Estimating your dream • Setting the stage for the next three months • What to do when your dreams and your life are in conflict • Discussing difficult situations • No Day But Today!

Driving Innovation with Existing Human Capital

It seems that one of the toughest issues for companies today is to understand how to innovate without impacting their bottom line. Unfortunately, many organizations do not fully understand the current capabilities of their existing workforce to tap in to their potential as well as maximize their efficiencies. The companies have employed the latest strategies, hired consultants, and even invested in software to no avail. Join us for an interactive discussion featuring industry thought leader Rick Morris, Owner / President of R2 Consulting. In this session, Rick will discuss findings from the latest research, and discuss the challenges that the many industry executives face. Insightful for executives and business leaders at all levels, Rick will demonstrate how to begin to realize where these issues may reside and how to leverage some of the existing investments – from team members to the highest level of an organization.
This thought-provoking session will challenge your existing theories, provide new ways to view practices, and immediately be able to put suggestions to work. All of this will be delivered with the humor and passion that is making Rick a household name in worldwide speaking events.

Greatest Secrets Revealed!

Rick A. Morris has been known in the PMI circles for many years as one of the most entertaining and lively presenters around. Come listen to his latest offering, "Greatest Secrets Revealed!" which is sure to be as educational as it is memorable. Rick will share stories from his 20 years of project management experience and lessons learned to teach the secrets of project success. This workshop is filled with activities that will allow you to fill your toolbox with different tools from lean strategies, agile management techniques, new ways to capture metrics, cutting edge philosophies, and ideas collected from the top minds in the industry. This will be a full day of learning and fun wrapped with real life experience that has made Rick a household name worldwide.

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