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Coach Rick really is all about the BALD TRUTH. With a straight forward, no nonsense, approach to success; Rick touches the root areas that need change and focuses on what is important to succeed.

Coach Rick Kolster, CBC is a speaker, author and Executive Life coach. He works with people committed to becoming the best they can be in all areas of life (Mind, Body and Spirit) He helps people design a plan of action to become more effective and maximize in all areas of their life.

Coach Rick really is all about the “BALD TRUTH”. With a straight forward, no nonsense, approach Rick touches the root areas that need change and allows total transformation internally and externally. When Rick speaks it is not for the faint of heart. It’s a Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get to Work approach. If you want to get results that stick, this is for you. Behind that no nonsense exterior, when you take a closer look, you’ll find deep down; he is committed to your success and brings a message of leading and succeeding.

Coach Rick wants to help you make life simple again. He will show you just how life can be fulfilling and fun again. Using his 3 phase ACA process he takes a holistic approach to living a balanced life that is healthy, harmonious and fun. With over 28 years of experience in all areas of leadership, motivation and selling, Rick has become known as an expert in building teams, leading change, and developing people to excellence. You see, Rick is not only a speaker, He is a communicator. He is a doer and has the real world experience to show for it. Let Rick energize and incite your team to action.


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Speech Topics

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get To Work!

This is the key to your success. Learn how you can roll up your sleeves and achieve all you want in life. Coach Rick shows you how to use his 3 phase ACA process to hone your own leadership skills helping you gain more influence and accomplish your dreams and goals.

Lead Like Your Life Depends On It

You manage things, you lead people. Leadership is the key factor for success in every organization. Are your leaders leading or managing? Learn the difference between given Authority and earned Power and how you can become a more powerful leader.

Selling for Geniuses

bBased on the concepts in Coach Rick's book Selling for GENIUSES this program will unlock your inner sales person. Unless someone is willing to pay you for your services, you have a hobby and not a career. Most people are in business to be paid for their knowledge and expertise. To do so, you have to be able to sell.

Goal Getting, Not Goal Setting

Do you find yourself setting goals and resolutions only to look back and find that you have not accomplished them? We all can fall into the goal setting trap. The real deal is goal achievement. Learn how to use Coach Rick's SMARTWAY goals to achieve your dreams.

Ain't Got Time For That

Is there such a thing as time management? Coach Rick says Time management an oxymoron! Learn about the 3 D’s, the felt formula for well being, SMARTWAY goals and how to implement the most powerful simplistic ideas about time management.

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