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Entertaing Motivational Speaker, Coach, Author and Success Catalyst and Coach

Robert C. McMillan is a unique gem. Heis an entertaining motivational speaker, author and success coach – a leading authoritywho motivates audiences to embark upon new levels of success, with over 20 years of Corporate America success.  His messages are unique yet practical, given what differentiates him from all other professional speakers is his dual success as a current c-level executive for a conglomerate of health care organizations and his previous career as a professional standup comedian/entertainer performing with Sinbad of the Bill Cosby Show, and many other legendary comedians and performers.  As a catalyst for success, Robert delivers engaging and transparent presentations that ignite untapped potential and capabilities in organizations and employees around the world. Known as the  "Entertaining Motivator,”  Robert inspires audiences to initiate and embrace the journey of change to discover new boundaries of success; transforming culture, people and teams to achieve extraordinary results with his captivating story telling genius weaved with business success strategies and techniques. Robert's strategies and secrets on leadership, team building, change, professional growth and business transformation are gleamed from over 20 years of experience working in Corporate America in various capacities as an executive leader and consultant amongst the world's largest companies and greatest leaders such as Motorola, General Electric, BP Amoco, Discovery Channel, UBS PaineWebber, PWC, Ernst and Young, just to name a few. His presentations, programs and books have helped organizations and people improve potential, performance and productivity -- soar to new heights of success.

Robert’s latest book, Overcoming You, has had a profound impact on his Fortune 1,000 client base, igniting the call to action for organizations, teams and professionals to reach their “Maximum Potential!”

He holds aMBA and MS degree from Johns Hopkins University. 

He is a proud husband and father of two children and lives with his family in Maryland.

Speech Topics Maximize Your Potential: It's PrimeTime!

(Organizational Performance) Potential is the most underdeveloped resource in many organizations; however once you discover it the well of potential never goes dry - because with potential maximized anything is possible! Potential can be the difference between increasing market share and losing strategic customers; achieving organizational goals and missing performance targets; becoming a high performing organization and being on a team of insignificance. Today's global economy requires organizations, teams and professional to operate in the challenging environment of accelerated change, overwhelming complexity, tremendous competition and new challenging competencies.

The key to individual, team and organizational success is Maximizing the potential of all employees by developing them operate in the PrimeTime quadrant of success. This high-energy presentation, "Maximize Your Potential: It's PrimeTime," provides 10 strategies that will provide Leadership, Team Building and Professional Development tools to maximize the potential of organizations, teams and individual contributors resulting in increased productivity, performance and profits

**Overcoming You: Discovering the Leader in You!

(Leadership and Personal / Team Development)** There is an old saying "No Pressure No Diamonds." This is a reminder to us that for anything, natural resources, people, products or buildings, to reach incremental value there has to be Change, which require Leadership. Change is ever present and impacting everyone. While you may not be able to control the impact of the change, you can take control over the change by becoming a Leader of Leaders.... Leadership is the key to organizational and individual success.

This special program delivered by Robert explores and challenges organizations, teams and professionals to adapt the 7 Pillars of Leadership: 1) Pillar of Vision, 2) Pillar of Potential, 3) Pillar of Motivation, 4) Pillar of Greatness, 5) Pillar of Service, 6) Pillar of Balance, 7) Pillar of Value.

Dreams-Work: It Takes a Dream to See a Vision

(Vision, Strategic Planning and Engagement)

Research supports what Robert has coined as “The Natural Business Law,” that suggests the cause and effect of the combination of a well aligned dream, vision and work will equate to extraordinary organizational success. Often leaders, organizations and teams fall not because of the lack of a vision but primarily because of the lack of connecting the vision to key contributors, employees, customers and suppliers – it’s the imbalance of the natural business law which causes the great to fall. History reminds us that every great company mastered this Natural Business Law, however once the law became unbalanced, the foundation begins to crumble. The key is keeping the balance.


This high energy presentation is designed for organizations seeking enterprise-wide commitment to the organizations overall dream, vision, strategic direction and engagement by connecting the dreams, vision and goals of the organizations with the dreams, vision and goals of the employees – what Robert calls, “Vision Congruence”. It is through the common purpose of success which achieves the dreams, visions and goals of the organization and its people!  Learn leadership, collaboration, communication and engagement strategies resulting in maximizing organizational performance and capabilities through this organizational and life changing presentation.


**It's Time to Change: FLIP IT

(Change and Value Management)** Challenges and obstacles are all around us. Do more with less, get it done faster, cheaper - drive better results. Whether it is a re-organization, strategic initiatives, new enterprise-wide system implementations, merger and acquisition, reduction in workforce, or business issues, this message will motivate, and inspire

your organization; teams, and employees to find opportunities in every challenge and take positive action to covert those challenges into opportunities for success.

This transparent message is an explosive roller coaster ride covering inspiring stories, strategies, and techniques on how to, Dream and Flip It! The presentation outlines 5 strategic steps to identify, develop and take action on challenges, resulting in greater productivity, personal development and business results. It all starts with having the right formula to flip the industry, organizational, customer, market and workforce challenges to your organizations, teams and employees' advantage; resulting in strengthening your talent supply and establishing differentiating capabilities from competitors!


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