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Marketing Consultant & Author

Rick Barrera is a marketing consultant and author, known throughout the Fortune 500 for his extraordinary speaking ability and his unique approach to brand building. His research on the strategies used by breakthrough brands like Apple, Starbucks, Chicos, Lexus, and Google will change your thinking about marketing forever. Rick has helped hundreds of companies re-design their systems and implement a holistic approach to serving customers.

Its an old clich in business that smart companies UNDER promise and over deliver. But in todays crowded market, thats a one way ticket to oblivion. In his bestselling book, Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences, Rick illustrates how an increasing number of cutting-edge firms are building breakthrough brands in record time. The book offers powerful and easy-to-apply lessons, not only for senior managers, but also for individuals at any level -- for anyone who wants to create extraordinary customer experiences. Drawing on more than 20 years of hands-on experience, this book sheds new light on how brands are really built and offers practical advice you can use to immediately differentiate your products, services, and company.

Ricks previous books include Non-Manipulative Selling published by Prentice Hall, Collaborative Selling published by John Wiley and Sons and the self-published Dollars and Sense of Exceptional Service Delivery.
His client list includes Abbott Labs, AutoZone, Bayer, Caterpillar, IBM, Intel, Merrill Lynch and Verizon. Because he continues to consult with a few select clients each year, his material is always relevant, fresh, and grounded in the current realities of the marketplace.

Ricks passion for truly understanding the company and industry hes addressing, along with his trademark Deep Customization is unparalleled in the speaking industry. His depth of corporate experience, research, and education has given him the unusual gift of appearing to be an industry insider, to even the most discriminating audiences.

Speech Topics

Rick Barreras Speaking Topics Include

Branding and Competition

Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design a Branded Competitive Advantage and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences. (Keynote presentation, and interactive half- and full-day sessions.)

Rethinking Customer Service

By deconstructing the customer experience and reimagining the use of your resources, your team can deliver exceptional service in every customer interaction.

Collaborative Selling

Let Rick teach your team how to conduct The Ultimate Customer Interview that will enable them sell more in less time while collaborating with their customers to build long-term profitable business relationships. Or choose his unique Brand-Aligned Selling program to ensure that your sales team aligns with, reflects, and reinforces your Overpromise.

Future Trends and Innovation

Fast Forward: The Ten Critical Trends Driving Sales, Marketing and Customer Service In this fast-paced speech Rick will show you how these ten integrated trends are reshaping the competitive landscape and how you can profit from each trend.

  • Fast Forward: Embracing the Challenges of the 21st Century
  • Faster Forward: The New Economics of Information
  • Customer Service... The Competitive Edge
  • Peak Performer's Attitude
  • It Takes All Kinds
  • How to Gain the Competitive Advantage in Selling

Overpromise & Overdeliver: The Secrets of Unshakable Customer Loyalty

Based on Rick Barrera's Wall Street Journal bestseller, this program is essential for any company that wants to radically differentiate their products, services, and company from competitors while dramatically increasing revenues and margins. In Overpromise and Overdeliver you’ll learn how to differentiate your brand by designing and delivering extraordinary customer experiences that instantly differentiate your company. Senior executives will find the research and case studies compelling, while line managers will learn the keys to better execution. The frontline will learn what specific actions they must take on a daily basis to create the unique experiences that drive buzz and build breakaway brands. This program is available as a keynote presentation, as well as interactive half- and full-day sessions.

TouchPoint Branding: Identifying What Matters Most to Customers

You need additional sales right now. Many companies are canceling projects, freezing spending, cutting head count... instead of hunkering down and shrinking your way to greatness, this program focuses on how to grow revenues. Rick Barrera has successfully sold his way through three recessions and can show your sales teams how to sell successfully, even in a tough economy. Working closely with your company's sales leaders, he designs an exceptionally customized and interactive program that will dig into your specific issues to captivate and engage even your most senior experienced sales people. Using case studies, role plays, exercises, and other engaging activities, this program will catapult the potential of your sales team.

Rethinking the Customer Experience

How well does your frontline understand the needs, wants, goals, and priorities of your customers? How well designed is your service organization to deliver on them? Do they understand what true world class service means as your customers compare them to the experiences they have with Lexus, Disney, Federal Express, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Lands' End, and other service leaders? In this humorous and entertaining program, your team will learn the three laws of exceptional service delivery, how to use the power of positive language, and how to determine the true cost of losing a customer, as well as the seven steps for handling an irate customer. If you want to build a world class service team, this is the program for you.

Fast Forward: The Ten Critical Trends Driving Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

This intense presentation underscores the need for companies to redesign their thinking, their processes, and their people to deliver innovation, speed, and greater customer value. Your team will learn company-specific, practical steps to capitalize on each trend including: A Real Time World, Globalization, Changing Places, Learning Organizations, Strategic Partnerships, Reinventing, Using Speed as a Competitive Weapon, Customized Solutions & Experiences, Leveraging Information, and Putting the Customer First. Participants in this program will go beyond embracing change, to become change leaders. Rick Barrera's trademark Deep Customization process really shines through here.

eBusiness: The New Economics of Information

Change or Business: Warp Speed

Business: Leveraging Intellectual Capital

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