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Rob Whitfield    

Award-Winning CEO & Thought Leader

Rob Whitfield is an award-winning CEO and thought leader, and has had a truly remarkable career transforming teams at some of the world’s most important companies, including Aflac, Coca-Cola, CVS, EDP, General Motors, T-Mobile, Verizon, Volkswagen, World Bank Group – the list literally goes on and on. Whitfield continues to influence and shape some of the most powerful teams in the world and he invites you to learn from his experience and drive 10X results at your next event.

Whitfield has had a very rare insight into the inner workings of these senior executives and their teams; a truly behind the curtain look at the companies that run the world. He has coached their CEOs and C-Suites helping them revolutionize industries, disrupt the competition, and navigate the pandemic. He has spoken to their teams and created organizations that won’t let one another fail.

During Whitfield’s witty and engaging keynote speeches, he pulls in real time examples from his experience of what these teams do to remain on top while sharing the pitfalls he has helped them navigate. Each keynote is custom designed with your priorities in mind. With optional breakouts and activities, your audience will leave with new mindsets, behaviors, and tools, be clear on how to achieve 10X outcomes, and be energized to take the next step - together.

Speech Topics

Inflection Point: Why Team Competencies Make Or Break Your Career Learn the secrets to what makes a truly cohesive team.

Rob has partnered with many of the most important teams at the world’s most significant organizations and provides a valuable behind the scenes look at what they struggled with and how they remain, or became, the best through team competencies.

Take a powerful team diagnostic and understand whether your team is cohesive Hear real time examples of how the best teams in the world operate, and what to avoid Learn and try proven practical tools to achieve 10X results as a team Learn the behavioral shifts needed to supercharge the energy, accountability, results, and enjoyment of your team Become a team that wins when everyone crosses the finish line - together.'

Hybrid 2.0: How To Achieve Exponential Results In The ‘New Normal’ Workplace

The pandemic forced us to radically adapt and innovate in a moment of change and turmoil. What we learned from this was the need to be much more agile in our ways of working, and that the old ways of working were not as good as we thought.

  • Hear first-hand how the biggest companies in the world navigated the pandemic and came out on top
  • Learn the 12 critical pillars all successful companies must embrace to achieve 10X results
  • Understand the history of work to avoid the mistakes of the past and overtake the competition
  • Learn to harness the power of teams in the new work world, whether in-person, remote, or hybrid.

Supercharge Your Outcomes: The Power Of Relationships Business is human; relationships power growth!

In today’s workplace, building strong relationships is a critical and powerful asset that can greatly contribute to individual and organizational success.

  • Supercharge your goals and outcomes: don’t think 10% more, think exponential growth
  • Give yourself a head start against your competitors
  • Learn practical tools to identify and build key critical relationships
  • Become a trusted advisor to your clients, colleagues, and broader network.'

Re-Think Transformations With Powerful Change Movements

Organizations don’t change; people do! Rob has helped some of the biggest companies in the world drive transformation by creating powerful movements of change. Rob shares his proven methodology with real examples from well-known brands and leaders across the world.

  • Learn small easy steps to make an exponential change to your team and organization
  • Learn the critical mistakes many companies fall into – with real examples
  • Hear real time examples of organizational shifts Rob has successfully spearheaded with some of the smallest and biggest companies in the world
  • Feel empowered to start the change you want to see, regardless of job title or hierarchy
  • Smash through functional barriers and see your organization unite to deliver your north star.

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