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Rob Bell  

New York Times Best-selling Author & Spiritual Teacher; Host of The RobCast

Named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2011, Rob Bell is the author of a number of books, including Velvet Elvis, Drops Like Stars, and the New York Times Bestsellers Love Wins and What We Talk About When We Talk About God.

The founding pastor of Mars Hill, an innovative church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his NOOMA short film series has been viewed by over thirty million people around the world. His sold out speaking tours of clubs and theatres have repeatedly taken him around the English speaking world, and in 2013 he launched CraftLab, a leadership event helping executives, writers, artists and activists develop and create compelling new content.

Rob and his wife Kristen live with their three children in Southern California.


Speech Topics

"Spirit" Is At The Heart of Everything

Everything is connected-the health, spirits and soul of employees are directly linked to success. So many of us need new ways of thinking about understanding the word "spirit" in non-religious ways, because it's at the heart of everything.


Life is full of risks. People often think that there's risk and then not taking risk. but the reality is that we are all becoming, we are in process, nothing is static and so not taking a risk is a risk as well.

The Creative Process: Where Do Ideas Come From?

Where do ideas come from? Creativity is at the heart of everything we do and so few people have ever been taught how the creative process works, where ideas come from and how to overcome the obstacles along the way.

What Is The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality?

New York Times bestselling author Rob Bell, whom The New Yorker describes as "one of the most influential Christian leaders in the county," does for the concept of God what he did for heaven and hell in his book Love Wins. He shows how traditional ideas have grown stale and dysfunctional and how to return vitality and vibrancy to lives of faith today. He explains why both culture and the church resist talking about God and shows how we can reconnect with the God who is pulling us forward into a better future. Bell uses his characteristic evocative storytelling to challenge everything you think you know about God.

What We Talk About When We Talk About God tackles the misconceptions about God and reveals how God is with us, for us, ahead of us, and how understanding this could change the entire course of our lives.

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