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Rob Russen  

President/Founder at IWA Championship Wrestling and Cancer Survivor

Rob Russen has sat in his doctor’s chair as test results were reviewed. He heard the doctor’s first words while staring straight ahead at his computer monitor and said “You’re going to die … soon.” He knows the devastating impact that has on one’s psyche, emotions and over all well-being as hope quickly escapes out of the ir lives and the reality of doom and gloom sets in.

Cancer treatment and research is a trillion dollar a year industry. It is highly profitable to the big pharmaceutical companies, doctors and research facilities. Because of that there is no incentive to end the gold rush and get serious about finding a cure to cancer. At best it seems current efforts are more focused on finding new medications and therapies rather than cures.

Anyone who watches television these days can’t help but notice the proliferation of commercials for new drugs. Each commercial is required by law to list its side effects after their initial introduction and sales pitch. All prescription medicines have side effects and many of them clearly state that they can cause, among other thing “cancer” and “death”. Yet millions of us accept whatever meds and therapies our doctors prescribe without question and without exploring alternatives.

What is referred to as “alternative” medicine today is actually the “original” medicine that has been heeling people for more than two thousand years. On the other hand chemical medicine is only about 100 years old and carries the heavy load of major side effects that do not apply to “alternative” or “natural” medicine and practices.

Rob Russen had no medical insurance or health care available to him when he moved to the Philippines two weeks after his phase four diagnosis. He had only an organic blend of fruits, herbs, vegetables and spices that were created for him by a noted local herbalist. Each of the ingredients was known throughout 2000 years of Asian medicine for their cancer fighting properties.

After taking this super supplement [RR1] for eleven months Russen returned to the US and saw the dame doctors and was given the same tests and scans as before, but this time the results came back that the cancer was gone. He is now on a mission to enlighten and inform all of those with cancer and with concerns about getting cancer that they need to educate themselves about nature’s powerful healing powers. They need not let the lack of such knowledge on their part and the part of the doctors leave them with only the chemical options which may well put their health in as much, or more, risk than the disease itself.

Equally as important is the new found “ray of hope” that they will receive when they learn about these healthy options without side effects and their affordable costs. Hope provides a positive attitude and eliminates the deep depression and feelings of helplessness as one sits and waits as their life is drained from their body due to their cancer and the side effects of the medications and therapies they are being given as their only options from the medical profession.

There is in fact heretofore unknown hope for those with cancer where before there was nothing but doom and gloom as they await what seems to be their inevitable demise. Rob Russen and many that he has been working with, are now proving this to be the case and the public is thirsty to hear his story and his findings about why there can been no cure for cancer found yet.

Mr Russen is on a mission to enlighten and inform as many as possible about their healthy, natural options and is available for speaking engagements to provide hope and help save lives.


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